SEO! Why? What? and How?


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Brief Introduction of SEO. With fact about Internet & user Behavior. Which supports need of SEO for Every Business.
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SEO! Why? What? and How?

  1. 1. SEO! WHAT? WHY? HOW? By Nisha Sidhpura E-Mail:
  2. 2. SOME FACTS ! ABOUT INTERNET & CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR  Since Last Decade, Due to Broadband, 3G and 4G Technology, Day by day more people joining internet through their Mobile, PCs or Laptops.  Most internet users do research on internet before purchasing any products or hiring for any services.  Usually they start their research with web search engines. Like Google, Yahoo, Bing & Baidu etc  Everyday people do billions of searches on Search Engines.  Moreover they read product review sites, deal sites, looking in forums to get more details and recommendations.
  3. 3. CONTINUE…  Everyday people share information on social media and emails.  Thanks to advanced web and social media analytics tools and other web tools. We can track user’s web and social activities & behaviour.  Due to these facts, search engine marketing, social media marketing & web analytics services are in demand.
  4. 4. SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING! WHAT? WHY?  Search engine marketing is all about improving visibility of website or web content in search engine result pages [SERP] through optimization techniques and search advertising platforms. i.e. Adwords, BingAds  Google is mostly used search engine, So visibility on Google is essential.  Yahoo and Bing are second and third most used search engines.  Most of people click on organic search listing in SERP than Paid.  To improve visibility in search engines, Business pays more attention and money to build websites optimized, to get rank on first page on business relevant keywords. Also, they do pay per click advertising via Adwords, BingAds and other tools.
  5. 5. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION! WHAT? WHY?  “Search engine optimization is the process of improving website or web pages to get more visibility on organic/natural search result for targeted business keywords.”  An important aspect of Search Engine Optimization is making your website easy for both users and search engine robots to understand.  Nowadays, SEO is in demand for lead generation and increase e- commerce transactions.  Most of internet traffic is generated by organic search results.  Most of searchers trust organic search listing than paid search listing.
  6. 6. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION HOW?  Requirement Analysis - Client business  Keyword Research  Competitor Analysis  On Site SEO  Server side optimization  HTML & Meta Tags Optimization  Navigation and URL structure  Usability Optimization  Blog Integration and management  Off Site SEO  Blog post syndication  Article submission  Social bookmarking  PR Submission  Directory submission  Press releases
  7. 7. WHITE HAT VS BLACK HAT SEO TECHNIQUES  We need to follow webmaster guidelines accept by search engines, which called “White hat” SEO techniques.  Check: Google Webmaster Guideline & Bing Webmaster Guideline  These will help to improve website’s visibility in search engine  We need to avoid “Black hat” SEO techniques - which are not recommended by search engines.  This will help to avoid penalties from search engine.
  8. 8. EXAMPLES OF BLACK HAT SEO TECHNIQUES  Content spamming techniques  Keyword stuffing  Duplicate content  Hidden links and text Link spamming techniques  Inbound link for Low quality site  Blog spamming Other spamming techniques  Mirror website  Improper URL Redirection
  9. 9. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION TOOLS  Google Webmaster tools  Bing Webmaster tools // To check health of website and inbound links  Google analytics to see organic traffic, other online traffic and user behaviour.  XENU tool to check 404 pages and other errors.  There are many other web tools to manage and audit SEO process. i.e. MOZ, Screaming Frog, Microsoft SEO Toolkit etc.
  10. 10. THANK YOU  SEO is very dynamic and ever changing industry, Keep updated with below learning resources .  Webmaster academy  Google Webmaster Guideline   Moz Learn and Moz Blog 