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CALPACT Training: Webinars and Web Forums for Health Best Practices


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Organizations and agencies across the public health, healthcare and non-profit sectors are increasingly using online webinars or web forums as a dynamic and cost effective medium for hosting a variety of trainings, discussions, and meetings for diverse audiences located both near and far. In this webinar, the third session in the latest 21st Century New Media Series from CALPACT and CHL at UC Berkeley's School of Public Health, Hannah Laurison and Livia Rojas from ChangeLab Solutions, and Lotta Chan and Star Tiffany from the Public Health Institute shared best practices, lessons learned, and examples of how to successfully plan and produce webinars/web forums for your organization.

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CALPACT Training: Webinars and Web Forums for Health Best Practices

  1. 1. Webinars!&!Web!Forums!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!For!Health!! Welcome to the Webinar! Webinars and Web Forums for Health Best Practices We will begin shortly…!
  2. 2. Webinars!&!Web!Forums!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!For!Health!! Today you’ll be hearing from… Hannah!Laurison! Livia!Rojas! Lisa!Peterson!Senior!Planner/Program!Director! Events!and!Webinars!Manager! New!Media!Educa;on!Specialist! ChangeLab!Solu;ons! ChangeLab!Solu;ons! CALPACT! ! LoJa!Chan! Star!Tiffany! Communica;ons!Specialist! Communica;ons!Specialist! Public!Health!Ins;tute! Public!!Health!Ins;tute!
  3. 3. Webinars!&!Web!Forums!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!For!Health!! Agenda•  Review of session objectives•  Introduce speakers•  Hannah Laurison/Livia Rojas ~ ChangeLab Solutions•  Lotta Chan/Star Tiffany ~ Public Health Institute•  Conclusion
  4. 4. Webinars!&!Web!Forums!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!For!Health!! Objectives•  Understand!how!webinars/web!forums!can!be!used!for! enhancing!delivery!of!training,!outreach,!and!technical!assistance!!•  Learn!how!to!successfully!use!compelling!audio!&!visual!content!!•  Learn!;ps!for!how!to!choose!the!right!technology!and!the! appropriate!team!to!coordinate/market!your!webinars!!•  Iden;fy!strategies!and!tools!for!measuring!impact!and! overcoming!challenges!!•  See!examples!of!how!webinars!and!web!forums!are!being! successfully!implemented!!
  5. 5. Webinars!&!Web!Forums!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!For!Health!!How to Participate•  Please!ensure!your!phone!line!is!on!mute!by! entering!*6!•  Send!our!speakers!a!ques;on!or!comment! using!the!chat!box!func;on!•  Click!“raise!hand”!buJon!to!be!taken!off! mute!and!ask!a!ques;on!verbally!•  We!will!reserve!your!ques;ons!for!our!Q!&!A! session!right!aVer!each!speaker!!•  Slides!will!be!posted!online!aVer!the! webinar!–!link!will!be!shared!with!all! par;cipants
  6. 6. Webinars!&!Web!Forums!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!For!Health!! What%is%your%experience%in%organizing%webinars?% 4%! This!is!my!first!;me!even! 11%! aJending!one! 7%! I!havent!organized!one,! but!I!love!aJending! them!!14%! I!have!helped!organize!a! few! 64%! I!will!be!organizing!them! and!Im!so!excited!! I!have!organized!several!
  7. 7. Webinars!&!Web!Forums!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!For!Health!!Webinars & Web Forums for Hannah!Laurison!Health Best Practices Senior!Planner/Program!Director! ChangeLab!Solu;ons! Livia!Rojas! Events!and!Webinars!Manager! ChangeLab!Solu;ons!
  8. 8. Webinars:A Tool for Public Health Presented by Hannah Burton Laurison, MA Senior Planner & Program Director Livia Rojas, MSW Events & Webinars Manager
  9. 9. AgendaIntroductionThe what & why of webinarsInterviewHow to get management supportInterviewSelecting the appropriate technology
  10. 10. ChangeLab Solutions creates innovative law and policysolutions that transform neighborhoods, cities, and states.We do this because achieving the common good meanseveryone has safe places to live and be active, nourishingfood, and more opportunities to ensure health. Our uniqueapproach, backed by decades of solid research and provenresults, helps the public and private sectors makecommunities more livable, especially for those who are athighest risk because they have the fewest resources.
