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Deep Tech Trends 2019

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Deep Tech Trends 2019

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Key trends in 'Deep Tech' covering 💡IoT 🤖Robotics 🏥Health Tech 🚀Frontier Tech and 🔬Biotech. Made by the SOSV team.

Download at
Key trends in 'Deep Tech' covering 💡IoT 🤖Robotics 🏥Health Tech 🚀Frontier Tech and 🔬Biotech. Made by the SOSV team.


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Deep Tech Trends 2019

  1. 1. DeepTech Trends2019
  2. 2. DeepTech Trends2019 Introduction A growing number of researchers, scientists and engineers
 are starting companies. Many of them engage in ‘Deep Tech’, the combination of software and science. They solve problems of high complexity and high value in sectors such as agriculture, energy, industry and health, covering many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. At SOSV, our mission is to help solve the world’s most pressing problems -- funding and mentoring startups that bring positive change at a grand scale, tackling human and planetary health, and improving the quality of life for all. This document shows that solutions are on their way! DeepTech Trends2019
  3. 3. Our VC fund specializes in prototype-stage deep tech startups. We sometimes see emerging trends before others. This document is based on publicly available sources and on our own insights. We own equity positions in many of the companies referenced (see next page). This document does not constitute an offer to sell securities or a solicitation for investment, which can only be made by the delivery of specific documents to accredited investors. Furthermore, this document does not constitute investment advice, an offer to provide such advice, or a basis for making any investment decision.   Disclaimer SOSV invests in about 150 startups / year This document is for information only This document is made available, and may be updated, at DeepTech Trends2019
  4. 4. DeepTech Trends2019 SOSV Startups Quoted OVERVIEW CONSUMER HEALTH B2B BIOTECH BIOTECH Avidbots Bowl BBB AiSight AlgiKnit New Culture BitMex Kegg Biopsin Apix Because Animals New Wave Foods FormLabs Lilu Bisu Avidbot BeeFlow NotCo Geltor Looking Glass Bitome Clean Robotics BiomeSense OpenTrons GetAround Makeblock Bravrr Craft Robotics Cambridge Crops Perfect Day Jump Bikes Minut Caura EIO Diagnostics Catalog Prellis Biologics Makeblock Nura Criam Elephant Robotics Chronomics Serenity Bioworks Memphis Meats Oasis Elapta Forward Robotics Clara Foods sRNAlytics Nura PetCube Feel Japet Convalesce Stamm Perfect Day Presso Flow Neuroscience Mechasys Diadem Biotherapeutics Sun Genomics Simbe Robotics PushMe FoodMarble Nordetect Digi.Bio SyntheX RayBaby Kokoon Novo Nutrients DNA Lite Tinctorium Sprite Robotics Labrador Systems Nuada Electro-Active Wasteless Youibot Lief Therapeutics Plecobot Endless West Mindset Rebartek Finless Foods Moona ShapeMeasure Gavilan Biodesign Nerv Smart Shepherd Geltor Pinpoint SmarTex Jungla Sana Health Somatic Lingrove Zennea TensorField Livin Farms Unspun Lupa Bio Viabot Memphis Meats VoltStorage MycoWorks Wastack New Age Meats Youibot
  5. 5. About SOSV Deep Tech & Hand-on Global early stage Deep Tech fund Programs with Labs & Experts for Hardware, Biotech, Food… $650M AUM (new $250M fund) >800 startups +150/year
  6. 6. DeepTech Trends2019 Ireland Back office London Biotech Paris Liaison Taipei Mobile Shanghai Cross-border web Shenzhen Hardware SF Hardware Biotech NYC Food Blockchain Tokyo Hardware Global Presence
  7. 7. FormLabs (3d printing) GetAround (car sharing) BitMex (crypto exchange) Jump Bikes / Uber (e-bikes) Geltor Synthetic human collagen Raised $23m SOSV Top Startups DeepTech Trends2019 Perfect Day CellAg Dairy Raised $61.5m Memphis Meats CallAg Beef & Chicken Raised $20.1m Avidbots Floor cleaning robot Raised $26.6m Simbe Robotics Retail inventory robot Raised $26m Nura Personalized audio Raised $21.9m Makeblock STEM robots Raised $80m Portfolio Sample
  8. 8. Defining Deep Tech Science & Engineering “Anything that’s not an app?” A.I. is everywhere Bits & Atoms Electronics or molecules Deep Tech by any other name Hard Tech, Extreme Tech, Frontier Tech, Future Tech… We picked one! DeepTech Trends2019
  9. 9. Editing this report ‘Deep Tech' is a broad category impossible to cover entirely Comments are welcome! Some 'formerly deep tech' consumer categories are included. We focused particularly on categories we invest in (hardware & biotech). DeepTech Trends2019
  10. 10. CONTENT DeepTech Trends2019 1. Overview 2. Hard Tech: Consumer 3. Hard Tech: Health 4. Hard Tech: B2B 5. Frontier Tech 6. Biotech
