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Social media


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Describes pros and cons of social media.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Social media

  1. 1. Positive and Negative Uses of Social Media { Shannon Massengale Morgan Miller Molly Martin Jillian Decoster
  2. 2.  Advertising Business- Social media can be used to advertise a business by getting the word out about a product or new addition.  Law Enforcement- Helps to catch criminals on the loose. Also assists in prosecuting using information from profile.  Good for the Economy- Advertises business and keeps businesses going to fund the economy. Positive Ways
  3. 3.  False Information- Fake pages can be made with incorrect resources which can lead to misinformed people.  No Privacy- People can learn too much about an other and use information against them. (kidnapping, bullying, etc.)  Harm Chances of College Admissions- Administrators search pages for illegal activity of student applying. Negative ways
  4. 4.  Resource