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Koinonia Community Masterplan, Mthunzi Center, Zambia


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The main purpose of the project is to boosts the creation of a resilient community, placed on the outskirt of Lusaka, based on an agriculture-oriented economy. The scope of the project is to create, through the application of the circular economy principles, a prosperous and self-sufficient rural community in term of food and energy production, in which strategies are set to address and solve different problems simultaneously, finding integrated-solutions.
The approach of the project want to be interscalar, in fact, for each of the three scales of the project, the territorial, the settelment and the building one, in-depth analysis are conducted and different goals and subsequent strategies are defined. At the territory scale the main purpose of the project is to develop the area’s huge potential in terms of agricultural vocation and at the moment largely unused.
At the settlement scale, the main purpose is to shape the built environment, realizing new building, spaces and relationships among spaces.
At the building scale, instead, the project proposes smaller and urgent intervention, because are essential to trigger wider requalification process.

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