  11. 11. 01/ Overview Some first gen pioneers got the arrows. Deep Tech unicorns multiply More funding for deep tech, VC, CVC and … SoftBank Second gen more B2B and B2B2C. DeepTech Trends2019
  12. 12. $0B $35B $70B $105B $140B 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019H1 16 242118 26 33 140 86 6161 64 131 78 60 84 USA China Europe VCwinterinChina afterrecordyears. Springsoon? Source: Dow Jones Venture Source Chinese Government bodies scaled back LP commitments to local VCs, but trade war with US and the new CFIUS* rules are likely to boost domestic investment again. *Committee on Foreign Investment in the US. DeepTech Trends2019 Unit: billion USD
  13. 13. EUROPE Oxford Sciences Innovation (UK) £300m High-Tech Gründerfonds (Ger/EU) €316.5m IQ Capital (UK) $300m Ahren Innovation Capital (UK) $250m btov (EU) €100m USA NordicNinja (Nordics & Baltics) €100m Lux Capital $1.1b Karma Ventures (EU) €70m Data Collective $725m Elaia (EU) €65m Eclipse Ventures $500m Adara Ventures (EU) €65m OS Fund $250m Future Positive Capital (EU) €51m The Engine $205m Voima Ventures (Nordics & Baltics) €50m Future Ventures $200m Vito Ventures (EU) €30m Anzu Partners $150m Apex Ventures (EU) €10m Bolt $80m Root Ventures $76.7269m OTHER Runa Capital $70m Main Sequence Ventures (Australia) $240m Abies Ventures (Japan) $100m GLOBAL Beyond Next Ventures (Japan) $50m SOSV $250m Real Tech Fund (Japan) $18m Entrepreneurs First $115m Pi Ventures (India) $31m Hardware Club $50m Deep Tech VCs >$5b to invest Some specialist funds for IoT, medtech, QC, etc. Many generalists invest in deep tech. Chinese funds are mostly generalists. DeepTech Trends2019
  14. 14. New Models Supporting Science Startups i-Corps (~100 locations in US) 7-weeks coaching program Created by Steve Blank Focus on customer development Entrepreneur First (7 countries) ‘Talent investor’ 14 weeks program Team formation + idea validation Deeptech Founders (France) 6 months part-time program Focus on customer development SOSV (global) ‘Hands-on VC’ with experts & labs 3+ months programs Product & business development Non-investing Investing DeepTech Trends2019 Helping to Transition from research Validate a customer need Identify the Minimum Fundable Milestones
  15. 15. Lytro $216M Jibo $72.7M Anki $182M Meta $73M Laundroid $95M $2.7b of Failures Rethink Robotics $150M Airware $118M Theranos $1.4B Daqri $275M uBiome $109.9m
  16. 16. 1 in 5 Unicorns is in Deep Tech DeepTech Trends2019 LIFE SCIENCES Henlius Novogene Sinocelltech WuXi NextCODE CureVac IronSource Nanopore Roivant 10X Genomics 23andMe Ginkgo BioWorks Grail Human Longevity Indigo Ag NantOmics Samumed Tempus Envision Prologium Northvolt Ovo Energy ReNew Power ChargePoint Microvast Rubicon Sila Nanotech View NEW ENERGY Aiways BAIC* Bordrin Byton Chehejia Enovate Hozon Leapmotor Nio* Singulato Skywell WeltMeister Yinglong Youxia Xpeng Motors Aurora Cruise** Faraday Future Nikola Motor Otto** Rivian TuSimple Zoox AV/EV Hellobike Mobike** Bolt Ola Electric Bird Rides Lime Uber ATG MOBILITY Ankon iCarbonX United Imaging Alphaeon Auris** Butterfly Network HeartFlow Proteus Health SmileDirectClub Beyond Meat* Impossible Foods HEALTH TECH NEW FOOD DJI Geek+ Ninebot Ubtech Nuro Zipline Zume Carbon Desktop Metal Formlabs Magic Leap MindMaze ROBOTICS 3D PRINTING AR/VR SPACE TECH OneWeb Rocket Lab SpaceX US China RoW 13 33 47 Cambricon Horizon Robotics Graphcore OrCam Bitmain Canaan Ebang BitFury IC & SEMI CRYPTO MINING IOT Nest** Infinidat * IPO ** M&A 100 Unicorns Soon Sources: Crunchbase, Hurun Report, SOSV Analysis
  17. 17. Notes: most are B2B * includes co-investors SoftBank Vision Fund DeepTech Trends2019 Company Type Sector Funding* GM Cruise B2B AV tech $2.25B View B2B Smart glass $1.8B Nuro HAAS Delivery AV $1B Zume HAAS Pizza robot $423M Plenty B2B AgTech $226M Light Consumer Cameras $186M Nauto B2B Driving Coach $174M Brain Corp B2B AV Tech $125M TOTAL $6.1B*
  18. 18. 0 5 10 15 20 25 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 0.5 0.45 0.305 0.03 3.4 8.1 8.9 1.46 1 0.69 1 2 Notable Exits DeepTech Trends2019 Time to Exit (in years) Peloton SmileDirectClub Auris Health Leap Motion Blue River6 River Systems CTRL-Labs ExitMultiple Beyond Meat Value in $b BridgeBio Huami PillPack IPO M&A Ring
  19. 19. 02/ Consumer Tech Trends The next wave is headed in every direction Voice controls the smart home From hard tech to commodities? (trackers, 3d printing, AR/VR) B2B2C grows DeepTech Trends2019
  20. 20. 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Investments $1.2B $1.65B $2.84B $2.04B $1.65B $1.09B $0.82B $0.68B $2.1B* *Full-year projection Only rounds < $500M. The largest 2019 round included is $420M for Juul. Consumer hardware still active Source: data via Crunchbase 132* Deals 40 75 131 142 140 135 128 74 DeepTech Trends2019
