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CALPACT New Media Workshop: mHealth Technology for HIV Treatment & Prevention


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If you could create a tool that empowers young adults to prevent violence in real time … or a tool that empowers public health and disaster response workers working with the information they need to communicate reliably with headquarters, community leaders, and one another to deliver critical services to hard to reach, vulnerable populations. mHealth (mobile technologies for health) has emerged as an innovative means to do these very things and shape how public health is practiced. In this workshop, the sixth session in the latest 21st Century New Media Series from CALPACT and CHL at UC Berkeley's School of Public Health, Caricia Catalani of Innovative Support to Emergencies, Diseases, and Disasters (InSTEDD) and Deb Levine of Youth + Tech + Health (YTH) share their best practices for using mobile technology in public health.

Enjoy this presentation from the training!

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CALPACT New Media Workshop: mHealth Technology for HIV Treatment & Prevention

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  8. 8.            ü         Smart  design  prac/ces:      Human-­‐centered  design      Par/cipatory  design    ü         Smart  development  prac/ces:    Build  pla:orms  not  apps  Open  &  tested  code  sources  Agile  development  Local  innova/on  labs  &  ownership  for  sustainability    ü     Smart  informa/on  architecture  Strategic  data  sharing  Planning  for  interoperability  Protec/on  &  privacy  of  individual  pa/ent  data    
  9. 9. Caricia Catalani, DrPH, MPH - InSTEDD & University of California, Berkeley*William Philbrick, JD - mHealth AllianceHamish Fraser, MBChB, MRCP, MSc - Partners in Health & Harvard Medical SchoolPatricia Mechael, PhD - mHealth AllianceBrooke Estin - InSTEDDDennis Israelski, MD – InSTEDD & Stanford University***Contact: or catalani@berkeley.eduSpecial thanks to Professor David Katzenstein and his students at Stanford University Medical Center and Barrot Lambdin at Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation.Mobile Health Technology for HIV Treatment & Prevention(manuscript submitted)