Synthesio Microsoft presentation at SMWF 2012


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Synthesio and Microsoft discuss how to find the pulse of your customer with social media monitoring.

Catriona Oldershaw, Managing Director UK, Synthiseo &
Vaqar Khamisani, Customer and Partner Experience Manager, Microsoft.

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  • Move the arrow to show where the current score is. Ask them to provide an extreme answer for NSAT (get away from “somewhat satisfied”)
  • The Developer & Platform Evangelism (DPE) team has set up an aspirational goal of achieving an NSAT (Net Satisfaction) score of 147Why 147?  We wanted to move closer to a score  NSAT 160 which signifies “advocacy”.  Also, by establishing an aspirational goal for FY12 it meant we could plan longer term strategic initiatives and deliver short term tactics as well. A great example of this is  Based on research and feedback we launched Ubelly to engage with a Breadth developer audience in a way that they wouldn’t ordinarily engage with us through traditional Microsoft comm’s channels.  Since its launch early in FY10 we have grown from 800 regular visitors to the site to over 20,000 now and is one of our key communication channels for delivering interesting and relevant content to this audience.”NSAT 147 Project Steering GroupWe established a cross-company Steering Group drawn from Licensing, DPE, CPE, CSS & the segments to develop and execute 3 workstreams focused on the main areas of dis-satisfaction: a) Licensing b) Skills & Learning c) Product Quality & Value PerceptionsA fourth workstream was also established called “PULSE” to better measure movement in CPE sentiment on a continuous basis and:Create a hub providing “holistic” pulse of tech audiences across various listening channels (internal & external)Provide accurate and dynamic assessment regarding the sentiments of our audiences
  • Synthesio Microsoft presentation at SMWF 2012

    1. 1. Finding the pulse of your customers with social media monitoringSocial Media Monitoring & Engagement
    2. 2. Social CRM – A company’s response to the customer’s ownership of the conversation“We are now at a point that the customer’s expectationsare so great and their demands so empowered that our SCRM business strategy needs to be built around collaboration and customer engagement, not traditional operational management.” Paul Greenberg
    3. 3. 3 step process for successful Social CRM strategies
    4. 4. "If I’d asked my customers what they wanted they’d have said a faster horse" - attributed to Henry Ford
    5. 5. If you want to understandthe tiger, don’t go to thezoo, go to the jungle.
    6. 6. The Social Media DNA: It’s not just about the Marketing Department
    7. 7. * Vaqar Khamisani CPE Audiences Lead Microsoft UK
    8. 8. Customer/ Partner Satisfaction •Products• Surveys •Programs• Feedback Listening Change •Process• Social Media Channels Management Voice of the Customer (VOC) Analysis Systemic VOC Data Issues • Verbatim Analysis Tools • Social Media Analytics
    9. 9. Structured Content Unstructured Content (‘numbers’) (‘stories’)Unsolicited One Voice of the CustomerSolicited
    10. 10. What are we monitoring- Perceptions versus Reality The “Blogosphere” Product X The market Customers Product X Our Customers
    11. 11. * 200 = Maximum score 160 = Advocacy 140 = Loyalty Net Satisfaction 120 = Satisfaction NSAT
    12. 12. Project CPE 147…. The CPE Mission “Our mission is to consistently satisfy our customers and partners with great experiences through our products and services, the way we listen and respond, and by making it simpler to do business with our company. In doing so, we not only drive satisfaction, but enable Microsoft to win new customers and grow the business.”• Long term goal• Agree the top work streams• Be clear on what success looks like
    13. 13. Key Challenges* Tech Audience surveyed twice a year, proving it difficult to get an on-going dynamic measure of their satisfaction* Several solicited & unsolicited listening posts, but a lack of comprehensive and cohesive view across all of them Primary Objectives* Create a hub providing “holistic” pulse of tech audiences across various listening channels (internal & external)* Provide accurate and dynamic assessment regarding the sentiments of our audiences and measured NSAT* Deliver an „early warning‟ (forecasting) system across the tech audience segment through VOC pulse dashboard Main Strategies * PULSE