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SOASTA CloudTest On-Demand


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SOASTA CloudTest On-Demand is a turnkey solution that enables companies to quickly and affordably leverage the Cloud for load and performance testing of their websites and applications. With CloudTest, there is no need to buy software, provision hardware or train valuable resources to build and execute tests.

SOASTA CloudTest On-Demand provides the ability to simulate real-world conditions, no matter what the scale. The distributed testing architecture enables the testing of every layer of a website, Web application or service. It delivers value as the test is running through CloudTest Analytics, scales seamlessly up or down with testing needs, and does not require investment in a cost prohibitive testing infrastructure.

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SOASTA CloudTest On-Demand

  1. 1. Performance Intelligence: Actionable Information for Web Application ReliabilityThe CloudTest Paradigm Shift Web-scale Cloud Testing ServiceCloud Computing has enabled a new way of On-Demand and Turnkey - SOASTA builds thetesting. One that meets today’s growing web tests, provisions the environment, generate thedependency and requirements for improved load and our experienced Performancereliability and performance. Where testing was Engineers work with you to analyze the results.once considered a one time event, it has nowbecome necessary to test website performance Global Test Cloud - Delivers an unparalleledon an ongoing basis as user traffic continues to ability to scale to 10s of millions of concurrentgrow. CloudTest uniquely uses the web to test users from the world within minutes, testingthe web for the most accurate representation of sites in the Cloud or behind the firewall.real-world traffic and usage. Cost-effective - Our pay-as-you-go serviceSOASTA CloudTest On-Demand is a turnkey model eliminates software and hardware costssolution that enables companies to quickly and and the need to build and manage a testaffordably leverage the Cloud for load and infrastructure.performance testing of their websites andapplications. With CloudTest, there is no needto buy software, provision hardware or train Performance Intelligence Dashboard - SOASTAvaluable resources to build and execute tests. CloudTest provides you with real-time, interactive metrics and analytics of massive data sets, giving you the actionable informationSOASTA CloudTest On-Demand provides the necessary to pinpoint and fix issues as tests areability to simulate real-world conditions, no being run.matter what the scale. The distributed testingarchitecture enables the testing of every layerof a website, Web application or service. It “All we had to do was give SOASTA our URL, letdelivers value as the test is running through them know what we wanted to test, and SOASTACloudTest Analytics, scales seamlessly up or took care of the rest. Within the first hour wedown with testing needs, and does not require started seeing results and were able to troubleshoot our network and application in realinvestment in a cost prohibitive testing time. It was easy, it was affordable and it wasinfrastructure. fast.” Osman Rashid, Chegg CEO
  2. 2. A unique Global Test CloudThe Global Test Cloud enables companies of all sizes to simulate Web traffic andconditions for load and performance testing Web applications and consumer-facingwebsites by leveraging the elasticity and power of Cloud Computing. This platformenables cross-cloud testing from today’s leading cloud providers delivering the mostcomprehensive and affordable global testing solution available.Companies concerned about variable and spiked Web traffic can easily simulate, underreal-world conditions, changing volumes-whether it means millions of users in a shortburst of time, or simultaneous users originating from New York, London, and Hong Kongall hitting the same application at the same time.For many of SOASTA’s customers, the emulation of real world Web conditions fromdifferent geographies, different time zones, and at different levels of scale, has becomeincreasingly important. Accurately measuring response time from various locations andbalancing the load when using content data networks, such as Akamai or Amazon’sCloudFront, requires the generation of load to match, and often exceed, the expectedactivity on the site. Simulating real world traffic at scale ultimately builds confidence inperformance.
  3. 3. A single view of production performanceBuilt from the ground up by the SOASTA engineering team, with over 20 years of BusinessIntelligence experience, CloudTest Analytics leverages SOASTA’s real-time OLAP engine toprovide the actionable Performance Intelligence necessary to allow testers to drill intolive data while tests are running to pinpoint performance bottlenecks and potential areasof stress in a web application.SOASTA’s interactive dashboard displays a single, consolidated view of the importantmetrics impacting your website. During the test, we collect up to terabytes of monitoreddata in real-time, using existing monitor or our own. We dynamically isolateperformance, latency, network, server and application issues, providing guidance for yourteam to focus on and fix problems, often on the spot.
  4. 4. SOASTA for CloudTest On-Demand Services Engagement Pricing and availabilityAfter a brief launch meeting to understand SOASTA CloudTest On-Demand is an hourlyyour performance objectives, SOASTA’s service that includes all test technology andCloudTest team leverages our browser-based cloud hardware, real time analysis, cloudtest application to record and build your user computing charges and a CloudTest engineerscenarios in a fraction of time it’s taken in the for execution.past. We then deploy the SOASTA Global TestCloud, provisioning up to thousands of globally CloudTest sessions up to 10,000 Virtual Usersdistributed test servers. With CloudTest On- start at very low cost and scale on a tieredDemand, you have the experience of the basis according to the size of the’s foremost cloud testing experts who Test creation services are delivered at a lowhave run thousands of tests for enterprise- hourly rate with hours varying according to theclass customers. Many of our customers also complexity of test scenarios.leverage our virtual appliance. In addition toproviding ad-hoc, on-site testing, the scenarioscreated for the appliance can be used as-is inthe Cloud. SOASTA CloudTest is helping the world’s largest and most innovative companies optimize webperformance, decrease development costs and provide their website visitors with a superior user experience.
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