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Introduction to Facebook


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Published in: Social Media, Technology
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Introduction to Facebook

  1. 1. FACEBOOK  
  2. 2. Introduc1on   •  Facebook  is  the  world's  most  popular  social   networking  website.  It  makes  it  easy  for  you   to  connect  and  share  with  your  family  and   friends  online.  Facebook  has  even  helped  the   Web  become  more  open  and  social.  
  3. 3. All  about  Facebook   •  Originally  designed  for  college  students,   Facebook  was  created  in  2004  by  Mark   Zuckerberg  while  he  was  enrolled  at  Harvard   University.  By  2006,  however,  anyone  over   the  age  of  13  with  a  valid  email  address  could   join  Facebook.  Today,  Facebook  is  the  world's   largest  social  network,  with  more  than  1   billion  users  worldwide.  
  4. 4. Using  Facebook   •  Some  people  prefer  to  connect  with  just  a  few   people  while  sharing  very  liRle  about   themselves.  Others  like  to  connect  with  as   many  people  as  they  can,  sharing  their   informa1on  openly  and  publicly.  Simply  put,   there's  no  single  way  to  use  Facebook—it's  all   about  discovering  what  works  best  for  you.  
  5. 5. Different  ways  you  can  use  Facebook  
  6. 6. Different  ways  you  can  use  Facebook  
  7. 7. Different  ways  you  can  use  Facebook  
  8. 8. Different  ways  you  can  use  Facebook  
  9. 9. Different  ways  you  can  use  Facebook  
  10. 10. Different  ways  you  can  use  Facebook  
  11. 11. Different  ways  you  can  use  Facebook  
  12. 12. Crea1ng  a  Facebook  Account   •  Using  your  browser,  navigate  to     •  Under  the  words  Sign  Up,  enter  your  personal   informa1on  and  desired  password.   •  AVer  you've  entered  your  informa1on,  click  Sign   Up.  You  may  also  need  to  complete  a  security   challenge  (also  known  as  a  CAPTCHA  code)   before  you  can  proceed.    
  13. 13. Find  Facebook  Friends   •  Now,  you'll  have  the  chance  to  find  your  first   Facebook  Friends.  To  find  Friends,  enter  your   email  address  and  click  Find  Friends.  You  can   also  skip  this  step  and  add  Friends  later  if  you   don't  want  to  give  Facebook  access  to  your   email  account.      
  14. 14. Add  Informa1on   •  If  you  want,  you  can  now  add  informa1on   about  your  high  school,  college,  and   employer.  Click  Save  &  ConBnue  when   finished,  or  click  Skip  if  you  prefer  to  keep  this   informa1on  private.     •  If  you  entered  educa1on  and  employment   informa1on,  Facebook  will  suggest  Friends  for   you.  Click  anyone  you  want  to  add  as  a  Friend,   then  click  Save  &  ConBnue  or  click  Skip.    
  15. 15. Add  your  Picture   •  Add  a  picture  of  yourself  to  your  Profile.  Click   Upload  a  Photo  to  select  a  file  from  your   computer,  or  Take  a  Photo  to  take  a  new   photo  with  your  webcam.  If  you're  not  ready   to  add  a  profile  photo,  click  Skip.   •  Once  you're  sa1sfied  with  your  Profile  picture,   click  Save  &  ConBnue.  Once  you're  sa1sfied   with  your  Profile  picture,  click  Save  &   ConBnue.    
  16. 16. Welcome  to  Facebook!   •  The  Welcome  to  Facebook  page  will  appear.  
  17. 17. Confirm  Email  Address   •  At  this  point,  Facebook  will  send  a  confirma1on  email   to  the  email  address  you  provided.  Before  you  can   access  all  of  Facebook's  features,  you'll  need  to   confirm  your  email  address.   •  Sign  in  to  your  email  account.   •  Open  the  confirmaBon  message  from  Facebook:   "Welcome  to  Facebook—get  started  now!"   •  Click  Get  Started  to  confirm  your  account.     •  Your  Facebook  Home  page  will  open.  You  now  have   full  access  to  Facebook,  and  all  future  noBficaBons  will   be  sent  to  the  email  address  you  provided.  
  18. 18. Account  Se`ngs   •  Once  you  start  using  Facebook,  you  may  need  to   modify  your  Account  SeFngs.  These  se`ngs   control  things  like  your  password,  noBficaBons,   and  more.  Changing  these  se`ngs  is  opBonal,   and  you  can  modify  them  at  any  Bme.   •  To  access  your  Account  Se`ngs,  click  the   SeFngs  Gear  in  the  top-­‐right  corner  of  the  page,   then  select  Account  SeFngs  from  the  drop-­‐down   menu.  
  19. 19. Account  Se`ngs  
  20. 20.       PRACTICE!