Effective Communication


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Presented by National YAC members Clement Coulston and Jamie Behymer

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Effective Communication

  1. 1. EFFECTIVE  COMMUNICATION  101  Jamie BehymerClement Coulston
  2. 2. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Calisthenics – Time to Wake Up!
  3. 3. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Icebreaker1.  Expectations – what do you expect from this session?2.  Challenges – what is a communication challenge that you have encountered/identify?3.  Successes – what strategies/resources have enhanced your communication?
  4. 4. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Various Meanings of Communication What doescommunication mean to you?
  5. 5. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Types of Communication1.  Conference Calls/Webinars2.  Face-to-Face interactions3.  E-Mail4.  Social Media – Twitter, Blogs, Facebook.
  6. 6. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Mechanics of Communication
  7. 7. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Activity•  Follow the directions as best as you can.•  Use the white piece of paper provided, with any type of marker/pen.•  We cannot answer any questions once the activity begins.
  8. 8. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Listen Carefully1.  Draw a circle in the top right of the paper.2.  Draw a square in the middle of the paper.3.  Draw a straight line to divide the paper in two (2).4.  Draw a rectangle on the top left and write your name in it.
  9. 9. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  End Result
  10. 10. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Reflection1.  Does your picture look like the one that Jamie created?2.  How might these differences relate to our communication? We gave “standardized” statements yet there are differences in the results.3.  What other resources/supports could have helped you better understand the activity?
  11. 11. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Equitable ConversationsWhen engaged in equitable conversation, everyone feels that they are able to get their point across, and that their view is considered just as much as everyone else’s. Everyone should feel that they are being respected; no one should feel hurt or belittled. Everyone feels good about the conversation, even if everyone doesn’t agree. – 2011-2012 YAC Member
  12. 12. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer   Look Equitable ConversationsFeel Sound
  13. 13. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  What are Equitable Conversations? Equitable Inequitable
  14. 14. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Look Like?•  Defined Goals 1.  Where are we now? 2.  Where do we want to go? 3.  How will we get there?
  15. 15. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Look Like?•  Co-Development of Social Norms •  Expected behaviors for interacting with other participants •  Co-create environment for learning and sharing
  16. 16. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Social Norms for IYL Sub-Committee•  Gift of Time•  Plan Ahead – be prepared•  Work with the group – support and challenge each other•  Be Open to New Ideas•  Ask Questions & Identify When you Need Help•  Open Communication•  Honesty
  17. 17. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Sound Like?•  One person speaks at a time•  Vocabulary – do we need a dictionary?•  Mutual Expression, Exploration & Opportunity•  Summarization
  18. 18. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Sound Like?•  In summary, I believe you said…•  I like ___, ___, and ___. However, I am challenged by __.•  Could you repeat that again?•  Please share a 30-second recap of your last statement
  19. 19. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Feel Like?•  Accomplishment•  Value•  Respect
  20. 20. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Feel Like?•  Honesty •  Trust
  21. 21. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Misconceptions1.  You must agree with what everyone says.2.  You don’t share an idea because you are afraid if others’ might disagree3.  As long as everyone is told they can contribute, then you’re engaging in equitable conversations!
  22. 22. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Equitable Conversations Do’s Don’tRespect Fellow Participants Certain participants are viewed as incapable of contributing valuable informationListen and value the opinions of Ignore the ideas of others’all – keep an “open mind”Awareness of vocabulary & Use derogatory language, suchtone of voice as the R-Word & other offensive languageUse different models in Sole usage of 1 type ofexpressing complex ideas presentation or activity
  23. 23. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Equitable Conversations Do’s Don’tsAsk “What Questions Do You Refrain from “Any Questions?”Have?”Co-Develop Goals and Norms Impose rules on the group,with the Group especially when made by one personAsk colleagues to share their Allow a small group of peoplethoughts if they have been talk and dominate thequiet or disengaged conversationProvide an agenda before the Provide no information aboutconversation the topics
  24. 24. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Whisper Down the Lane…•  Jamie will quietly share a statement to the person next to her.•  She will only be allowed to say it once, whispering the statement in the ear of the person next to her.
