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PTA Algiers, enviromental simulation


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“The project poses some fundamental questions for the development of a new generation of buildings: on the one hand, the need to build new buildings to promote the growth of the country, on the other hand the requirement to build so that identity culture and inno-vation merge to create a true modernity.
Invested in its institutional role, the building of the Post and Telecommunications Authority should give the example of this new approach, and any government should give focus on environmental and energy issues to indicate the road ahead.
We have designed the building as an icon where tradition and modernity mingle, both in shape (born from an acute arch proper to Mediterranean architecture and inclination of the solar diagram) only in the treatment of the surface of the hull.
In addition, the project draws its inspiration from the Algerian desert landscape where the dunes seem natural buildings, shaped by wind and sand. Form, energy and tradition transform into a new construction that will have to become an emblem of growth of Algeria.[…]In light of the data concerning the urban fabric, it appears that the position of the land on along a large artery of the city and especially the contiguity with the urban park of the district Bab Ezzouar, offer the possibility of making a building extremely visible and representative.”

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