  21. 21. Trackers DeepTech Trends2019 10 years later: Commoditization Activity, Heart rate, Alexa, Spotify, … Fitbit (US) Val: $1b Huami (China) Val: $650m Apple Fitbit Huami
  22. 22. Home Fitness Killing gyms? DeepTech Trends2019 Tonal Connected fitness Raised $90m Peloton Connected exercise bikes Raised $994.7m (market cap: $6.25b) Hydrow Connected rowing Raised $32m Mirror Home fitness Raised $40.8m
  23. 23. 3D Printing The hype is long gone Stratasys Val: $1.24b Consumer 3D pPrinters From $500 to $5,000 DeepTech Trends2019
  24. 24. 3D Printing B2B2C is real SmileDirectClub Tele-dentistry Val: $7b DeepTech Trends2019 Chanel Mascara
  25. 25. Smart Speakers 200m+ units A.I.-enabled IoT boom Amazon 60% Google 25% Apple 5% DeepTech Trends2019 Other 10% Plug Light Nest Ring Sonos Roomba Bose Garmin Lexus
  26. 26. 14% 17% 11% 16% 25% 17% In China Too Already in 35m Households Unit sales 2x US in Q2 2019 Another A.I.-Divide? Baidu 39.5% Alibaba 36% Xiaomi 24.5% Unit Sales in Q2 2019 China: 12.6 mln US: 6.1 mln China Smart Speakers Market Share Q2 2019 Source: Canalys, Aug 2018 DeepTech Trends2019 Smart Speakers Global Market Share Q2 2019
  27. 27. Xiaomization Amazonization Commoditization at breakneck speed DeepTech Trends2019 Amazon: Oven, Buds, Frames, Loop, Glow, Flex, Sidewalk, Samuel L. Jackson
  28. 28. Bells Locks & Alarms Home Security 2.0 Minut Sound-based Camera-free security Raised $10.7m Level Home Smart home access Raised $71m from Ring Outdoor home security Raised $209m Acquired by Amazon for $1b
  29. 29. iRobot (USA) >25mln units Val: $1.85b P/E ratio: 22 Ecovacs (China) >15mln units Val: $2b P/E ratio: 28 Consumer Robotics Crawlers 1 Androids 0 DeepTech Trends2019
  30. 30. Consumer Drones DJI Dominates The Market DeepTech Trends2019 DJI Consumer & B2B drones Raised $105m Skydio Self-flying drone Raised $70m DJI is estimaated to control over 70% of the market. Several competitors like 3DR and Parrot exited the consumer segment.
  31. 31. Jibo $72.7m Anki $182m Makeblock (China) STEM robots Raised $80m Other Consumer Robots Voice assistants roadkill companion robots STEM still growing DeepTech Trends2019 UBTech (China) STEM & toy robots Raised $940m
  32. 32. China's A.I. Push China is the world's largest experiment in A.I. education China’s new ‘A-B-C-D' Artificial intelligence Blockchain Cloud computing Data technology DeepTech Trends2019 A smart headband to track focus in a school near Shanghai Source: WSJ, Aug 2019
  33. 33. VR (Consumer) Sandbox VR (HK) VR arcade Raised $71m Sony, HTC, Oculus… 6M devices in 2019? Hits: Netflix? Chat? Adult? Black Box VR VR gym Raised $2.5m DeepTech Trends2019 Still slow despite 2nd generation devices Some B2B2C VR for arcades, gym
  34. 34. Varjo (High-res VR) Raised $45.9m VR (B2B) Virtual Reality Therapy Physio, phobias, pain + Outpatient tracking Real Estate Tours Matterport (cam + soft) Raised $114M DeepTech Trends2019 Training Maintenance, surgery, language, active shooter simulations Training, Touring, Therapy Applications make sense & multiply
  35. 35. AR: B2C new gen >$500 B2B spreads slowly Magic Leap ($2,295) Raised $2.6b Hololens ($3,500) Glass Enterprise Edition 2 Training, industry, health $999+ Focals by North Raised $199.6M $600+ DeepTech Trends2019
  36. 36. Holograms OOH ads & desktop solutions Not Star Wars quite yet Looking Glass Raised $13.8m (On market, $600+) Light Field Lab Raised $35m (Prototype) HYPERVSN by Kino-Mo (On market) DeepTech Trends2019
  37. 37. Haptics Applications in automotive, industry, medecine, and more? Pixie Dust (Japan) Various haptics & hologram tech Raised $51.8m Ultrahaptics (ultrasound tech) Raised $85.9M, acquired Leap Motion Among others: Femtosecond laser forms plasma in mid-air for tangible feedback DeepTech Trends2019
  38. 38. DeepTech Trends2019 Lilu Pumping bra Elvie Breast pump Raised $53.8m Kegg Kegel fertility sensor FemTech Towards more science
  39. 39. DeepTech Trends2019 RayBaby Radar breathing monitor Raised $1.4m Snoo Smart sleeper Raised $33m Cocoon Cam A.I. breathing monitor Raised $4m BabyTech Towards more science
  40. 40. Peloton $58/month, 0% APR Snoo Buy or rent Grover Monthly rentals for electronics Raised €60M DeepTech Trends2019 Rent vs. Buy Keeps up-to-date & updated Nura Personalized sound with OTA updates Raised $21.9m
  41. 41. Pet Tech 2.0 PetCube Treats robots Raised $14m Fi — Smart dog collars Raised $10m Sprite Robotics A.I. cat toy Raised $2.3m DeepTech Trends2019 PetSafe Self-cleaning litter Sensors Vision A.I.
