Yomego: The Social Media Agency at SMWF


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Yomego present at Social Media World Forum Europe 2011 (http://www.socialmedia-forum.com/europe/).

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Yomego: The Social Media Agency at SMWF

  1. 1. Yomego: Specialists• Strategy• Insight• Delivery• Monitoring
  2. 2. Selection of clients
  3. 3. Top 50 Brands in Social MediaAnd why some are doing so much better than others
  4. 4. 2011: Born social?Eric Schmidt: “In two years, smartphone sales will surpass PC sales”Forrester: Tablet sales will surpass laptop sales by 2015
  5. 5. Brands: The Social Media Challenge• Not instinctive• Two-way dialogue• Real time• Can’t plan• Find their own voices
  6. 6. Stakes are high
  7. 7. Social media & ROI• What is the value of a Facebook friend?• How does social tie in with wider marketing KPIs?• What proportion of results can be attributed?• The tools are there, stats aplenty, but what do they actually tell us?
  8. 8. Data + Human Analsis = SMR
  9. 9. Revisiting the Interbrand 100 • Leadership • Stability • Market • Support • International • Trend • Protection
  10. 10. SMR Top 5 Source: Top 50 brands in social media, NMA supplement in conjunction with Yomego & Alterian
  11. 11. eBay #1?• One of the longest established brand-led communities• The community is largely self-policing• Innovative projects like Group Gifts (ties in FB, Paypal)• Full-time staff blogger Richard Brewer Hay is the socialspokesperson• eBay Ink sellers promotes users who harness socialmedia to drive business forward
  12. 12. Technology brands get itSamsung, #9 – 3D projections,YouTube takeovers, websitesocial media makeoverDell, #12 – The great successstory
  13. 13. Automotive brands are getting itThis sector is strongly represented:Ford, Toyota, Honda, Ferrari,Hyundai, Mercedez-Benz, Porsche &Volkswagen all featured
  14. 14. Some luxury brands get itGucci, #6
  15. 15. Some luxury brands don’tMoet & Chandon, not listed
  16. 16. Strong Brands Integrate SocialAnd this time, it’s more than just uploading your advert to YouTube
  17. 17. Common Themes from Top 50Community building
  18. 18. Common Themes from Top 50Co-creation of Ideas
  19. 19. Common Themes from Top 50Exclusive Benefits
  20. 20. Common Themes from Top 50Bringing Fans Closer
  21. 21. Common Themes from Top 50Embracing customers as content creators
  22. 22. No one-size-fits-all strategyApple rely on strength of product and its fansNintendo ignores facebook – they rely on YouTubeGucci reinforces aspirational values via facebook
  23. 23. Yomego: SMR• Our exclusive Social Media Reputation (SMR) services tracks data in real-time and provides analysis• 29,000 social sources tracked via SM2• Customised dashboard includes competitor analysis• Sentiment validated by human team• Monthly report provides context and prioritised list of recommendations in tune with wider marketing activities• Feed results back into campaign and refine execution phase
  24. 24. Social Media Reputation• Top 50 Brands revealed with NMAMySocialMediaReputation.com• Or check out SMR League Table via homepage of www.nma.co.uk
  25. 25. Q&A? The Lighthouse 70 Mitchell Street, Glasgow G1 3LXw. www.yomego.comt. +44 (0) 141 582 0600f. +44 (0) 141 582 0699