  11. 11. HANNAH BURTON LAURISON Senior Planner & Program Director
  12. 12. LIVIA ROJASEvents & Webinars Manager
  13. 13. Poll question:What resource would help yourorganization/agency to offer webinars:•  Funding, funding, funding•  Management buy-in: building a case•  Technology: identifying the best fit•  Community: help with best practices
  14. 14. A familiar sight
  15. 15. Webinars present opportunities
  16. 16. Expand your reach Creative Commons Flickr: Fernando Candeias
  17. 17. Cost effective
  18. 18. Reach disperse populations
  19. 19. Easier on staff
  20. 20. Less carbon footprintCreative Commons Flickr: WGroot
  21. 21. Why embrace webinars?" Expand)your) reach) Less)carbon) Cost) footprint) effec6ve) Webinars) Reach) Easier)on) disperse) staff) popula6ons)
  22. 22. Management support Creative Commons Flickr: UC Irvine
  23. 23. Build a caseCreative Commons Flickr: Pinprick
  24. 24. Survey peer orgs
  25. 25. Cost effective Creative Commons Flickr: moussieu eric3
  26. 26. Fund technology& dedicated staff
  27. 27. Build a Case for Management Support" 1 2 3 Survey peer ))))))))))))) organizations ) Determine ))))))))))))) cost ) Fund technology & ))))))))))))) dedicated staff )
  28. 28. Selecting the Technology Creative Commons Flickr: ToastyTreat87
  29. 29. Selecting the Appropriate Technology" 1 2 3 Identify goals & ))))))))))))) assess capacity ) Compare webinar ))))))))))))) platforms ) Leverage existing ))))))))))))) resources )
  30. 30. Identify goals &assess capacity
  31. 31. Webinar vendor considerations" How many people will the tool accommodate? How much does it cost? Which features will you need? How is audio handled? Do you want to record webinars?
  32. 32. Compare webinar platforms
  33. 33. LeverageexistingresourcesCreative Commons Flickr: DigitalNative
  34. 34. Technology is good…BUT IT HAS A DARK SIDE
  35. 35. •  Cats are a popular domesticate pet.•  Bill Murray voiced Garfield in the 2006 movie. Creative Commons Flickr: FabulousMasterpiecesIS THIS slidehard to read? Creative Commons Flickr: FabulousMasterpieces
  36. 36. 220 million domesticcats in the world
  37. 37. Know your audience Photo:
  38. 38. Read…
  39. 39. Read(some more)
  40. 40. DISCLAIMERThe information provided in this discussion is for informationalpurposes only, and does not constitute legal advice.ChangeLab Solutions does not enter into attorney-clientrelationships.ChangeLab Solutions is a non-partisan, nonprofit organizationthat educates and informs the public through objective, non-partisan analysis, study, and/or research. The primary purposeof this discussion is to address legal and/or policy options toimprove public health. There is no intent to reflect a view onspecific legislation.© 2013 ChangeLab Solutions
  41. 41. Hannah Burton Laurisonhlaurison@changelabsolutions.orgLivia I
  42. 42. Webinars!&!Web!Forums!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!For!Health!!Q & A for Hannah and Livia•  Send!a!ques;on!or!comment!using!the!chat! Hannah!Laurison! box!func;on! Senior!Planner/Program!Director! ChangeLab!Solu;ons!•  Click!“raise!hand”!buJon!to!be!taken!off! mute!and!ask!a!ques;on!verbally! Livia!Rojas! Events!and!Webinars!Manager! ChangeLab!Solu;ons!
  43. 43. Webinars!&!Web!Forums!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!For!Health!!Webinars & Web Forums for LoJa!Chan!Health Best Practices Communica;ons!Specialist! Public!Health!Ins;tute! Star!Tiffany! Communica;ons!Specialist! Public!!Health!Ins;tute!
