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Retail Store Manager App for iPhone & iPad by Supernova Tech


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Retail Manager is a system to mange sales for retailers, small business owners, resellers and traders

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Retail Store Manager App for iPhone & iPad by Supernova Tech

  1. 1. RETAIL STORE MANAGER Retail Manager App for iPhone and iPad along with Inventory
  2. 2. CREATE SALES INVOICES IN IPAD AND IPHONE • Retail Manager is a system to mange sales for retailers, small business owners, resellers and traders • Using retail manager app create a sale • Generate pdf invoice and email to customer on the go • Track entire sales and payments right in the devices • Multiple location inventory RETAIL STORE MANAGER BY SUPERNOVATECH
  3. 3. Configure Invoice Templates Setup Store Setup Products Setup Customers Start Sales RETAIL STORE MANAGER BY SUPERNOVATECH
  4. 4. Add Products to cart Sales Discount (optional) TAX (customize) PDF Invoice Payment Info (Bank / PayPal) Email Invoice Track Shipping and Delivery Track Payments RETAIL STORE MANAGER BY SUPERNOVATECH
  5. 5. Add Products to cart Purchase Discount (optional) TAX (customize) PDF Purchase Order Track Shipping and Delivery Email PO RETAIL STORE MANAGER BY SUPERNOVATECH
  6. 6. CREATE SALES WITH FEW CLICKS • Choose customer • Add products to the sales. • Barcode scan is supported • Apply discount and shipping is applicable • CustomizeTax and apply • Totals and balances are calculated RETAIL STORE MANAGER BY SUPERNOVATECH
  7. 7. • Customize theTAX details • Number of taxes can be none or unto 3 • TAX abbreviation can be edited • Customize the currency • Multiple currency supported • Customize the currency at store level or at the time of sales CREATING SALESTRANSACTION
  8. 8. • Customize the terms of payments • Enter Bank details, PayPal details if applicable • Remittence is optional • Attach the credit cards in remittance • Choose the invoice templates from the list • Company logo can be custom. Use camera or pull from photo library. • Resize the logo to align in invoice CREATING SALESTRANSACTION
  9. 9. • Format the invoice number if needed • Terms and due can be overridden at the time of sales • Pick the client from list or contact library • Or create client on the fly CREATING SALESTRANSACTION
  10. 10. • Add items from the product list • Or use barcode scanning to pick the product from list. • New products can be added on the fly • Enter the quantity and price • The item can be taxable or excluded from tax • Unit price and cost can be overridden at the time of sales CREATING SALESTRANSACTION
  11. 11. • Invoice items list • Subtotal is sum of quantity multiplied by unit price the products in the invoice list • Total = subtotal - discount + tax + shipping • Balance =Total - Payments CREATING SALESTRANSACTION
  12. 12. • Capture expenses also EXPENSE TRACKING OFTHE STORE
  13. 13. • Sales report monthly, quarterly, yearly, item-wise and list for a particular period • Purchase report also available SALES REPORT
  14. 14. • Charts to visualize the data SALES REPORT IN CHARTS
  15. 15. • Profit and Loss report for the sales for a particular period PROFIT AND LOSS REPORT
  16. 16. • Customer dues report • Other reports • Purchase report - Monthly, quarterly, yearly and product wise and list all the purchases for a particulate period • Payments report - Monthly, quarterly, by payment type and list all the payments for a particulate period • Expense report - category wise, and list all the expenses for a particulate period • Customer wise sales and payments report for a particular period LIST OF REPORTS
  17. 17. • Inventory Report • Can be exported as CSV INVENTORY REPORT
  18. 18. • Product can have location specific inventory • Once product created, to add the product in the inventory BUY or Purchase Order is used. • The quantity in the BUY transaction or PO will be added in to the product inventory. • The quantity will be adjusted while doing sales or invoice of the product. • While BUY or SELL specify the location.The product inventory adjusted in that location MULTIPLE LOCATIONS INVENTORY
  19. 19. • In BUY or PO the location is specified. So inventory in the location is increased in BUY and reduced in SELL • If you do not want to track multiple location inventories, then the system assumes purchase and sales happens in a Default location MULTIPLE LOCATIONS INVENTORY
  20. 20. • In this sample screens the product P1 bought quantity is 50 and sold quantity is 25. • Check the Inventory Report to verify location wise inventory MULTIPLE LOCATIONS INVENTORY