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PetroWiki - How to Add OnePetro Papers



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PetroWiki - How to Add OnePetro Papers

  1. 1. Adding OnePetro
  2. 2. OnePetro is an online library of technical literature for the oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) industry. It contains more than 145,000 documents produced by 18 publishing partners. What is OnePetro?
  3. 3. Why should I add papers to PetroWiki? OnePetro is one of the most comprehensive resources available on upstream oil and gas. Adding OnePetro papers to PetroWiki will assist industry professionals in finding relevant answers to technical questions.
  4. 4. The topic choice is completely based on your specific interest and expertise. Consider: 1. Papers you have authored or co-authored. 2. Papers you have collected for a project or research. 3. Papers you found useful or relevant. Which OnePetro papers should be added to PetroWiki topic pages?
  5. 5. How do I know which PetroWiki topic pages need OnePetro papers: Every PetroWiki topic page will benefit from the addition of OnePetro papers. Consider: 1. Searching within to find topic pages that match OnePetro papers. 2. Revisiting PetroWiki pages you have collaborated on, contributed to, or moderated. 3. Your favorite PetroWiki pages.
  6. 6. This can be done several different ways; here are a few examples: 1. Search for papers that match PetroWiki topics. 2. Search papers you have authored or co-authored. 3. Search for papers you have used in a project or prior research. How to locate OnePetro papers to add to PetroWiki topic pages:
  7. 7. Step One: Find the PetroWiki topic page Log into PetroWiki Log in is not required to SEARCH It is required to EDIT. Search for the topic page: Air drilling Things to remember when searching: A. Sentence case searches – Air drilling Air Drilling B. Single words vs. multi-word – The more words the narrower the return of choices. C. Use quotes if needed – If the first search attempt returns too many pages add quotes to narrow the findings. Visit for detailed instructions. X
  8. 8. Step Two: Find the OnePetro paper Search for the paper: Analysis of Air Drilling Hydraulics by M.A. Adewumi - SPE-21277-MS There are several ways to search for an paper: A. Subject – Air Drilling B. Author – M.A. Adewumi C. Title – Analysis of Air Drilling Hydraulics D. Document number – SPE-21277-MS Visit for detailed instructions.
  9. 9. 1. Export the citation. 2. Copy the citation and paste it into an external text document such as Word for use later. 3. Copy the full *DOI URL. Paste it also into an external document such as Word for use later. 1 2 3 *If the DOI is not available use the page’s URL. Step Two: Collect the citation 3
  10. 10. Step Two: Edit the citation Rough citation: Adewumi, M. A., & Tian, S. (1990, January 1). Analysis of Air Drilling Hydraulics. Society of Petroleum Engineers. doi:10.2118/21277-MS DOI or page URL (DOI is preferred): or For a complete description visit 1. Optional – Remove the red: ( , MONTH DAY) 1 2. Replace the short DOI with the full DOI or URL. 2
  11. 11. Step Two: The final citation Adewumi, M. A., & Tian, S. 1990. Analysis of Air Drilling Hydraulics. Society of Petroleum Engineers. Note: While it would be great to have the citations/references formatted in SPE style, don't get too hung up on the format. But do try to use the DOI because it is the most reliable and crucial information to include in a citation.
  12. 12. Step Three: Edit PetroWiki Click the Edit link on the left of the PetroWiki page. The edit window will open. Scroll down to find the OnePetro section
  13. 13. Step Three: Paste in the citation. Paste in the citation. Add spacing at the location for the citation. Alpha order by Author is preferred. Right click and paste. In the pop-up window insert the citation as PLAIN TEXT. Click the OK button DO NOT USE CTRL-V or CMD-V.
  14. 14. Step Four: Finalize the changes and save. Scroll to the bottom of the page and complete the acknowledgements. Click SAVE
  15. 15. It Is Done.
  16. 16. Adding OnePetro