  44. 44. Producing a Web Forum:Planning, Marketing and Measuring Impact Lotta Chan and Star Tiffany CALPACT New Media Webinar March 13, 2013 Dialogue4Health Public Health Institute
  45. 45. Dialogue4Health www.Dialogue4Health.orgPublic Health Institute
  46. 46. Presentation Take-Away How to choose your Web Forum set-up, presenters, marketing strategy, ways for engaging participants, and evaluation strategy Based on:Audience Content Capacity
  47. 47. Planning and Coordinating•  Planning a Web Forum (WF)•  Creating a timeline•  Coordinating presenters
  48. 48. Planning a Web Forum•  Presenters•  Duration of Web Forum•  Title, date and time•  Registration questions•  Audience size•  Timeline•  Agenda•  Registration link
  49. 49. Planning a Web Forum•  Presenters !  2 to 3•  Duration of Web Forum !  60 to 90 min•  Title, date and time !  4 to 6 weeks prior•  Registration questions !  Limit required•  Audience size !  Listen only mode•  Timeline !  Set dates and tasks•  Agenda !  Bullet points•  Registration link !  Promote away!
  50. 50. Creating a TimelineWeb Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3 Wk 4 Wk 5 Wk 6 Wk of Day of PostForum WF WF WFMay 1stEmail 3/20BlastTest 3/24MeetingPolling 4/3 4/26QuestionsUpload 5/1SlidesWeb Page 3/19 5/8
  51. 51. Coordinating Presenters•  Contact information•  Bios, photos•  Number of slides•  Test meeting•  Green room
  52. 52. Marketing & Promotion•  Web Page•  Email Blast•  Social Media
  53. 53. Marketing & Promotion Web Page •  Date/time •  What is it about? •  Registration link •  Recommended –  Bios –  Headshots –  Resources to review –  Links to social media sharing –  Sponsors
  54. 54. Marketing & Promotion Email Blast •  Date/time •  What is it about? •  Registration link •  Recommended –  Presenter names –  Headshots –  Resources to review –  Links to social media sharing –  Sponsors
  55. 55. Marketing & Promotion Email Blast Registration Date with link time zone What s it Resources about? Info on speakers
  56. 56. Marketing & Promotion Email Blast | Poll Question What words in an email subject line grab your attention? a. They relate to my field of work b. They use action words like: discover, test, take a stand c. They are catchy or put a twist on a familiar phrase, such as: Healthy Homes: You Are Where You Live d. They use a reoccurring form I m accustomed to, such as: Upcoming CDPH Webinar e. They highlight some new tool, finding, or resource f. They are framed as a question g. Other (Please type into Chat)
  57. 57. Marketing & Promotion Email Blast | things to consider •  Schedule –  4-6 weeks prior –  Reminder emails week before and day of •  From…? –  Director – •  Subject line –  Catchy –  Short –  Branded
  58. 58. Marketing & Promotion Email Blast | subject line Advocacy Webinar Test Your Advocacy Fitness: Upcoming Webinar with …
  59. 59. Marketing & Promotion Social Media •  Facebook & Twitter –  Tag partners –  Know your audience •  Pinterest –  On the ground visuals! –  New board for event
  60. 60. Marketing & Promotion Cross-posting •  Co-sponsors and presenters send to their lists •  Direct share to colleagues and partners •  Post on Facebook and Twitter of other organizations •  Send to digests, blogs, bulletins: –  Trust for America s Health –  MomsRising –  D4H Community
  61. 61. Engaging Participants•  Float Questions•  Poll Questions•  What to show during Web Forum? Keep it dynamic!
  62. 62. Engaging Participants Q&A Feature Please submit questions via the Q&A Feature Please send your questions to All Panelists
  63. 63. Engaging Participants Polling Feature Please 1.  Choose your answer, then 2.  Click Submit
  64. 64. No one can remember more than three points. It takes one hourPhilip Crosby of preparation for each minute of presentation time. Wayne Burgraff
  65. 65. The BIG Day!•  Prepping for the Web Forum•  Hosting the Live Web Forum•  Post Web Forum
  66. 66. Prepping for the Web Forum•  Technical Dry Run•  Green Room Checklist –  Print outs –  Set-up –  Welcome the presenters –  Record –  Roles
  67. 67. Hosting Live Web Forum•  Use post-it notes with FAQs•  Read housekeeping script•  Answer technical questions•  Direct content questions•  Record and save Technical difficulties? Call 1-866-229-3239 Questions and Comments? Submit them via Q&A Please participate in the polls and click submit Please complete the Post-Web Forum online evaluation. We need your feedback! Access the Recording and Slides at
  68. 68. Post Web Forum•  Update web page•  Thank you notes –  Presenters –  Sponsoring organizations –  Audience•  Statistics
  69. 69. Evaluation & Measuring Impact•  Post-Web Forum Survey•  Registration/Attendance Ratio•  Other Metrics
  70. 70. Evaluation & Measuring Impact Post-Web Forum Survey •  First ask yourself, What do I want to learn? •  Mix of multiple choice and open-ended questions •  Pilot test Remember! Only ask questions that you re willing to do something about the answers.
