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PMP Exam Preparation Course: 09 Project Communication Management


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Presentation was prepared based on PMBOK 4th Edition

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PMP Exam Preparation Course: 09 Project Communication Management

  1. 1. | contact@wizardea.comB. M. Shahrier Majumder, PMPPMP® Exam Preparation
  2. 2. Project CommunicationManagement
  3. 3. | contact@wizardea.comLearning ObjectivesUpon completion of this topic you will learn about– The processes, activities and documentation items for ProjectCommunication Management– Elements (and deliverables) for Project CommunicationManagement– Tools and techniques of the key activities of the ProjectCommunication Management3
  4. 4. | contact@wizardea.comCommunication ManagementIncludes the processes required to ensure timely and appropriategeneration, collection, dissemination, storage, and ultimate dispositionof the project information.4
  5. 5. | contact@wizardea.comCommunication Management• Communication Model:5
  6. 6. | contact@wizardea.comCommunication Management• Communication Methods:6Communication Method When UsedFormal Written Complex problems, projectmanagement plan, project charter etc.Formal Verbal Presentation, speechesInformal Written Memos, e-mails, notesInformal Verbal Meetings, conversations
  7. 7. | contact@wizardea.comCommunication Management• Communication Blocker: Noise Distance Improper encoding of message Saying “That is a bad idea” Language Culture7
  8. 8. | contact@wizardea.comKey Activities of Communication Management Identify Stakeholders: The process of identifying all people ororganization impacted by the project, and documenting relevantinformation regarding their interest, involvement and impact on projectsuccess. Plan Communication: The process of determining the projectstakeholder information needs and defining a communicationapproach. Distribute Information: The process of making relevant informationavailable to project stakeholders as planned. Manage Stakeholder Expectation: The process of communicating andworking with stakeholders to meet their needs and addressing issuesas they occur. Report Performance: The process of collecting and distributingperformance information, including status reports, progressmeasurement and forecast.8
  9. 9. | contact@wizardea.comIdentify Stakeholders | Data Flow Diagram
  10. 10. | contact@wizardea.comIdentify StakeholdersInputs Tools & Techniques OutputsProject charterProcurement documentsEnterprise environmentalfactorsOrganizational processassetsStakeholder analysisExpert judgmentStakeholder registryStakeholder managementstrategy
  11. 11. | contact@wizardea.comIdentify Stakeholders > Tools and Techniques• Stakeholder Analysis• Step 1: Identify all potential project stakeholders andrelevant, such as their roles, departments, interests,knowledge levels, expectation and influence level.• Step 2: Identify the potential impact or support eachstakeholder could generate, and classify them so as todefine an approach strategy.• Step 3: Assess how stakeholders are likely to react andrespond in various situations, in order to plan how toinfluence them to enhance their support and mitigatepotential negative impacts.11
  12. 12. | contact@wizardea.comIdentify Stakeholders > Outputs Stakeholder Register Identification information Assessment information Stakeholder classification Stakeholder Management Strategy Sample stakeholder analysis matrix12Stakeholder StakeholderInterest (in theproject)Assessmentof impactPotential strategies forgaining support orreducing obstacles
  13. 13. | contact@wizardea.comPlan Communication | Data Flow Diagram
  14. 14. | contact@wizardea.comPlan CommunicationInputs Tools & Techniques OutputsStakeholder registerStakeholder managementstrategyEnterprise environmentalfactorsOrganizational processassetsCommunicationrequirements analysisCommunication technologyCommunication modelsCommunication methodsCommunicationmanagement planProject document updates
  15. 15. | contact@wizardea.comPlan Communication > Tools and Technology• Communication Requirements Analysis15
  16. 16. | contact@wizardea.comPlan Communication > Tools and Technology• Lines of communication16Total number of communication channel = n(n-1)/2When n = Number of stakeholder16
  17. 17. | contact@wizardea.comPlan Communication > Tools and Techniques• Communication methods• Interactive communication: Meetings, phone calls, videoconferences• Push Communication: Letters, memos, reports, emails, fax,voice mails, press releases• Pull communication: internet sites, e-learning17
  18. 18. | contact@wizardea.comPlan Communication > Outputs• Communication Plan• Stakeholder communication requirements• Information to be communicated, including format, content andlevel of detail• Person responsible for communicating the information• Person or groups, who will be receive the information• Methods or technologies used to convey the information• Frequency of communication• Methods to update communication plan• Communication constraints18
  19. 19. | contact@wizardea.comDistribute Information | Data Flow Diagram1919
  20. 20. | contact@wizardea.comDistribute InformationInputs Tools & Techniques OutputsProject management planPerformance reportsOrganizational processassetsCommunications methodsInformation distributiontoolsOrganization processassets updates2020
  21. 21. | contact@wizardea.comInformation Distribution > Tools and Techniques• Information distribution tools• Hard copy document distribution, manual filing system andshared access electronic database• Electronic communication and conferencing tools, such as e-mail, fax, voice mail, telephone, video and web conferencingand web publishing• Electronic tools for project management, such as web interfacefor scheduling and project management software, meeting andvirtual office support software, portals and collaborative workmanagement tools21
  22. 22. | contact@wizardea.comManage Stakeholder Expectation | DFD2222
  23. 23. | contact@wizardea.comManage Stakeholder ExpectationInputs Tools & Techniques OutputsStakeholder registerStakeholder managementstrategyProject management planIssue logChange logOrganizational processassetsCommunications methodsInterpersonal skillManagement skillOrganizational processassets updatesChange requestsProject management planupdatesProject document updates2323
  24. 24. | contact@wizardea.comManage Stakeholder Expectation > Tools andTechniques• Interpersonal Skill• Building trust• Resolving conflicts• Active listening• Overcoming resistance to change• Management Skill• Presentation skill• Negotiating• Writing skill• Public speaking24
  25. 25. | contact@wizardea.comReport Performance | Data Flow Diagram2525
  26. 26. | contact@wizardea.comReport PerformanceInputs Tools & Techniques OutputsProject management planWork performanceinformationWork performancemeasurementsBudget forecastsOrganization processassetsVariance analysisForecasting methodsCommunication methodsReporting systemPerformance reportsOrganizational processassets updatesChange request2626
  27. 27. | contact@wizardea.comReport Performance > Outputs• Performance Report• Analysis of past performance• Current status of risks and issues• Work completed during the reporting period• Work to be completed during the next reporting period• Results of variance analysis• Forecasted project completion27
  28. 28. | contact@wizardea.comQuestions28• []•