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Matthias Scheffelmeier, Ashoka'nın Sosyal Girişimcilerinden Örnekler


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4. SOGLA Sosyal Girişimcilik Konferansı
13 Nisan 2013 | SALT Galata

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Matthias Scheffelmeier, Ashoka'nın Sosyal Girişimcilerinden Örnekler

  1. 1. Ashoka Türkiye HOŞGELDİNİZ
  2. 2. Thorkil Sonne Ashoka Fellow | Denmark 2009
  3. 3. 3,000Ashoka Fellows in 80+ countries
  4. 4. Ashoka Fellows from Turkey Turkish Ashoka Fellows (elected from 2000 to 2007) Full List of Ashoka Turkey Fellows ARZUM MELEKSOY Civic Engagement, Alışbağış BERNA YAGCI Women’s Empowerment, Nifüfer Women’s Coop EGEMEN YILGÜR Minority Rights, ERCAN TUTAL Handicapped, Alternative Life HALİME GÜNER Women’s Rights, UçanSüpürrge İBRAHİM BETİL Youth Engagement, Community Volunteers KORHAN GÜMÜŞ Civic Engagement, Human Settlements MUSTAFA SARI Environment NASUH MAHRUKİ Civic Engagement, AKUT NAŞİDE BULUTTEKİN Children, Ray of Hope NEBAHAT AKKOÇ Women’s Empowerment, KAMER NEJAT ÜNLÜ Health, HIV+, Positive Life NEVİN ERACAR Handicapped, Autism Association ÖMER MADRA Civic Engagement, Açık Radyo SELMA DEMİRELLİ Nifüfer Women’s Coop SENEM GÜL Children, First Step Coop ŞENGÜL AKÇAR Gender Equity, Support for Women’s Work VİKTOR ANANİAS GÜNEŞİN AYDEMİR Environment , Bugday Association YASEMİN KILIÇ Environment YUSUF KULCA Street Children, Children of Hope ZEYNEP ULUER Civic Engegement, Corporate Volunteers NAZMI ILICALI Rural Development, Organic Farmers Coop TAHIR DADAK Rural Development, Development Center Ibrahim Betil / Ashoka Senior Fellow Nasuh Mahruki Sengul Akcar Mustafa Sari
  5. 5. changemakerXchange in Istanbul 40 young social entrepreneurs from 8 countries
  6. 6. $ 426 Today‘s value of a $22 share in 1980 ~ 300.000.000 Iphones sold
  7. 7. 19.380.000 Nurses worldwide ? Lives saved
  8. 8. 150.000 + Members of B-Fit ? Social Impact Created
  9. 9. Social Entrepreneurship: Often refered to how business and management skills can be applied to achieve social ends BUT (in Ashoka‘s view) social entrepreneurship is a transformative force We look at IMPACT, not at organizational structures or specific means of achieving Impact
  10. 10. For Profit Company Socially Responsible Company Social Enterprise / Business Non-Profit Organizatio n with Economic Entity Traditional Non-Profit Organization Social Entrepreneurs instrumentalize the above the achieve their social impact. Spectrum of Commercial and Social Enterprises
  11. 11. Entrepreneur: (not someone who simply opens a business, but) someone who shifts economic resources out of an area of lower and into an area of higher productivity and great yield (Jean Baptiste Say, French economist) Social Entrepreneur: Someone who changes the performance capacity of society (Peter F. Drucker, Management Expert)
  12. 12. David Bornstein, Author of „How to change the world“ What business entrepreneurs are to the economy, social entrepreneurs are to social change.
  13. 13. Contact Me @globaldamu