PMP Exam Preparation Course: 02 Project Management Processes


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Presentation was prepared based on PMBOK 4th Edition

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PMP Exam Preparation Course: 02 Project Management Processes

  1. 1. | contact@wizardea.comB. M. Shahrier Majumder, PMPPMP® Exam Preparation
  2. 2. Project Management Processes
  3. 3. | contact@wizardea.comLearning ObjectivesUpon completion of this topic you will learn about– What is done during Initiation process– What is done during Planning process– What is done during Executing process– What is done during Monitoring & controlling process– What is done during Closing process– Project Management Knowledge Areas3
  4. 4. | contact@wizardea.comProject Management ProcessesProject management processesare grouped into five categoriesknown as Project ManagementProcess Groups (or ProcessGroups)– Initiating process group– Planning process group– Executing process group– Monitoring & controllingprocess group– Closing process group4
  5. 5. | contact@wizardea.comProcess Group Interaction5
  6. 6. | contact@wizardea.comInitiating Process Group Activities• Develop project charter• Identify project stakeholders6
  7. 7. | contact@wizardea.comPlanning Process Group Activities• Develop Project Management Plan• Collect Requirements• Define Scope• Define WBS• Define Activities• Sequence Activities• Estimate Activity Resources• Estimate Activity Durations• Develop Schedule• Estimate Costs• Determine Budget• Plan Quality• Develop Human Resource Plan• Plan Communications• Plan Risk Management• Identify Risks• Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis• Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis• Plan Risk Responses• Plan Procurements7
  8. 8. | contact@wizardea.comExecuting Process Group Activities• Direct and Manage Project Execution• Perform Quality Assurance• Acquire Project Team• Develop Project Team• Manage Project Team• Distribute Information• Manage Stakeholder Expectations• Conduct Procurements8
  9. 9. | contact@wizardea.comMonitoring & Controlling Process GroupActivities• Monitor and Control Project Work• Perform Integrated Change Control• Verify Scope• Control Scope• Control Schedule• Control Costs• Perform Quality Control• Report Performance• Monitor and Control Risks• Administer Procurements9
  10. 10. | contact@wizardea.comClosing Process Group Activities• Close Project or Phase• Close Procurements10
  11. 11. | contact@wizardea.comProject Management Knowledge Areas11
  12. 12. | contact@wizardea.comProject Management Process MappingKnowledge AreaProcess GroupInitiating ProcessGroupPlanning ProcessGroupExecuting ProcessGroupMonitoringProcess GroupClosing ProcessGroupProjectIntegrationManagementDevelop ProjectCharterDevelop ProjectManagement PlanDirect and ManageProject ExecutionMonitor andControl ProjectWorkPerform IntegratedChange ControlClose Project orPhaseProject ScopeManagementCollectRequirementsDefine ScopeCreate WBSVerify ScopeControl ScopeProject TimeManagementDefine ActivitiesSequenceActivitiesEstimate ActivityResourcesEstimate ActivityDurationsDevelop ScheduleControl ScheduleProject CostManagementEstimate CostsDetermine BudgetControl CostProject QualityManagementPlan Quality Perform QualityAssurancePerform QualityControl12
  13. 13. | contact@wizardea.comProject Management Process MappingKnowledge AreaProcess GroupInitiating ProcessGroupPlanning ProcessGroupExecuting ProcessGroupMonitoringProcess GroupClosing ProcessGroupProject HumanResourceManagementDevelop HumanResource PlanAcquire ProjectTeamDevelop ProjectTeamManage ProjectTeamProjectCommunicationManagementIdentifyStakeholdersPlanCommunicationsDistributeInformationManageStakeholderExpectationReportPerformanceProject RiskManagementPlan RiskManagementIdentify RisksPerformQualitative RiskAnalysisPerformQuantitative RiskAnalysisPlan RiskResponsesMonitor andControl RiskProjectProcurementManagementPlan Procurements ConductProcurementsAdministerProcurementsCloseProcurements
  14. 14. | contact@wizardea.comQuestions14• []•