Open Scape Uc Server Hosted Brochure


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Open Scape Uc Server Hosted Brochure

  1. 1. OpenScape UC ServerHosted EditionHosted Communications Solutions for Service ProvidersSiemens Enterprise
  2. 2. OpenScape UC Server Hosted Edition The ideal platform for Service Providers, the ideal solution for business today Key Attributes of OpenScape UC Hosted Edition Communications Today For the Service Provider, differentiation is a Comprehensive Mature, Proven and Innovative must for success. To do that, a system which • A complete and fully tested suite of • Mature and proven in service Many Enterprise customers today are offers modular functionality, flexible feature communications applications that is proven in • Reliable, resilient and with rapid recovery confronted with a complex web of new ideas, packaging, and open interfaces to add networks across the world additional functionality is a must. • Innovative new network, user and conflicting requirements, and inherited • Comprehensive Enterprise Feature Sets management options in every release technology from a previous generation. Added to that are huge economic pressures to: OpenScape UC Server Hosted • Supports Businesses and Branches of all sizes, • Core OpenScape Voice system independently anywhere the IP network goes Edition Security-Certified • reduce the cost of Communications • add UC functionality for all employees OpenScape UC Server Hosted Edition is the Scalable Open for Integration only complete Unified Communications • Provides communications services to large • support a more mobile workforce • Totally Standards-based architecture solution for Service Providers It incorporates: numbers of businesses simultaneously, from • provide security against malicious foes local companies to global enterprises • Open for interconnection with other • be more responsive to their own customers • OpenScape Voice communications systems • OpenScape Voice – up to 100,000 users per • embed communications into their business • OpenScape Branch system, up to 6,000 businesses or business • Open for Integration with other Applications processes groups, up to 3,000 branches, and Management Systems • OpenScape Messaging • have it all operational yesterday. • OpenScape Xpressions – up to 80,000 • Published and supported APIs and SDKs • OpenScape Unified Communications voicemail boxes or 40,000 UC mailboxes available for both developer and customer use Application • OpenScape UC Application – 15,000 users per • Pre-Integrated with IBM and Microsoft Business That’s why many Enterprise Customers are • OpenScape Session Border Controller system, and 100,00 users per OpenScape Voice Applications turning to Hosting Service Providers to • OpenScape Contact Center provide comprehensive and reliable outsourced • OpenScape Contact Center – up to 7,500 • Custom integration available with other UC-based communications that they can buy • OpenScape Deployment Service business automation applications • Open access to higher-level applications and Agents per OpenScape Voice system on a monthly basis, without huge investments in capital and human resources. for business process integration • Virtually unlimited capacities in a network Services You Can Use • Value-added Support Services options •Extensive OpenScale Service Portfolio to meet (including transition plans from totally Branch Solutions your individual needs, and transition your The Hosting Opportunity supported to totally independent) • Integrated and scalable: 50, 250, 1000 and organization and operation over time 6000 user variants Communication analysts and consultants •Training, guided projects and independent have recognized that some enterprises OpenScape UC Server Hosted Edition comes • Provides feature-rich Survivability projects require additional investment options for from a company who understands the needs • Includes Proxy and SBC • Sales partner who needs extensive technical communications services. That’s why they of the Enterprise, a company that continues • Includes Media Server to provide Local Tones, operational involvement continue forecasting major growth for to garner industry recognition and awards for innovation. Announcements, Conferences • Operations Partner who needs limited by communication hosting services. At the • Local SIP Trunking critical support leading edge of this trend for hosted services is a comprehensive unified communications • Local Firewall and VPN • Independent Integration partner who needs solution. • Integrated Management with OpenScape Voice only limited backup support • Single-appliance/server - Integrated Gateway •Optional Professional Services too and Analog Adapter for small remove branches Today, Hosted Communications Services is not just about providing more cost- effective communications; it’s about transforming the communications experience for your customers and creating new and innovative value propositions for them and yourself.2 3