  42. 42. Zume Robotic pizzerias on wheels Raised $423m Spyce Robot cooks & restaurants Raised $25.9m Cafe X Robotic coffee vending machine Raised $14.5m DeepTech Trends2019 Robots for Food Automation Customization Customer Experience
  43. 43. Vending Robots SOSV Investments Oasis BowlPresso Paper recycling stations Dry cleaning in a box Fresh salads DeepTech Trends2019
  44. 44. Unmanned Retail China leads with micro-retail CVS, gyms, karaoke, nail salons & more BingoBox Automated CVS Raised $94.7m DeepTech Trends2019 SuperMonkey Gyms in containers $53m series D M-Bar Karaoke cabins Competitors abound O’2Nails Nail art printers 16y of nail tech
  45. 45. Mobility AV, EV, Sharing DeepTech Trends2019 $7.4B $9B $12.4B $13.5B $14.3B $19B $20.8B $29.9B $38.1B $56.2BE-hailing Semiconductors AV sensors and ADAS components Connectivity/ infotainment Electric vehicles and charging Batteries Telematics and intelligent traffic Back end/ cybersecurity HDMI and voice recognition AV software and mapping Investment since 2010 Source: McKinsey Analysis, CapitalIQ, Pitchbook Need for new Technologies, Infrastructures, Operations Policies DeepTech Trends2019
  46. 46. 0 00 00 00 00 China USA Norway Germany France 31,00035,00046,000 209,000 769,000 Source: CarSalesBase, 2018 Electric Vehicles boom in China Top EV Brands in 2018 EV sales in 2018 DeepTech Trends2019 486 EV makers in China 9 unicorns $18B invested since 2011 0 00 00 00 00 Tesla BAIC BYD Zotye 64,000 105,000 150,000165,000 245,000 Renault Nissan
  47. 47. Youibot Vehicle inspection robots New infrastructure needed to extend uptime and compete DeepTech Trends2019 PushMe Battery tech & network Raised $1.3m Gogoro e-Scooters & charging stations Raised $480m Charge Point #1 EV charging network Raised $532.2m Charging, maintenance, and more
  48. 48. 03/ Health Tech Trends Regulation Include Remote Monitoring Reimbursement Digital Diagnostic devices multiply Digital Therapeutics DeepTech Trends2019 Behavior changes remain challenging
  49. 49. 154 283 473 645 606 570 688 860 769 137 $1.2B $2.0B $2.3B $2.8B $7.1B $6.2B $8.3B $11.7B $2.9B 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Deal count Q1 VC Funding $14.68 Source : Startup Health Record year for health tech funding $14.6B in 2018 incl. $4.1B for devices (+40%) Surge in surgical robotics. Biotech IPOs grew too. Source: Silicon Valley Bank data
  50. 50. Successful companies improve the following areas Access Cost Outcomes Now must-have for successful fundraising and go-to-market.
