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Program Accreditation - Special Olympics Vermont

  1. 1. 2013 Conference Vermont 1
  2. 2. Local & School Program Accreditation Vermont 2
  3. 3. SOI Operating Rules and the SOVT Accreditation Requirement Why we need to provide clear and consistent expectations and experiences What are program rights & responsibilities How do we implementation the plan 3 / Special Olympics Vermont
  4. 4. The WHAT, WHY and HOW of Accreditation Vermont 4
  5. 5. What is Program Accreditation? Local program accreditation is authorization from Special Olympics Vermont for a particular geographic region or area of the state to be granted approval to act as the official Special Olympics representative organization in and for that designated area of the state. 5 / Special Olympics Vermont
  6. 6. Why is Accreditation Necessary? Special Olympics Vermont (SOVT) is authorized and accredited annually by Special Olympics, Inc. (SOI) to use the Special Olympics name, trademarks, service marks, symbols and copyrighted materials to raise funds and operate a program. In order for SOVT to achieve accreditation from SOI, an Area (Local Program) Accreditation process must be in place. 6Special Olympics Vermont
  7. 7. Why, continued… Local Program accreditation is an authorization or “license” to use the Special Olympics name, trademarks, service marks and copyrighted materials, to raise funds and to operate a program in a given geographic region of the state. Accreditation also serves as a monitoring tool to insure quality and compliance in all Local Program functions, including sports trainings and competitions, outreach, volunteer management, fundraising, finance and family involvement. 7Special Olympics Vermont
  8. 8. Why? For them… 8
  9. 9. Maintaining our status If accreditation is approved by SOVT, the Local Program warrants that is will conduct its activities validly to be exempt from Federal taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and the State of Vermont. 9Special Olympics Vermont
  10. 10. How are Programs Accredited? The Director of Programs and members of the Local Program Leadership Committee (task force) meet in mid-January to review each Local Program to ensure the program meets the requirements for accreditation set down in the Local Program Accreditation Plan. If it does, the program is awarded a “Certificate of Accreditation” for the year. 10Special Olympics Vermont
  11. 11. If there are challenges If a Local Program (for any reason) does not meet the requirements, the Director of Programs will meet with the Local Program Coordinator to determine a suitable course of action to remedy any deficiencies. 11Special Olympics Vermont
  12. 12. Help when needed 12
  13. 13. Solving challenges  Once SOVT and the Program Coordinator agree on a plan, the Program will be granted a provisional accreditation.  If the minimum standards are not met in the agreed upon time frame, additional action will be taken.  Accreditation cannot be granted if the requirements of the provisional accreditation have not been met or if there is no plan of action to remedy any deficiencies. 13Special Olympics Vermont
  14. 14. The Program Director and Program Coordinator will work together to solve program challenges on a case by case basis with support from SOVT. 14 / Special Olympics Vermont
  15. 15. 15
  16. 16. Rights of Accreditation Vermont 16
  17. 17. Rights of an Accredited Program 1. Authorization to conduct a Special Olympics program 2. Use of the Special Olympics name and logo 3. Support and direct assistance (materials, awards, liability insurance coverage) 4. Technical and consultative services 5. Authority to raise program funds in the name of SO 6. Sanctioning of athletes to participate in accredited state competitions and to be eligible to advance to Regional, USA and World Games 17Special Olympics Vermont
  18. 18. Team USA for the 2013 Winter World Games 18
  19. 19. Accreditation Commitments Vermont 19 Special Olympics Vermont
  20. 20. Responsibilities of an Accredited Program Prior to being granted Accreditation, a Local Program must agree and be subject to the rules, regulations, policies, procedures and requirements established by Special Olympics Vermont. The Local Program requesting accreditation recognizes Special Olympics Inc. (SOI) and Special Olympics Vermont as the legal and binding authorities on Special Olympics policies and practices. 20Special Olympics Vermont
  21. 21. To become Accredited, a Local Program must:  Submit an application for accreditation  Submit an annual plan and a review of the previous year  Have program representation attend annual Leadership Conferences as offered by SOVT 21Special Olympics Vermont
  22. 22. The overall commitment Upon acceptance of the official Certificate of Accreditation and the mandate it represents, a Program Coordinator and the Local Program Management Team accepts full responsibility to meet established criteria to retain the rights and responsibilities granted through accreditation for the Special Olympics Local Program and to implement its programs, philosophies, goals and objectives. 22Special Olympics Vermont
  23. 23. The Local Program also agrees to abide by SOI principles to maintain a quality program and to commit the program to excellence and Olympic ideals. 23Special Olympics Vermont
  24. 24. Requirements & Reporting Vermont 24
  25. 25. Program Annual Plan  Roster or updates for Program Management team, coaches and athletes  Local Program budget  Outline of fundraising plan (Fundraising Project Application for Approval required for all activities)  Sports offered or planned  Dates of Local Program meetings (if applicable) 25Special Olympics Vermont
  26. 26. Program Review The report is designed as a self-assessment tool for evaluating growth, successes and challenges during the previous year. This report is conducted by the Local Program Coordinator and key program management, and will be reviewed by the SOVT Program Director and Local Program Management Team. 26Special Olympics Vermont
  27. 27. Why the review? This tool will help determine if Programs are meeting accreditation requirements and/or need additional support from SOVT in the following areas:  Administration and Organization  Training & Competition Opportunities (for coaches and athletes)  Financial Management  Volunteer Recruitment and Management  Fundraising, Public Relations and Outreach  Family Involvement 27Special Olympics Vermont
  28. 28. Implementation A Two Year / Two Phase Plan Vermont 28 Special Olympics Vermont
  29. 29. So how are we going to do this? This plan has been developed to allow Programs two calendar years to implement ALL minimum requirements of the Accreditation Plan. At the end of 2014, the Program must be in full compliance with those select requirements listed in PHASE ONE, and all requirements must be met by the end of 2015. 29Special Olympics Vermont
  30. 30. Phase One Accreditation Requirements to be implemented in 2014 Vermont 30 Special Olympics Vermont
  31. 31. These may already be in place in your program Phase One:  Financial requirements and procedures are followed  Program budget is developed  Volunteer screening policy in effect  Athlete training standards & requirements are met  Fundraising guidelines are established and approval forms are submitted as required  Attendance requirements for conferences are met  Year-end review is submitted 31Special Olympics Vermont
  32. 32. Phase Two Accreditation Requirements to be implemented in 2015 Vermont 32 Special Olympics Vermont
  33. 33. These must be in place by 2015 Phase Two:  Coaches training standards and requirements are met  Fundraising program is developed  Volunteer recruitment, management & recognition programs are in place  Leadership committee is developed  Outreach plan is established  Family services and activities are implemented  Complete program annual plan is written 33Special Olympics Vermont
  34. 34. All ONE SOVT… We’re in this together!! 34
  35. 35. Thank you! Vermont 35