  3. 3. Subscription Licensing Managing operations efficiently with the flexibility to grow services rapidly for your most important customers Subscription licensing is an alternative to Subscription Licenses available from purchasing perpetual software licenses. Siemens Enterprise Communications This allows the Service Provider to manage customers based on monthly usage. Key Subscription licenses are not version specific, advantages of this are: so you don’t pay extra for them after an upgrade. Each subscription license from • No large up-front Capital Cost in user licenses Siemens Enterprise Communications provides so you pay as you go – and earn as you go! right to use, software updates, and software • Simple monthly reporting and accounting upgrades. • Add one user, customer, branch or location at The granularity of our new subscription a time license structure makes it easy for you to • Add Applications as you need them create exactly the right solution to meet your business needs. With OpenScape UC Server Hosted Edition Find out more about our Award- you get a comprehensive set of Voice and UC winning Products and Services applications. And, with subscription licenses, you can mix and match capabilities to build OpenScape UC Hosted Edition is built the Unified Communications solutions your on our award winning Voice and Unified License Description Calculated per customers need, earn as you go and pay only Communications applications. Get more details for what you and your customers use. on our exciting products at Voice User Mobile User User Conclusions uc-server/hosted Voice Mail Mailboxs OpenScape UC Hosted Edition is the Ready to get started? ideal platform for Service Providers who Unified Messaging Mailbox want to address the burgeoning hosted Take the next step in offering new Unified communication market. Hosted Edition is not Communications services to your customers Unified Communications - packaged 1 User only a communications tool; it’s a business with OpenScape UC Hosted Edition.You can transformation tool, giving your company do so without spending a fortune, with the Unified Communications - integrated2 User and your customers a sustainable competitive Subscription Licensing procurement option Unified Communications - Third Party3 User advantage, to achieve major cost savings and from Siemens Enterprise. operational benefits. Our Service packages Web Conferencing Moderator help make that transition easy for you too, Contact your Siemens Enterprise Account with support tailored to your individual Manager or fill in a contact request at Fusion User business needs. Attendant Console (Concierge) Attendant uc-server/contact. Subscription licensing offers unbeatable Branch User elasticity; you only pay for what you and your customers use. You can easily and Contact Center Telephony Agent User cost-effectively add new customers, users, locations, teams or branches as you launch Contact Center Multimedia Agent User new service offerings. Add new features and applications as you need them and have new Contact Center Manager User software automatically included in your user licenses. Contact Center IVR Port 1 Unified Communications packaged - VM, UM, audio conference, CTI, IM 2 Unified Communications integrated - UC, includes customizable integration options 3 Unified Communications Third Party - integrate any UC solution with OpenScape UC Server4 5
  4. 4. Siemens Enterprise Communications is a premier provider of end-to-end enterprise communications solutions that use open, standards-basedarchitectures to unify communications and business applications for a seamless collaboration experience. This award-winning “Open Communications”approach enables organizations to improve productivity and reduce costs through easy-to-deploy solutions that work within existing IT environments,delivering operational efficiencies. It is the foundation for the company’s OpenPath commitment that enables customers to mitigate risk and cost-effectively adopt unified communications.This promise is underwritten through our OpenScale service portfolio, which includes international, managed and outsource capability.Siemens Enterprise Communications is owned by a joint venture of The Gores Group and Siemens AG. The joint venture also encompassesEnterasys Networks, which provides network infrastructure and security systems, delivering a perfect basis for joint communications solutions.© 2011 Siemens Enterprise Communications GmbH & Co. KG.Siemens Enterprise Communications GmbH & Co. KG is a Trademark Licensee of Siemens AG.Hofmannstr. 51, D-80200 Munich,11/2011The information provided in this brochure contains merely general descriptions or characteristics of performance which in case of actual use donot always apply as described or which may change as a result of further development of the products. An obligation to provide the respectivecharacteristics shall only exist if expressly agreed in the terms of contract. Availability and technical specifications are subject to change without notice.OpenScape, OpenStage and HiPath are registered trademarks of Siemens Enterprise Communications GmbH & Co. KG. All other company, brand,product and service names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.Siemens Enterprise