  25. 25. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  7-Levels of Listening Not •  Ignore/not giving attentionListening •  ‘acting’ / ‘give impression of’Pretend •  Divided attention; ‘selectivePartially listening’
  26. 26. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  7-Levels of Listening Focused •  Undivided attentionInterpretive •  Attention + try to understandInteractive •  Clarifying & acknowledge understanding Engaged •  Fully express views, feelings, ideas
  27. 27. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer   from  50  Communica=ons  Ac=vi=es,   Source:  Reproduced   Icebreakers,  and  Exercises,  by  Peter  R.  Garber.   Amherst,  MA,  HRD  Press,  2008.  Listening Tips1.  Paraphrase – to confirm your understanding2.  Probe – for missing information3.  Clarify – any points that are unclear4.  Remember – take-away points
  28. 28. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  E-Mail Suggestions – Format•  Bold & Italicize all dates/times.•  Utilize Bullet points/numbering•  Specify “Action Items”•  Create E-Mail Signature with your contact Info.•  Check “priority/high priority” sparingly.
  29. 29. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  E-Mail Suggestions – Content•  Subject Line = Headline•  Long e-mail – create a few sentence summary at closure•  Clear & Concise – refrain from long/multiple paragraphs•  Tone – Professional
  30. 30. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer   Thursday, October 18, 2012 2:18 PMSubject !"#$%&()*+,-%)./)!"#01.2234%%)5.67) 8-%()!"#$%&()*+,-./0$*12)*3413*3512*67* 96.2()890:0;-*8.#9%-.;*<890:0;-=8.#9%-.;>?:@9=,.:A* :.()890:0;-*8.#9%-.;*<,90:0;-=,.#9%-.;>?:@9=,.:A* * B$00C;?%5* * !";D%*E.$*(.#$*0;??0:0;-*.;*-"0*F@&0.*,.;E0$0;,0*-"@%*0F0;@;?G**H*I%*"JJ(* -"-*I0*I0$0*/90*-.*0;";,0*.#$*D;.I90&?0*.E*.#$*I.$D)*I"@90*9%.*0:/$,@;?** Introduction J.%@CF0*,#9-#$0*I"0$0*0F0$(.;0*@%*F9#0&=*** * !"$.#?"*#C9@KC.;*.E*B..?90*L.,%)*I0*I0$0*/90*-.*,.99/.$CF09(*0;??0*@;*,.MOutline &0F09.J@;?*.#$*;.&3-<)/.62;)*,.M@&0;CE(@;?*;*-&=./)+<-/*:.F@;?*E.$I$&*;&* %0N;?**=2%<3/%)E.$*.#$*;0O-*J$.P0,-%=**Q09.I*$0*-"0*;.-0%*E$.:*-"0*,995* * !.&3-<)>.62;5* 1= R,"*.E*#%*,.:J90-0&*-"0*E.99.I@;?*J"$%0)*SH*I.$D*/0%-*I"0;===T*** 3= U.:0*$0%J.;%0%*;.-0&*I0$05*-"0*?@V*.E*C:0)*"F@;?*;*.J0;*:@;&)*/0@;?*Simple $0%J0,W#9*.E*.-"0$%X*.J@;@.;%)*J$.F@&@;?*0;.#?"*C:0*-.*-"@;D*/.#-*-"0* Y#0%C.;*/0E.$0*0OJ0,C;?*;*;%I0$*;&*.;0*J0$%.;*-9D@;?*-**C:0=***sentences & *bullet usage ?&=./)@<-/5* 1= Z$.:*$0F@0I@;?*.#$*F@%@.;*;&*0OJ0,-0&*.#-,.:0%)*I0*I0$0*/90*-.*,.M &0F09.J**9@%-*.E*I"-*;00&%*-.*"JJ0;*-.*,"@0F0*.#$*?.9=**690%0*$0F@0I*-"0* $0%.#$,0*[,"0&*I"@,"*@%*9%.*%"$0&*I@-"*(.#*F@*B..?90*L$@F0]=** 3= ^0F@0I*-"0*J9;*;&*J$.F@&0*;(*E00&/,D*.;*,";?0%)*&&@C.;%)*.$* ,.::0;-%*(.#*"F0=** * :32%<3/%5* 1= 690%0*%"$0*(.#$*,.::0;-%*F@*0M:@9*.$*B..?90*L.,%*/(*!"#$%&()*+(),-)( .#(/(01(234!"** 3= +#$*;0O-*_@&0.*8.;E0$0;,0*@%*.;*5$6&7%&(-+(),-)(.#(*(01(234!" Important Date * 690%0*90-*:0*D;.I*Y#0%C.;%*(.#*:(*"F0*.$*".I*H*,;*/0*"09JE#9=* Formatting *Support & H*JJ$0,@-0*(.#$*&0&@,C.;)*J%%@.;)*;&*,.;-$@/#C.;*-.*-"0*-0:G*Appreciation Page 1 of 2
  31. 31. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer   ! "#$%&!()*! ! +,-.! ! +,-.-%/!+(),0/(%! 12-34$,!5,.2430!67(8-3/!9:;<=>!Contact ?@AB!C,(D$,!=()/#!E3FG$F(%!1)..4/!H-$I-7! JKL.$4,!EII7-00M!Information J+-,,!6#(%-M! J"N4O-7!P$%I,-M! J1&2-!;QM! ! Page 2 of 2
