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SOA Software: API Management Solution - Powerful. Easy to use.


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This presentation walks you through the SOA Software API management solution, and explains how it can be implemented in your organization to increase business reach.

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SOA Software: API Management Solution - Powerful. Easy to use.

  1. 1. Copyright © 2001-2012 SOA Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved. All content subject to confidentiality agreement between SOA Software and Customer. API Management Solution Powerful. Easy-to-use. @funnyenough Ashish Vaid
  2. 2. About Us • SOA Software is an enterprise software company • More than 300 customers – many Fortune 1000 • Profitable, high-growth • Gartner and Forrester leader
  3. 3. Product Goals Simple, yet Powerful Easy-to-Use Out-of-Box
  4. 4. What does it take to Publish? Expose Backend Service as an API Secure the Endpoint Document the API Evangelize API with Partners & Developers Package and License your API Collect Metrics and Drive Analytics
  5. 5. API Publication API Details & Definition Visibility Rules Access Rules Approval Workflow Message Mediation (REST/JSON/SOAP) Security & Analytics Policy Enablement
  6. 6. SOA Software Platform Low Latency High Performance On-Demand Scaling Highly Available Distributed
  7. 7. App Developer App Details & Definition Visibility Rules Application ID and Secret Forums Support – Ticket Management System Developer Test Console
  8. 8. CM Logical Deployment
  9. 9. •www.soa.comwww.soa.com9/25/2013 Flexible Deployment Model
  10. 10. • Summary • Trusted Enterprise Partner – Minimize risk • Proven supplier to large corporations • SOA & API Native Platform – Lower Cost • Program Management • Application Integration • Gateway Services • Developer Engagement • Analytics • Cloud or on-premise – Faster time-to-market