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LinkedIn Groups Guide


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There were currently 1.4 million LinkedIn groups. With so many groups, how do you find and choose which groups to join?

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LinkedIn Groups Guide

  1. 1. JOIN: LinkedIn Groups © SO! What? SOcial
  2. 2. eMarketing Association Network Largest and most active Marketing Group with 457,000+ members. Managed by the eMarketing Association, the worlds largest Internet marketing association- Open to all interested in Internet Marketing. Focus on Social, eMail, Search, mobile and Web marketing. Special offers for members from the eMA. Be sure to check out our annual conference, The Power of eMarketing, Providence, 11/24-25, certifications, onlineecourses, memberships, social networks, and conferences at our website: © SO! What? SOcial
  3. 3. Social Commerce: Selling With Social Media First, there was online shopping. Then, social networking. The two are quickly merging to become a dominant force for e-commerce. What is socialcommerce? How are companies using this new concept to engage consumers with their products and each other to boost sales and brand loyalty? Join us as we discuss all aspects of social commerce, from group deals and Facebook shopping to social media ROI. © SO! What? SOcial
  4. 4. Inbound Marketers Online group for marketing professionals. A community those looking to reach their best customers online through techniques like inboundmarketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media. Visit for more group features and resources. © SO! What? SOcial
  5. 5. E-Commerce Network - Strategy - IT Governance - Project & Program Management- Resource Allocation & Roadmap Management - E-Commerce & E-Marketing topics (SEO/SEM/Programming/Usability/Web Analytics/Design/Functionalities/Web 2.0) - Website Development - KPI / Dashboard Definition - Jobs / Open Positions © SO! What? SOcial
  6. 6. MarketingProfsMarketingProfs is a community of marketers centered around smart, quick, andactionable know-how and discussion. More than 360,000 subscribers read ournewsletters and blog, attend our events and seminars (both live and virtual), andparticipate in the MP discussion forum. Join us! © SO! What? SOcial
  7. 7. Small Biz NationThis group is a valuable, exciting and new resource for smallbusinesses looking to maximize their success. Here, the vastand growing LinkedIn community of small- business leaders can collaborate and share ideas, while gaining valuable insight from a variety of industry experts, and technology leaders HP and Intel. With special emphasis on mission- critical issues, this unique forum provides an excellentopportunity to learn helpful tips, tricks and best practices—all to keep your small business moving forward. Get advice. Get answers. Get rewards. Join now. © SO! What? SOcial
  8. 8. SO! What? A SOcial MediaCompany. Engage. Connect. SOcialize Located in Vancouver More information? Connect with us! © SO! What? SOcial