PMP Exam Preparation Course: 03 Project Integration Management


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Presentation was prepared based on PMBOK 4th Edition

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PMP Exam Preparation Course: 03 Project Integration Management

  1. 1. | contact@wizardea.comB. M. Shahrier Majumder, PMPPMP® Exam Preparation
  2. 2. Project Integration Management
  3. 3. | contact@wizardea.comLearning ObjectivesUpon completion of this topic you will learn about– The processes, activities and documentation items for ProjectIntegration Management– Elements (and deliverables) for Project Integration Management– Tools and techniques of the key activities of the ProjectIntegration Management3
  4. 4. | contact@wizardea.comIntegration Management“Includes the processes neededto identify, define, combine, unify,and coordinate the variousprocesses and projectmanagement activities within theProject Management ProcessGroups”4IntegrationManagementTimeManagementCostManagementScopeManagementQualityManagementHRManagementRiskManagementCommunicationManagementProcurementManagementIntegration Management – pullingit all together
  5. 5. | contact@wizardea.comWhat if it’s not integrated5IntegrationManagementTimeManagement CostManagementScopeManagementQualityManagement HR ManagementRiskManagementCommunicationManagementProcurementManagement
  6. 6. | contact@wizardea.comKey Activities of Integration Management• Develop Project Charter: The process of developing a document thatformally authorizes a project or a phase and documenting initialrequirements that satisfy the stakeholders’ need and expectations.• Develop Project Management Plan: The process of documenting theactions necessary to define, prepare, integrate and coordinate allsubsidiary plans.• Direct and Manage Project Execution: The process of performing thework defined in the project management plan to achieve the projectobjectives.6
  7. 7. | contact@wizardea.comKey Activities of Integration Management Monitor and Control Project Work: The process of tracking, reviewingand regulating the progress to meet the performance objectivesdefined in the project management plan. Perform Integrated Change Control: The process of reviewing allchange requests, approving changes, and managing changes to thedeliverables, organizational process assets, project documents, andthe project management plan. Close Project or Phase: The process of finalizing all activities acrossall of the Project Management Process Groups to formally completethe project or phase.7
  8. 8. | contact@wizardea.comDevelop Project Charter | Data Flow Diagram
  9. 9. | contact@wizardea.comDevelop Project CharterInputs Tools & Techniques OutputsProject Statement of workBusiness caseContractEnterprise environmentalfactorsOrganizational processassetsExpert judgment Project charter
  10. 10. | contact@wizardea.comDevelop Project Charter > Inputs• Project Statement of workThe Statement of work (SOW) is a narrative statement ofproducts or services to be supplied by the project. The SOWindicates a Business need  Product scope description  Strategic Plan• Business Case Market demand  Organizational needs  Customer request Technological advance  Legal requirement  Ecologicalimpacts Social needs• ContractA contract from the customer’s acquiring organization is aninput if the project is being done for an external customer.10
  11. 11. | contact@wizardea.comDevelop Project Charter > Inputs• Enterprise environmental factorsThis includes items such as, but not limited to: Organizational culture and structure  Government orindustry standard Infrastructure  Existing HR capability  Company workauthorization system Project management information system• Organizational process assets• Organizational processes for conducting work• Templates• Organizational knowledge base11
  12. 12. | contact@wizardea.comDevelop Project Charter > Tools and Techniques• Expert judgment• Other units within the organization• Consultants• Stakeholder, including customers and sponsors• Professional and technical associations• Industry groups• Subject matter experts• Project Management Office (PMO)12
  13. 13. | contact@wizardea.comProject Charter >> Outputs• Project Charter• Project purpose or justification• Measurable project objectives, and related success criteria• High-level requirements• High-level project description• High-level risks• Summary milestone schedule• Summary budget• Assign project manager, responsibility and authority level• Name and authority of the sponsor or other person(s)authorizing the project charter13
  14. 14. | contact@wizardea.comDevelop Project Management Plan | DFD
