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Racial Segregation


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Racial Segregation in today's society.

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Racial Segregation

  1. 1. Racial SegregationBy: Imari RossTheseparationof peoplebecauseof theirSKINCOLOR!
  2. 2. To Kill A Mocking Bird by HarperLee Shows good examples of Racialsegregation occurring in the south in theearly 1930’s.
  3. 3. BackgroundInformation"Theres something inour world that makesmen lose their heads—they couldnt be fair ifthey tried. In ourcourts, when its awhite mans wordagainst a black mans,the white man alwayswins”(Chapter 23).An African American male isaccused of raping a youngwhite female. Atticus Finchis his lawyer . In the scene,the quote takes placesometime during the periodof the trial. Atticus istalking to his son Jem abouttheir society.I have learned that white men are superior to otherraces and nationalities, only because of their skincolor.Tom Robinson TrialBackground Information
  4. 4. Calpurnia brings Jemand Scout to church“Lula stopped, butshe said, "You aintgot no businessbringin whitechillun here—theygot their church,we got ourn. It isour church, aint it,Miss Cal?” (Chapter12)Calpurnia is the Finchfamilies maid whothey adore. She bringsthe kids to church andone of the congregationmembers isupset about it.I’ve learned that racialsegregation can befound in all nationalitiesand all races.Background Information
  5. 5. Brown Vs. Board of EducationThe Brown vs. Board of educationcase officially outlawed racialsegregation in 1954.“This unanimous decisionhanded down by theSupreme Court on May 17,1954, ended federaltolerance of racialsegregation.”
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  7. 7. Thank You In conclusion, racial segregation is stillhappening today. It began with adults andcan end with the youth. Let’s fight racialsegregation, like the students at GeorgiaHigh school.
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