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  1. 1. SomduttaGhosh Personal Data: DOB : 07th May,1993 AddressFor Communication: SomduttaGhosh CondorCassia,5H, CyberGardens,Opp.Kunnil hypermarket,Kazhakoottam, Trivandrum:695583, Kerala e-mail: Contact No : + 91 - 9538962055 (M) SUMMARY Versatile Professional with 1.5 years of experience in Software Industry. Have experience in software development cycle and the processes followed from requirement analysis till deployment. Area of exposure includes application development using Net Cracker Platform. PROFESSIONAL STRENGTHS  Quick learner and open to learn new ideas.  A team player and enthusiast. Worked as a Team Lead in a Track  Proactive to stretch responsibilities in demanding situations. WORK EXPERIENCE 1. InfosysLimited Duration : May 2015 – Till Date. Current Role : SystemsEngineer  Involvedin the RequirementAnalysis,designanddevelopmentof customizedNetCrackerbasedProjects. 2. IBM Duration : April 2014– August 2014. Role :Trainee Software Engineer(SummerInternship)  Involvedinthe RequirementAnalysis,designanddevelopmentof an ApplicationBasedProjectwhichwasanonline Show reel Automation. 3. B.K.BIRLA GROUPOF COMPANIES Duration : April 2013– August 2013. Role :Trainee Software Engineer(SummerInternship)  Involvedinthe RequirementAnalysis,designanddevelopment of Attendance tracker management.
  2. 2. Certifications&Training 1. Certifiedfrom IBMonan openSource Applicationdevelopment 2. Certified FromB.K.BIRLA GROUPOFCompaniesinSoftwareDevelopment Lifecycle andAttendanceAutomation 3. Attendedclassroomtrainingsfor SeleniumAutomation. 4. CompletedInfosysTrainingatMysore withJAVA streamasspecialization Awards ,Achievements &Hobbies 1. RecognitionfromInfosysasBESTSPEAKER& ROLETAKER at Infosys Toastmasters. 2. Recognitionfrom IBMas StudentAmbassadoratthe IBMtraining 2014-15. 3. Received manyotherrecognitionsandawardsatPrimary,Secondary and Graduate level. 4. ReceivedBestTalentAwardfromMacmillanUniversity. 5. ReceivedMeritatALL OrissaTALENTSEARCH examinationcontinuouslyfor8 years. 6. Hobbies:Photography,Travelling, Singing.
  3. 3. PROJECT SUMMARY 1. Net Cracker Client : AustralianbasedTelecomServices Tools& Technologies : NetCracker,MAXIM, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, SQL, TOAD,TORA, WINSCP,PUTTY. Start Date : May, 2015 to till date. ProjectDescription:The application isdevelopedforaleadinganAustralianbasedTelecomgiant, mainlyforthe people whose jobisto provide networkandotherfunctionalitiessimilartothatof BSNL inIndiaand work differentactivities. Itisdeveloped UsingNetCracker,MAXIM,JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, SQL, TOAD, and TORA. Responsibilities  Requirementanalysisandpreparationof design documents(TC’s,IA,TP’S).  Developmentandcustomizationof productfeatures.  Integrationof differentcomponents.  Integral memberforthe deploymentof the product.  WorkedinSUSTAIN INIT16.01, 16.06; EVOLVE18B, PBI/PKE, CR andtrack leadinCPSLC’S fromMarch 2016 till Date.  Leadinga small teamanddeliverrequirementsinstipulated time.  SupportingClientengineerswhenever required.
  4. 4. EDUCATIONAL CREDENTIALS Course/ University School/College Board Stream Year of Passing Percentage/CGPA B Tech SOAUNIVERSITY-ITER (Institute Of Technical Education and research) SOAU CSE 2015 8.5 12th Grade KIIT UNIVERSITY (KIIT +2 SCIENCE COLLEGE) CHSE SCIENCE+ IT 2011 75% 10th Grade ST.VINCENT’S CONVENT SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL ICSE SCIENCE + CS 2009 75%