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About recruitment module process & featues.

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  1. 1. Integrated HRD Solutions Recruitment Competency Management Performance Managemen t Learning & Development
  2. 2. Home Screen
  3. 3. Dashboard
  4. 4. Employee Profiles
  5. 5. Competency Library
  6. 6. Position Library
  7. 7. Assign Position to Employee Position (Eg. Sales Manager) Competencies (Eg. Effective Communication, Customer Orientation, Team, Management) When assign position to employee, competencies mapped with that position will be assigned automatically to the employee. Employee
  8. 8. Recruitment Process • Reason for request • Selection criteria • Background Check • Salary Calibration • Communication Track
  9. 9. Vacancy List Any Manager, Department Heads can raise request (PR) for resource. PR – Personnel Requisition
  10. 10. PR Form – Employment Details Provide employment details such as Project details, Reason for requesting resource, Required by when etc.
  11. 11. PR Form – Criteria for requirement Set the criteria for candidates based on Qualification (eg. Master Degree in Finance & Exp for minimum 5 yrs), Age, Known Languages, Nationality etc.
  12. 12. Create Opening Provide Closing date and assign HR executive responsible for recruitment.
  13. 13. Apply for Opening Employees can apply for opening from, if its internal opening. (Generally for MNCs with few 1000 employees) Any candidate from outside of organization can view openings and apply from corporate website, if integrated with website.
  14. 14. Resume Bank All the candidates profile will be captured under resume bank. This talent pool will help HR for future openings.
  15. 15. Import Candidates Import candidates profile if HR sourcing from any consultancy/ vendor.
  16. 16. Schedule Interview Create interview with date, time & venue. Assign candidate & interviewer. System will send email notifications to assigned interviewers & candidates.
  17. 17. Interview Scoring Competency based interview scoring by interviewer.
  18. 18. Interview – Candidate Recommendation Interviewer’s recommendation about candidate.
  19. 19. Interview Details Shortlist best candidates based on Criteria Match % (Set in PR form) Interviewer’s Score/Assessment
  20. 20. Salary Calibration
  21. 21. Salary Calibration Define salary structure for candidate considering their current salary. System will identify increment % based on current & proposed salary.
  22. 22. Process Offer System will generate offer letter based on template provided by HR.
  23. 23. Candidate Communication Track HR can track communication with candidate in system and manage candidate status (Eg. Offer acceptance/ Candidate willingness etc.)
  24. 24. Make as Employee Update Emp. No & Official Email Id of candidate.
  25. 25. Reports User will be able to generate reports in various formats like PDF, Excel etc.
  26. 26. For more information contact SMRat +603 2296 9199 or email at or visit