  51. 51. Bisu Urine test For health & fitness Bitome Nuclear spectroscopy for molecular analysis Criam Blood test Blood type & diseases Blood & Beyond Microfluidics, point-of-care solutions Elapta Various fluids Molecular testing BBB Blood test Glucose, ketones, cholesterol Raised $21.5m Biopsin Microbial detection F&B, water, pharma DeepTech Trends2019
  52. 52. Targeting better outcomes Less sick, faster recovery, zero readmission DeepTech Trends2019 Pinpoint Robot-assisted insertion Nerv Post-surgery abdominal leak detection
  53. 53. Zennea Snoring Sleep Tech Track, Trigger, Treat DeepTech Trends2019 Moona ‘Nest for your head' Kokoon EEG headphones Withings Sleep tracking mat Bands, watches Apple, Fitbit, etc. Eight Raised $30m Bravrr Bruxism (teeth clinching & grinding) TRACK TRIGGER TREAT
  54. 54. Sana Health Chronic pain relief Caura Lactate & glucose tracking Aire by FoodMarble Digestive health Digital Therapeutics Replacing pills and lab tests? DeepTech Trends2019
  55. 55. Lief Therapeutics ECG smart patch for stress management $99/month Flow Neuroscience Depression treatment FDA approved tDCS stimulation & virtual therapy app £399 Mental Health HabitAware Hair pulling, nail biting, etc. Top 10 in TIME 2018 MSRP: $149 Feel by Sentio Emotions sensor for anxiety, depression, etc. Raised $6.3m (Clinical trials) DeepTech Trends2019 Digital Therapies machine learning and biofeedback
  56. 56. Labrador Systems Assistive robot for independent living Raised $2m MindMaze (Switzerland) VR treatment for neurorehabilitation Raised $110.6m Rehab & x-Diversity DeepTech Trends2019 Wandercraft Exoskeleton wheelchair for the disabled Raised $23.4m For independent living and supporting physical and mental diversity
  57. 57. An Important Challenge for Health is Behavior Understanding impact of food, sleep, environment… Avoiding mental triggers, building new habits. DeepTech Trends2019
  58. 58. Neural Interfaces Tracking, Stimulating, Connecting Mindset EEG headphones tracking focus Neuralink (Elon Musk) Brain-machine interfaces Raised $158m CTRL-Labs Neural monitoring Acquired by Facebook for $500m+ DeepTech Trends2019
  59. 59. 04/ Enterprise & Industry Trends Labor crisis in numerous sectors Agriculture, Manufacturing, Construction, Mining are next Boom in Transportation, Logistics and Retail China innovates on all fronts DeepTech Trends2019
  60. 60. Amazon Kiva (acq) >200,000 units Last-mile delivery Pilots Prime Air Filed with FAA Blimp Mothership Fake! Balyo (IPO) Partnership Canvas (acq) Autonomous carts Automates everything. ‘Dark warehouses’soon? DeepTech Trends2019
  61. 61. Fear of Amazon 6 River Systems Acquired by Shopify for $450m Raised $46m Exotec High density warehousing solution Raised $21.2m Fetch Robotics Raised $94m Pushes competitors toward turn-key and flexible solutions DeepTech Trends2019
  62. 62. Construction Multi-trillion-dollar markets From design to demolition
  63. 63. COBOD ‘Building on demand’ Raised $2.5m ‘AEC’ Tech Brick & Mortar Ventures $97m fund for the built world Architecture Engineering Construction + Facilities Management
  64. 64. Mechasys Floor plan projection ShapeMeasure Precision measuring & cutting Rebartek Automated rebar cage prefabrication Smart tools & automation for custom construction
  65. 65. Augmenting workers Japet Soft exoskeleton for back pain prevention Raised $1.7m Nuada Power glove for tireless grip ProGlove Wearable barcode scanner Raised $49.1m DeepTech Trends2019
  66. 66. Operations Restoration Demolition Wastack Landfill operations Bird control, 3d mapping fire, methane leaks Craft Robotics Mortar-raking robot
  67. 67. Cleaning Avidbots Floor cleaning Raised $26.6m Plecobot High-rise windows ViaBot Pavement Somatic Toilets DeepTech Trends2019 Clean Robotics Trash-sorting robot
  68. 68. Industry 2.5 million robots 0 40 80 120 160 China Japan US Korea Germany 273840 55 154 China Japan US Korea Germany 0 200 400 600 800 328 774 217 327 140 Robots Installed in 2018 (‘000 units) Source : International Federation of Robotics DeepTech Trends2019 2x in 3 years 154 40 Robot Density in 2018 (per 10,000 workers) +422,000 in 2018 1/3 in China
  69. 69. Robots get cheaper but also safer and easier to set up and re-tool Source : Markets and Markets - Collaborative Robot Market Cost of automation 1990 2000 2005 20101995 220 200 180 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 Labor costs (OPEX) Robot prices (CAPEX) 2018 2025 CAGR 50.31% $710M $12,303M Collaborative robotics market Still only 3% of new installations Source: Economist Intelligence Unit; IMB; Institut für Arbeitsmarkt - und Berunfsforschung; International Robot Federation, US Social Security Data; McKinsey Analysis DeepTech Trends2019
  70. 70. Demand for flexible solutions Development speed Integration time Ease of use Safety DeepTech Trends2019 Elephant Robotics Collaborative robots with visual interface Veo Robotics Vision, 3D sensing & AI Raised $28m Youibot Mobile applications in industrial settings
  71. 71. SmarTex Fabric fault detection Zero downtime Zero waste "5 steps of machine epiphany" Reactive Preventive Predictive Optimized Health Optimized Performance Source: AiSight Machine sensors Unspun 3D-woven custom-fit jeans DeepTech Trends2019
  72. 72. Drones go B2B Dedrone Drone detection technology Raised $43.2m Zipline Long-range drones (100 miles) high-value deliveries Raised $233m For deliveries or surveying Longer range, heavier cargo Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Mining, Surveying, Defense, etc. Delair (France) Industry solutions Acquired Airware Raised $14.5m DeepTech Trends2019
  73. 73. Biocarbon Engineering Tree-planting drone 300 pods = 1ha in 18min Raised $2.5m Dropcopter Pollination drones DeepTech Trends2019 Drones Novel applications
  74. 74. Greenhouse Gases 45 billion tons / year (CO2 equivalent) 7.5 billion people = 6 tons / year / person (~20kg / day) 6% 14% 21% 24% 35% Energy & Heat Production & Processing Agriculture, Forestry, etc. Industry Transportation Buildings & housing Full name Carbon dioxide Methane Nitrous oxide ChloroFluoroCarbons HydroFluoroCarbons PerFluoroCarbons Sulphur HexaFluoride Nitrogen TriFluoride GHG Sources GHG by Country Gaz CO2 CH4 N2O CFCs HFCs PFCs SF6 NF3 GHG ‘Sinful Seven’ Quantity 75% 15% 5% 5% 0 5 10 15 0 500 1,000 1,500 9 20 8 215 11 5 China USA IndiaEURussia Brazil Japan 9 20 8 Population (mln) GHGEmissions(MtCO2e) Source: World Resources Institute, 2017Source: EPA, 2018 DeepTech Trends2019 GWP* 1 30 300 1,000+ *GWP = Global Warming Potential Source: EPA, 2018
  75. 75. Bloom Energy Solid oxide fuel cells
 Val: $386m Raised $825.7m VoltStorage Vanadium redox flow Residential fuel cells & micro-grid Energy Vault Gravity storage Raised $110m Energy Storage & management DeepTech Trends2019
  76. 76. Geo Enginering Novo Nutrients Fish feed from CO2-capturing bacteria Carbon Capture Technologies Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR) Biochar (charcoal from biomass) Cool Planet Energy Systems Biochar-based agricultural products Raised $235.7m Carbon Engineering CO2-capture & synthetic fuel tech Raised $107.4m DeepTech Trends2019
  77. 77. Breakthrough Energy Electricity Reliable Affordable Zero-carbon Transportation EV batteries New fuels Light materials Agriculture Lower emissions New proteins Reduce waste Deforestation Manufacturing Construction, data centers, paper, etc. Recycling solutions CO₂ Extraction Manufacturing GHG in Construction, data centers, paper, etc. Recycling solutions CO₂ Extraction Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV) $1b fund led by Bill Gates Investing in startups with the potential to reduce GHG emissions by at least 500mln tons / year. Coalition of 18 corporations & 30 billionaires Research & Invest in New Energy Solutions to reduce GHG EmissionsDeepTech Trends2019
  78. 78. AgTech Soil sensors Automation for - irrigation - weeding - harvesting Post-harvest Food safety harvest Source: AgTech Landscape 2019 by Seana Day , DeepTech Trends2019
  79. 79. Precision agriculture Forward Robotics Long-range autonomous VTOL drones Blue River Technology A.I.-based precision weeding Acq. by John Deere ($305m) Tensorfield A.I.-based precision weeding robots Sensors & robots for better outputs DeepTech Trends2019 Nordetect Portable NPK soil testing
  80. 80. Apix Automated beehive maintenance EIO Diagnostics Inflammation diagnostic Internet of … Smart Shepherd Pedigree tracker Bees, cows, sheep & more DeepTech Trends2019
  81. 81. High-Tech Breeding Experiment with face recognition to track: • behavior • eating patterns • overall health DeepTech Trends2019
  82. 82. China AgTech Breeding half the world’s 1 billion pigs with A.I. Face recognition China’s Tech Giants Into Breeding Netease, Alibaba, JD… Challenges (1) Siblings (2) Fast change DeepTech Trends2019 RFID Tattoo scan IR & motion Animal tracking goes high-tech (3) Facing camera (4) Dirt Geese have small faces and eyes on the side
  83. 83. 5G High Bandwidth Low Latency Enhanced Security DeepTech Trends2019 Realistic 4K VR Requires 1Gbps+ 5G will reach 1-20Gbps Critical remote control Requires low latency 5G will reach 1ms 'Everything to Everything’ Connecting nachines, sensors, vehicles & more Innovation Enabler
  84. 84. 05/ Frontier Tech Quantum, Fusion & more for specialists Aerospace making progress but still costly Long timeframes (5y+) limits VC activity What will Elon Musk do? DeepTech Trends2019
  85. 85. Lilium (Germany) Raised $101.4m Ehang (China) Raised $52m Flying Cars Volocopter (Germany) Raised $89.7m Dubai, Singapore, Germany AeroMobil (Slovakia) Raised €9m BoeingStartups & corporates race for safety, autonomy, launchpads, recharge and … permits. Airbus targets Paris in 2024 Uber Air targets Melbourne in 2023 DeepTech Trends2019
  86. 86. Space Tech Rocket Lab Small sats launchers Raised $215m Viable: launch, sensing, telecom Not quite: mining, debris, tourism… < 5,000 satellites orbit the Earth today ~ 35 companies work on launchers SpaceX Starlink 60 in LEO (target: 12,000) Estimated cost: $10b OneWeb 6 in LEO (target: 2,000) Raised $3b DeepTech Trends2019
  87. 87. Hyperloops Hyperloop Transportation Technologies 10km pilot plant in Guizhou, China Raised $108m (unconfirmed) The Boring Company Raised $233m Virgin Hyperloop One Pune-Mumbai 120km loop by 2021? Raised $295m 25 projects 10+ test tracks Costs & safety concerns remain DeepTech Trends2019
  88. 88. 'Out There' Commonwealth Fusion Systems MIT startup Raised $115m Boom Supersonic Raised $141m Commercially viable within 10 years? Quantum Computers IBM, Google, etc. Up to 160-qubit D-Wave Raised $204.7m DeepTech Trends2019
  89. 89. SpaceX (+ Starlink) Tesla SolarCity (acq. by Tesla) The Boring Company Neuralink Future of Life Institute (non-profit) OpenAI (non-profit) Elon Musk Elon Musk projects target either established or new markets. Several leverage public funding and subsidies. $33.3b val. $46.7b cap. $2.6b $920m val. $158m funding Think Tank $1b funding DeepTech Trends2019
  90. 90. 06/ Synthetic Biology Proteins are the ultimate nanobots Applications in food, health, pharma, industry… Building blocks are in place. Lab tech & cloud speed all up. In vivo genetic therapies Longevity research & more DeepTech Trends2019
  91. 91. DeepTech Trends2019 DeepTech Trends2019
  92. 92. Cost per raw megabase of DNA sequence Cost of DNA sequencing fell DeepTech Trends2019
  93. 93. Building Blocks 20,000 known genes scientists can look up 350,000 proteins ‘on-the-shelf' 250,000 antibodies ready to order Low-cost lab robots & outsourced lab work DeepTech Trends2019 DeepTech Trends2019
  94. 94. Gingko Bioworks Custom organisms Raised $719m OpenTrons Lab automation Raised $10m Picks & Shovels DeepTech Trends2019 Digi.Bio Programmable micro-fluidics platform Stämm Bioreactor for continuous large-scale production
  95. 95. Color Genomics  Genome testing for clinical-grade hereditary cancer, hearth health, medication response genes ($250) Raised $112m 23andMe Genome research for ancestry, genealogy, and inherited traits. Raised $786m Personal Genetics From ancestry to clinical grade DeepTech Trends2019 Chronomics Epigenetic testing. Biological age, smoke exposure, metabolic state. Raised $1.4m
  96. 96. Food Plants Algaes Fungi Cell-Ag Sustainable Functional Curative DeepTech Trends2019
  97. 97. Land use per gram of protein in m2 0.01 0.01 0.02 0.04 0.04 0.05 0.08 0.1 0.13 1.02Beef/mutton Pork Fresh Produce Poultry Eggs Dairy Rice Maize Pulses Wheat Source: Clark & Tilman, 2017 Looking for Sustainable Proteins Animal Protein Issues Cost Taste Texture Culture medium (FBS…) Acceptance Land Water Suffering Antibiotics Antibiotic resistance Alternative Protein Issues DeepTech Trends2019
  98. 98. CellAg Startups Funding Source: Elliot Swartz @elliotswartz / Good Food Institute, DeepTech Trends2019
  99. 99. Memphis Meats Beef and chicken Raised $20.1m New Age Meats ‘Hybrid' sausages Plant-based protein + Lab-grown pork fat Raised $3.5m Food Meat from: Plants Stem cells Integriculture (Japan) Cultured foie gras Raised $2.75m Beyond Meat Plant-based meat IPO, $7.6b market cap DeepTech Trends2019 DeepTech Trends2019
  100. 100. Good Catch Plant/algae-based tuna & more Raised $18.7m Wild Type Cultured seafood Raised $16m Finless Foods Fish from stem cells Raised $3.5m New Wave Foods Plant/algae based shrimp Raised funding from Tyson Food Seafood from: Plants Algaes Stem cells DeepTech Trends2019
  101. 101. Perfect Day Dairy (on market) Raised $61.5m Clara Foods Egg whites Raised $16.8m Food CellAg ‘Sweets' DeepTech Trends2019
  102. 102. Perfect Day Dairy (on market) Raised $61.5m Clara Foods Egg whites Raised $16.8m Food Other Products NotCo Plant-based mayo Raised $30m Glyph by Endless West Molecular Whiskey Raised $12.7m New Culture Plant-based cheese with cultured casein Raised $30m DeepTech Trends2019
  103. 103. Food For Animals Because Animals Cultured meat and supplements for pets Ynsect (France) Insect-based feed for aquaculture and pet nutrition Raised $172.3m DeepTech Trends2019
  104. 104. Food Waste Avoiding & Upcycling Waste Cambridge Crops (edible) Food coating (MIT) Raised $4m After 10 days Hexafly Insect farming & upcycle of food waste into Aqua feed, Chitin & Plant Nutrition. Raised $4m DeepTech Trends2019 Uncoated Coated Wasteless Dynamic pricing RFID Raised $4.2m Electro-Active Technologies Upcycling food waste info hydrogen using microbes & electro-chemistry
  105. 105. Ag Biotech Soil health, Plant health Pollination BeeFlow Precision bee nutrition for enhanced pollination Raised $3.5m DeepTech Trends2019 Indigo Plant microbiome solutions for crop nutrition Raised $609m Biome Makers Designer microbes using DNA sequencing & A.I. Raised $6.4m
  106. 106. Microbiome & Gut Health Human microbiome 2 kg of bacterias 1,000+ species 3 mln genes (150x humans) Kaleido BioSciences Microbiome solutions Raised $165.5m Eligio Biosciences Targeted bio-therapeutic Raised $22.2m DeepTech Trends2019 BiomeSense Microbiome testing & storage Raised $2m Sun Genomics Personalized probiotics Raised $3m Gut-brain connection Emerging therapies e.g. allergies, autism)
  107. 107. Bio- materials Bolt Threads Spider silk & more Raised $213m AlgiKnit Seaweed yarn Raised $2.2m MycoWorks Mushroom leather Raised series A Tinctorium Non-chemical indigo dye Modern meadow Biomaterials & ingredients Raised $53.5m ZOA™ Cultured Leather DeepTech Trends2019
  108. 108. Geltor Synthetic human collagen For eye cream, etc. Raised $23m Lingrove ‘Wood without trees’’ Moldable, CO2-negative composite of flax fiber & resins Bio- materials
  109. 109. Deep Tech For Health
  110. 110. Biomarkers For pre-symptom diagnostic and predictive drug design sRNAlytics A.I.-based sequencing for small RNA markers Raised $2.5m Grail (Illumina spin-off) Liquid biopsy for early stage cancer testing Raised $1.6b Jungla (acquired for by Invitae for $65m) A.I.-based clinical interpretation tool of genetic variant. Raised $2.8m DeepTech Trends2019
  111. 111. New Pharma COMPANY FOCUS COST ADVANTAGE Convalesce Stem cell therapy for Parkinson's disease & more Low-cost material and fast-track designation. Gavilan Biodesign Resistance-resilient (‘4D’) drug design Computational biology with ‘wetware-in-the-loop’. Lupa Bio Anti-inflammatory therapeutics Leveraging existing data for fast-track FDA process. Recursion Pharmaceuticals Treatments discovery Combining automation & A.I. with experimental biology, Serenity Bioworks Immune-tolerant gene therapy platform Improves gene therapies by dampening immune reactions. Startups Challenge Traditional Pharma Economics DeepTech Trends2019 Easier due diligence Faster time-to-market Lower capital needs Lower downstream dilution
  112. 112. Roivant An unusual biopharma firm focused on completing the development of promising late-stage drug candidates. DeepTech Trends2019 • Founded in 2014 in Switzerland • Most funded biotech company • Inspired by NantWorks strategy • Already IPOed 3 subsidiaries • Japan’s Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma will pay $3b for various assets.. Company Focus Financials Roivant Holding $1.9b funding Axovant Neurology $1.8b IPO Myovant Endocrine diseases $880m IPO Urovant Urology $450m IPO Dermavant Dermatology IPO postponed Immunovant Autoimmune diseases RTO plans Enzyvant Rare diseases n.a. Datavant Healthcare data analytics $85m funding Sinovant China/Asian markets n.a. Metavant Cardiometabolic diseases n.a. Genevant RNA-based therapeutics n.a. Respivant Respiratory diseases n.a. Aruvant Hematology n.a. Altavant Pulmonary arterial hypertension n.a. Future Vants Within & beyond pharma n.a.
  113. 113. Cell & Gene Therapy Kytopen Non-viral delivery of molecules into hard-to- transfect immune cells Raised $3.6m Serenity Bioworks Immune-tolerant gene therapy platform DNA Lite Gastrointestinal gene therapy Raised $1.5m Getting past, modulating or harnessing the immune system
  114. 114. Other Biotech SyntheX Gene therapy enabler. Screening tech for protein- protein interaction, including cancer pathways. Raised $6.4m Diadem Biotherapeutics Regenerative biologics, offering easier manufacturing and longer shelf life. Gavilan Biodesign Resistance-resilient (‘4D’) drug design using computational biology w/ ‘wetware-in-the-loop’. The platform can search through 100,000 trillion molecular compound structures per day Targeting the ‘undruggable’, and other technologies
  115. 115. Frontier Biotech Prellis Biologics 3D-printing of vascularized organoids Raised $10.6m Catalog DNA-based data storage Raised $9.3m Storing data in DNA Bio-printing organoids Neurons grown on vascular scaffolds DeepTech Trends2019
  116. 116. Other Exciting Domains Longevity Therapies Inflammation, Cells, Metabolism, Mitochondria Pre-symptom disease detection Live cell therapies e.g. precision cancer targeting Organoids from research to implants DeepTech Trends2019
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