  71. 71. Evaluation & Measuring Impact Post-Web Forum Survey Do you think that the new cafeteria lunch menu offers a better variety of healthy and palatable foods than the old one? How do you feel about the new lunch menu compared to the old one? •  Avoid •  Keep it –  Leading questions –  Brief –  Jargon –  Specific –  Emotionally –  Clear charged words –  Objective
  72. 72. Evaluation & Measuring Impact Registration/Attendance Ratio •  D Title Date Registered Attended % Attending Webinar 3 3/4/2013 990 482 48.69% Webinar 2 2/6/2013 1113 555 49.87% Webinar 1 1/15/2013 410 248 60.49% •  Analyze trends –  What dates, days of the week, topics, presenters gathered most attention? –  What may have been due to differences in marketing or target audience? –  Weigh # Attending vs. % Attending
  73. 73. Evaluation & Measuring Impact Other Metrics •  Changes in website •  Number of Web Forums and visits or pageviews attendees (Google Analytics) Public D4H Web Forums and Attendees 1800 4.5 1600 4 1400 3.5 Number of Web Forums Change in pageviews/month Number of Attendees 1200 3 9000 # of 1000 2.5 8000 Attendee s 7000 800 2 # of Web 6000 Forums Pageviews 600 1.5 5000 4000 400 1 3000 200 0.5 2000 0 0 1000 Jul. 2008 Sept. 2008 Nov. 2008 Jan. 2009 Mar. 2009 May 2009 Jul. 2009 Sept. 2009 Nov. 2009 Jan. 2010 Mar. 2010 May 2010 Jul. 2010 Sept. 2010 Nov. 2010 Jan. 2011 Mar. 2011 May 2011 Jul. 2011 Sept. 2011 Nov. 2011 Jan. 2012 Mar. 2012 May 2012 Jul. 2012 Sept. 2012 0 Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sept. 2011 2011 2011 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012
  74. 74. Presentation Take-Away How to choose your Web Forum set-up, presenters, marketing strategy, ways for engaging participants, and evaluation strategy Based on:Audience Content Capacity
  75. 75. The Cycle of Web Forums Idea and getting buy-in Choosing a Evaluation and web measuring conferencing impact software Preparation for Your BIG Day! and production of Web Forum
  76. 76. Resources•  Email marketing providers •  Project management –  Basecamp –  MailChimp –  Constant Contact •  Evaluation tools –  Salsa –  Google Analytics –  Vertical Response –  SurveyMonkey:•  Social media explained en_US/kb/Design-Tips-How-to-create- –  Center for Health Leadership Facebook and-administer-effective-surveys and Twitter webinar: newmedia/2012-2013-new-media- trainings/sessions Thank –  CDC NPIN webinar series: bulletins/gd/ USCDCNPIN-6f4afd#.UTeITLW7bLA.face You! book•  Web conferencing services –  WebEx –  ReadyTalk –  GoToWebinar –  iLinc
  77. 77. Webinars!&!Web!Forums!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!For!Health!!Q & A for Lotta and Star•  Send!a!ques;on!or!comment!using!the!chat! LoJa!Chan! box!func;on! Communica;ons!Specialist! Public!Health!Ins;tute!•  Click!“raise!hand”!buJon!to!be!taken!off! mute!and!ask!a!ques;on!verbally! Star!Tiffany! Communica;ons!Specialist! Public!!Health!Ins;tute!
  78. 78. Webinars!&!Web!Forums!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!For!Health!! What action step will you take after the webinar?•  What do you think you can do in the next month to further your goals with planning webinars and web forums?•  Let us know ~ we’d love to check back with you and hear how it’s going!•  We appreciate your feedback!!!
  79. 79. Webinars!&!Web!Forums!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!For!Health!! Thank you!Have questions? Contact us at sphcalpact@berkeley.eduTo learn more about other trainings in this series visit: