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Social Media and Modern PR at SMWF


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Freelance speaker, journalist, broadcaster and book author/editor specialising in social media, Guy Clapperton covers Social Media and Modern PR at Social Media World Forum Europe in London, March 2011.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Social Media and Modern PR at SMWF

  1. 1. Rules of engagement
  2. 2.  Virgin Media said 32% of UK companies on social media this month Mashable says 78% of business users have Twitter, 75% Facebook but 30% LinkedIn Facebook is the biggest driver to websites
  3. 3.  This ‘third of small business was being reported last year by Daryl Wilcox Publishing. January 2010, Reuters and others were reporting that SMEs were the next big thing in social media after University of Maryland reported a 100% increase from 12% to 24% in SMEs. …so what’s gone wrong?
  4. 4. • Marketing basics – it counts on your website/Facebook page/Tweets/whatever too!• Why are you telling everyone this stuff – contrary to what Robert Scoble says, the fact that I know you doesn’t mean I want to know what you had for breakfast!• Reproducing clippings – is that always allowed?
  5. 5. • A blog is for life, not just for Christmas • What will it say? How often? • Moderation:* Spamming* Negativity* Advertising other services
  6. 6. • Ofcom: 50 per cent of social media users over 35• Young people actually seem to be abandoning it
  7. 7. • Do you?• Should you?• Outcomes?• Horror stories: The airline…
  8. 8. • The satnav people• The commenters• The phonies
  9. 9. • Decision makers?• Communications people?• Juniors?
  10. 10. • Corporate comms• Spell checker!• Part of your messaging strategy
  11. 11. • Clauses about bringing employers into disrepute apply online!• What does your company/client’s social media policy say?• Colleagues must understand staff policy can apply to personal as well as corporate blog/Twitter/Facebook
  12. 12. • Announcements (often overdone)• Status reports• Customer management
  13. 13. • Seek new ‘followers’ for the sake of it• Treat the social media interchangeably – Facebookers will expect fewer updates than Twitter users• Overt promotion – see the Moonfruit example
  14. 14.