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Today i will_case study

  1. 1. Today I Will-Website www.todayiwill.comAt SPA, we deliver peace to your mind and your wallet with a Texas Can-Do attitude Client reduces non-conformance/penalties using Gas Monitoring System "I liked through process put in the product and happy with the product functionality and quality. We reviewed code and found that code is well structured and easy to understand," said client. "Just a few months back we outsourced a similar project to another vendor. Compare to other vendor, we find a world of difference. With other vendor, there were too many issues, and they reached a limit where it becomes more productive for us to fix issues. With this project we spent very little time and still got an excellent product," added client. - Jim Janicki, CEO, Ignite
  2. 2. Situation A Healthcare Research Institute approached us for making a website to provide professional and public communities with evidence-based education and tools for lifelong weight management and, ultimately, chronic disease prevention. They wanted this site to serve as a catalyst for a positive shift in behavior. They also wanted us to take care of the Testing part of the website. The Challenge The biggest challenge in this project was that the company had no such previous experience of building such general awareness site. So, we had to start the project from scratch. Not much people in the client company could help us on the appropriate design as there was lack of IT knowledge in the healthcare research institute. Next challenge was to bring in new and innovative features into the website which would offer everyday tools and information to empower the community. Solution The website is built on WordPress. Most of its innovative features like Ticker, Environment Newsletter, and Dashboard have been designed with the help of the apps provided by WordPress. The website has features like:  Education and Research: The Today I Will blog offers a huge amount of up-to- date information on eating better, moving more, and living well. Both the Education and Research section provides links to rigorous studies upon which the websites public content is based.  Physical exercises, tools and activities: Offers a wide variety of physical exercises designed to help you balance your calorie intake. Each exercise includes video instruction with proper techniques and you can print each exercise with tips on how to make it easier or harder. Tools allow you to monitor your eating, exercise and weight progress  Tailored information & personal management tools: Helps to tailor a plan for the community members based on the readiness to change. 10820, Sanden Drive, Dallas, TX – 75238 © SPA 2011. All information in this document is proprietary. Unauthorized use
  3. 3. Satisfaction  Very informative website with new features which haven’t been used yet for any healthcare website.  The website is connected with social sites like, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. This helps in posting all updates of the website on the social sites. This helps in SEO of the website.  Has both Public and Professional sections so that people can get information according to their need and skill set.  Added features like Live Discussion Forums and Direct Contact with Experts helped the website get many hits during the first month itself.  Charts and Dashboard features give better insight to the site visitors. Environment About SPA SPA is a Dallas-based full-service software solutions provider with a strong software development and testing experience involving Web, Smart Phones, and SaaS. With 10820, Sanden Drive, offices in US and India, SPA is able to utilize a global resource pool to deliver projects of varying complexity for startups to large clients with seamless execution. Dallas, TX – 75238 © SPA All information in this document is proprietary. Unauthorized use prohibited.