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Project planning

What should we consider when planning an eTwinning project?

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Project planning

  1. 1. AGE What age range will students have? # OF PARTNERS LANGUAGES ÁREAS/MATERIAS INSPIRATION Have you inspired on any other project or resource? Link them NAME (attractive, short, referred to the them of the project) ABSTRACT Write a short summary of the project. Make sure to include relevant key words so it will be searchable. In general, be assertive; avoid using conditionals or expressions like “We could...” GOALS Pose realistic, measurable objectives. Not reaching the objectives can be demoralizing. A long list of objectives does not make a project better. It’s their quality and how far they are achieved what makes the difference. WORK PROCCESS Describe your main work lines: How will partners communicate? How have you planned evaluation? How will the students’ work organized? Are you considering the particpation of external experts or other colleagues? You can give examples of the activities you plan to develop. How do these activities relate to the objectives of the project? PROJECT DESCRIPTION EXPECTED RESULTS Activities will have some concrete products. Which are they? How will you use them to assess the achievements? Results include work and evaluation documents, products made by students, impact in the school community, dissemination events... 1 2 3 4 5 How many schools will participate? Mention the main subjects of the projects, to a maximum of three. Which will be the languages used in the project? Images source: Free use vectors designed by Freepik and Kameleon.

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What should we consider when planning an eTwinning project?


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