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Fuorisalone, ENI Milan. Preliminary Design Concept Report


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This report represents the study and first concept design targes for Eni Gas e Luce Pavilion, which will be installed within Brera botanical garden during the Mila no Design Week. It will be part of the group of installations composing the event HOUSE IN MOTION 2018, spon¬sored and organized by INTERNI magazine and that it will take place from the 16th till the 28th of April 2018. The pavilion will be focused on the main topic of the event: the HOUSE and its relation with the new synergies and aspects of the contemporary lifestyle. Following the brief and meetings between the involved parties, the core values of Eni Gas e Luce (awareness, energy control and efficiency and connectivity) have been explained and interpreted. Eni Gas e Luce philosophy and core values should guide the whole design process and be visible within the installation.

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