  15. 15. | contact@wizardea.comDevelop Project Management PlanInputs Tools & Techniques OutputsProject charterOutputs from planningprocessEnterprise environmentalfactorsOrganizational processassetsExpert judgment Project management plan
  16. 16. | contact@wizardea.comDevelop Project management Plan > Outputs• The Subsidiary Plans of Project Management PlanIncludes but not limited to:• Methodology selected for the project• Project management processes selected by the project team• Level of implementation of each selected process• Description of the tools and techniques to be used foraccomplishing those processes• How work will be executed to accomplish the projectobjectives• Change management plan• Configuration management plan• Subsidiary plans (e.g. Scope management plan, costmanagement plan, communication management plan etc.)16
  17. 17. | contact@wizardea.comDirect and Manage Project Execution | DFD
  18. 18. | contact@wizardea.comDirect and Manage Project ExecutionInputs Tools & Techniques OutputsProject management planApproved change requestEnterprise environmentalfactorsOrganizational processassetsExpert judgmentProject managementinformation systemDeliverablesWork performanceinformationChange requestProject management planupdatesProject document updates
  19. 19. | contact@wizardea.comDirect and Manage Project Execution > Outputs DeliverableA deliverable is an unique and verifiable product, result or capabilityto perform a service that is identified in the project managementplanning documentation and must be produced and provided tocomplete the project. Work performance informationIncludes but not limited to: Deliverable status Schedule progress Cost incurred Change requestsIncludes but not limited to: Corrective, preventive actions Defect repair Updates19
  20. 20. | contact@wizardea.comMonitor and Control Project Work | DFD
  21. 21. | contact@wizardea.comMonitor and Control Project WorkInputs Tools & Techniques OutputsProject management planPerformance reportsEnterprise environmentalfactorsOrganizational processassetsExpert judgment Change requestProject management planProject document updates
  22. 22. | contact@wizardea.comMonitor and Control Project WorkConcerned with:• Comparing actual project performance against the ProjectManagement Plan• Assessing performance to determine whether any corrective orpreventive actions are identified and then recommending thoseactions as necessary• Analyzing, tracking and monitoring project risks to make sure thatrisks are identified, their status is reported and that appropriate riskresponse plans are being executed• Maintaining an accurate, timely information base concerning theprojects product (s) and their associated documentation throughproject completion• Provide information to support status reporting, progressmeasurement, and forecasting.• Providing forecast to update current cost and current scheduleinformation• Monitoring implementation of approved changes when and as theyoccur22
  23. 23. | contact@wizardea.comPerform Integrated Change Control
  24. 24. | contact@wizardea.comPerform Integrated Change ControlInputs Tools & Techniques OutputsProject management planWork performanceinformationChange requestsEnterprise environmentalfactorsOrganizational processassetsExpert judgmentChange control meetingChange requests statusupdatesProject Management PlanupdatesProject document updates
  25. 25. | contact@wizardea.comIntegrated Change ControlInclude the following activitiesIdentifying that a change needs to occur and has occurredInfluencing the factors that circumvent integrated change control sothat only approved changes are implementedReviewing and approving requested changesManaging the approved changes when and as they occur, byregulating the flow of requested changesMaintaining the integrity of baselinesReviewing and approving all recommended corrective and preventiveactionsControlling and updating the scope, cost, budget, schedule and qualityrequirements based upon approved changesDocumenting the complete impact of requested changesValidating defect repair etc.25
  26. 26. | contact@wizardea.comClose Project or Phase
  27. 27. | contact@wizardea.comClose Project or PhaseInputs Tools & Techniques OutputsProject management planAccepted deliverablesOrganizational processassetsExpert judgment Final product, service orresultOrganizational processassets updates
  28. 28. | contact@wizardea.comClose Project > Outputs• Final product, service or result• Formal acceptance and however of the final product, service orresult that the project was authorized to produce. Theacceptance includes receipt of formal statement that the termsof contract have been meet.• Organizational process asset (updates)• Formal acceptance documentation• Project files• Project closure documentation• Historical information and lessons learned28
  29. 29. | contact@wizardea.comQuestions29• []•