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Instructions for Using WordPress


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Instructions for Using WordPress

  1. 1. Profile Settings How your name will display on the Blog. Tell the readers who you are Upload a custom profile picture for your avatar
  2. 2. Getting Started Select “Posts” tab Select “Add New” tab
  3. 3. Creating a New Post Add title to post Copy and paste the text of your blog post here and format the text with the links above
  4. 4. Adding Photos Select “Add an Image” button Upload the images you wish to use, then select the “Gallery”To insert an individual photo, select thephoto & determine size & alignmentTo insert all photos in a slideshow, scroll to the bottom of the“Gallery” window and select “Insert Slideshow”
  5. 5. Adding Videos Select “Add Video” buttonVideos can only be added via URL, so select “From URL” taband paste YouTube, Vimeo or Google Video link, then select“Insert into Post”
  6. 6. Categories & TagsFinish up your post with a few things that help to make yourpost more visible and available to your readers (found onthe right side of the window)Categories help yourpost get grouped withposts about similartopicsTags help your postbecome searchable insearch engines. Thinkof key words thatdefine your post (i.e.GYAS, youthleaders, socialjustice, etc.) and addthose to the “PostTags” section