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Community Spaces Mapping


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The approach that has been followed since the first phase of our project has been driven to the definition of our final objectives for the realization of a space of opportunity within the Bolognina neighborhood in Bologna.
Every criticality has always been addressed considering it under its three fundamental perspectives: environment, society, and economy; this methodology has subsequently allowed to define the values to be researched and pursued in our research path. Once the main values have been defined, more objectives and specific targets have been identified.
The study of community spaces was conducted by analyzing several examples located in different parts of the world. In order to obtain the following document, several case studies have been selected on the basis of a three-level categorization divided into: Categories: identifies the type of space; Vocations: identifies the main vocations that can be found; Activities: identifies the types of held activities; Functions: identifies through what kind of functions the activities are applied.
In order to establish the relevance of the case studies to our final objectives, an ‘impact code’ was developed based on the three aspects on which our work was set: environment - society - economy.

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