  32. 32. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Social Media – 24/7 Learning & Sharing Facebook Twitter•  Include your contact info •  Succinct 140-character (other websites, etc.) headline•  Update Status – tag •  Use relevant hash tags pertinent people/ •  Participate in Twitter organizations Meetings•  “Like” Organizations & Engage in Discussions
  33. 33. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Social Media – 24/7 Learning & Sharing WordPress Google Drive•  Take-away Message •  Create, share and•  Call-to-Action collaborative on Google•  Individual Reflection Docs, Google Forms
  34. 34. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Question Who has experienced the “awkward moment of silence” during a conference call?
  35. 35. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Conference Call / Webinar•  Review agenda prior to call•  Compile ideas/proposals for the call.•  When contributing, announce your name prior to sharing•  Understand the “Action Work” Moving Forward•  Acknowledge timelines/due dates
  36. 36. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Face-to-Face Interactions•  “Whole Body Listening” – Body Language•  Prepare talking points & questions•  Refrain from interrupting•  Pause for air 
  37. 37. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  FAVORITE SITES/RESOURCES
  38. 38. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  When is Good hMp://whenisgood.net/    
  39. 39. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Free Screen Sharing http://www.freescreensharing.com/about.asp
  40. 40. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Group Me https://groupme.com/
  41. 41. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Google+ Hangouts http://www.google.com/+/learnmore/hangouts/
  42. 42. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Sub-Committee Break Out Time  What social norms are needed (expectations for behavior & interaction) for all to feel safe, valued and able to contribute?  What resources would help us with communication and collaboration?  I feel best prepared when….
  43. 43. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Preferred Way of Being Contacted•  Rate each category 1-5 (with 5 being favorite way to be contacted).Clem   5   3   4   3   1  
  44. 44. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Founders of Change - Who are peoplewho have led and created change?Eunice Kennedy Shriver Juliette Lowe
  45. 45. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Founders of Change - Who are peoplewho have led and created change? Bill Nye Frank Shankwitz
  46. 46. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Question Who are people who have led and created change?
  47. 47. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Quotes•  Pairs of 3-4 people to discuss a quote•  Discuss: •  What was the author trying to get across? •  In your words, what does this quote suggest/imply?
  48. 48. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Questions – Respond “I AM!” If True•  Who in THIS room is an agent of change?•  Who in THIS room is an advocate for people of ALL abilities?•  Who in THIS room is determined to continue our work for inclusion, acceptance and respect?
  49. 49. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Shared Leadership•  We are ALL leaders!
  50. 50. Presenters:  Clement  Coulston  &  Jamie  Behymer  Quote Development•  Develop a “quote” that expresses one of your ideas, thoughts, values, feelings or attitudes•  Can be about Special Olympics, friends, family, love, courage•  Write on paper provided, and sign your full name & tape your picture next to it.