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Personal Branding by Los Ellis


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Personal branding presentation by Los Ellis during the 2014 SMTULSA Social Business Conference. Watch the video on Youtube.

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Personal Branding by Los Ellis

  1. 1. SMTULSA Conference @LosEllis
  2. 2. WWhhaatt iiss PPeerrssoonnaall BBrraannddiinngg ?? PPeerrssoonnaall BBrraannddiinngg is the ongoing process of creating, establishing and communicating a clear statement or image of who you are to others. Successful individuals use branding techniques to differentiate themselves from other business colleagues to achieve recognition in high profile project selections, promotions, leadership and strategic partnerships. As more people and industries begin to establish a brand for themselves, it becomes imperative you establish and nurture your own Personal Brand. Property of Los Ellis and TraLos Inc.
  3. 3. LLeeaarrnniinngg OObbjjeeccttiivveess You will learn: • How to influence your personal brand • How to leverage leadership strategies which can help enhance your personal brand among business peers. • How to market your personal brand to influence others. Property of Los Ellis and TraLos Inc.
  4. 4. Identify Your Personal Brand
  5. 5. What is : M.O.T. ? • M.O.T. - The very first time a person SSeeee, HHeeaarr or IInntteerraacctt with you . RREEMMEEMMBBEERR:: It is difficult to change a first impression BBuutt NNoott IImmppoossssiibbllee!!!!!! Property of Los Ellis and TraLos Inc. @LosEllis
  6. 6. You can change your M.O.T. How people SSeeee you What they HHeeaarr from you When they IInntteerraacctt with you If you can manage or influence these three traits you can influence your M.O.T. This is called your “PPeerrssoonnaall BBrraanndd” Property of Los Ellis and TraLos Inc. Can I change my M.O.T. ? @LosEllis
  7. 7. 1 + 202 Still = 1 paper
  8. 8. • Physical presence is part of your brand • How a person views your appearance including online • Speech/Tone is 1/3 of your physical brand • How you speak • Believability of your words (YouTube and Instagram) • Interactions you have with others • Who you surround yourself with • What and which resources you use to communicate • How you interact with available tools and resources Property of Los Ellis and TraLos Inc. You Must Look And Be The Brand @LosEllis
  9. 9. What Words Come To Mind ? Property of Los Ellis and TraLos Inc. @LosEllis look at someone
  10. 10. Be You, The Enhanced You • Support the things you say • Honesty is still the best policy • Tone is as important as what you say ex • Avoid the words of sound bite mistake • Trick, destroy, rip, dominate etc. • Dress and be the part • Wear clothing which compliment you • Utilize color when necessary • Display confidence and control • Reference well known facts and data to establish a sound foundation • Keep chin up, shoulders square and eyes engaged Property of Los Ellis and TraLos Inc.
  11. 11. Strategies w/ Customers Leveraging Brand Property of Los Ellis and TraLos Inc.
  12. 12. • Your Personal Brand can be simply stated as “What people are saying about you when you are not around or able to hear them.” • Do your customers compliment or joke about you or your work • Who stops by your company for advice or support – or doesn’t • Are competitors volunteering to work with you at conferences Property of Los Ellis and TraLos Inc. Look who’s talking about you @LosEllis
  13. 13. Know Your Brand Value Does your customer know your Personal Brand/Niche?
  14. 14. When To Adapt Your Brand • Adapt your personal brand when… • Before your customers and vendors change. Tweak it. • Growth opportunities become available Roboform Property of Los Ellis and TraLos Inc. @LosEllis
  15. 15. Customers & Vendors Change • Doing a good days work is not enough, anymore • You have to do good work and get people to notice it • Social Media is one way to display this… Eventually they will meet you. • Your Personal Brand has to change to influence your customers, competitors and peers. • As your customer base changes so must your brand • As you competitors use emerging technology so must your brand • As your peers evolve and develop new skills so must your brand Property of Los Ellis and TraLos Inc. @LosEllis
  16. 16. Grow Your Brand in Office • View your Brand and leadership as a trademark • How would you market yourself as a growing product • Can your business peers identify with your product (brand) • Find a mentor … or two • Identify a mentor you trust to provide you honest feedback • Search out a skip level mentor to grow your office brand • Be consistent in your decisions, actions and image • People like consistency • Customers and peers alike, equate consistency with value Property of Los Ellis and TraLos Inc. @LosEllis
  17. 17. Market Your Brand Online to Influence Others
  18. 18. Online - Executive Branding • Your on-line brand is as important as your own personal development off-line. • How you use and embrace on-line tools can have a significant impact your personal brand. • We should care about our on-line personal brand because it combines our strengths, reputations, goals, values and identity all onto one easily accessible centralized medium. Property of Los Ellis and TraLos Inc.
  19. 19. What?... You don’t have a Blog ! • Contribute comments to industry outlets. • Allow others to experience “how you think” • Blog about topics you are an expert on • Contribute to you company web articles and posting • Post replies to articles online you have a professional interest in • If you build it, they will come! • Create a blog or web article • Interview colleagues on your blog • Join a forum to post your blogs Property of Los Ellis and TraLos Inc.
  20. 20. Develop and Online Presence • Show your “best” on-line face • FFaacceebbooookk ( • Users can join networks organized by workplace, school, or market • The most used social network worldwide • LLiinnkkeeddIInn ( • 65 million members in over 200 countries • A new member joins LinkedIn approximately every second • Executive leaders from all Fortune 500 companies and beyond • AAbboouutt..MMee ( • One-page website all about you, your brand and interests • TTwwiitttteerr ( • Share your favorite articles, ideas and passions with others industry leaders and followers who are willing to learn from you. Property of Los Ellis and TraLos Inc.
  21. 21. You Can Google or Bing That • Google or Bing your name • This is what your peers, employers and competitors see • Where is your online ranking? • Does your name or rise to the top of the search engine return • Setup a “Google Alert” • Create Alerts on your name, company and industry • Alerts you when your name is added to the web • Keeps you updated when industry trends begin to shift or change Property of Los Ellis and TraLos Inc. @LosEllis
  22. 22. Who Are You & Who Knows You • Be known for something • Give it away (complementary for the short term) • Sell or market your skills • Share and teach your experiences and successes • Develop you personal footprint before you sell online • Teach and share with others • Recruit and mentor a peer or coworker • Publish your work online or in print (press release, tv) Property of Los Ellis and TraLos Inc. @LosEllis poet says
  23. 23. Personal Brand Checklist • 1. Complete PPersonal BBrand AAssessment (PBA) • 2. Speak with clarity: • 3. Manage Facial Expressions and tone: • 4. Manage your back office: • 5. Update your Social Media and Online profiles: • 6. Mentor and grow your circle: • 7. Contribute to your company blog/website: • 8. Manage online presence – setup Google alerts : • 9. Network with at least 3 people a week: • 10. Be known for something: Property of Los Ellis and TraLos Inc. @LosEllis
  24. 24. I would like to take this opportunity to thank SMTulsa and the greater Tulsa Community for allowing me the honor of sharing my professional experiences in Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs with each of you today. Remember: It’s not “WWhhaatt YYoouu KKnnooww” or “WWhhoo YYoouu KKnnooww” it’s, WWHHOO KKNNOOWWSS YYOOUU !! I look forward to visiting with each of you again, shortly! Los Ellis Personal Branding Keynote Speaker @LosEllis
  25. 25. Los Ellis resides in sunny Austin TX where he is a mentor, uncle and adoptive parent to his nephew Kendrick Ellis. Los' commitment to personal and community development is a testament to his devotion of education and community upliftment. His charitable and volunteer base extends from his commitment as a lead team member of the Texas "Mobile Loaves and Fishes" team which provides meals, clothing and living supplies to the Texas' homeless and under serviced population since 2005. He also serves as a sign language interpreter for many of Austin's homeless residents. Los is also a volunteer of the Lance Armstrong Foundation Livestrong where he donates his time to help survivors of cancer. Los Ellis is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma's Michael F. Price - College of Business, where he was one of the founders and creators of the Sooner Information Network, the University first student web portal and information center. He also served as the College of Business student leadership president and chapter president of his business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi. Los has been presented with multiple honoraries and awards for his creative and energizing contributions to education and business and holds multiple certifications from accredited universities. Los is a life member of the professional business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi. He served as one of five nationally elected Provincial Vice Presidents 2009 -2012 for all chapters in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri. Los also serves on the Delta Sigma Pi National Board of Directors helping to shape, direct and enhance the goals, and leadership direction of the organization. AAbboouutt tthhee SSppeeaakkeerr Property of Los Ellis and TraLos Inc.
  26. 26. As one of five founding partners and director for, Los facilitates and nurtures the creation of small businesses and serves as an incubation venture capitalist that supports capital infusion to aspiring business entrepreneurs. With an extensive professional career in Information Technology and Project Management, Los managed and lead one fourth of Dell Inc's global IT program portfolios for over two years from Dell's C.I.O office and headquarters. He currently works with the State of Texas and the US Federal Government based in Austin Texas governing its Information Technology interests. Los frequently travels the country as a professional and motivational speaker to many colleges and universities. Los' ability to deliver powerful motivational and economical performances has propelled him to the top of many local and regional university’s speakers lists in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Louisiana. Los delivers an inspirational message coupled with current and coveted knowledge of the business world, which rivals the best resources published and recorded. He is A valuable resource for anyone interested in surviving and winning in the business world today. AAbboouutt tthhee SSppeeaakkeerr (continued) Property of Los Ellis and TraLos Inc.
  27. 27. • Link-up with Los Ellis on LinkedIn • • Blog:4 Minutes • • Tweet with Los on Twitter • • Experience with Experts • Connections || Property of Los Ellis and TraLos Inc.