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Overview of SMI

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Smi presentation

  1. 1. Social Media Influence Information
  2. 2. Agenda• About SMI• SMI readership• "thought leaders" –An explanation of what is required• Partnership – Our vision• Your background
  3. 3. About SMI• Founded 2005 “An experienced editorial team”• Regarded as the most •Bernhard Warner – Editor in Chief influential publication within the sector •Co-founded Custom Communication and SMI. He worked for 13 years as a journalist• Growing for international publications including, Adweek, Reuters, the Times and the Industry• Readership Standard. – Virtually every major organisation •Matthew Yeomans – Editor at Large involved in social media – 12,000 monthly unique visitors to •Co-founded Custom Communication and site. SMI. He has written and edited for, the New York Times, National Geographic, – 6,000 newsletter subscribers The Atlantic, the Industry Standard and Wired. – 4,500 Linkedin members – 2,000 Twitter followers – Senior & Mid Level Executives – UK, Europe and Global readership.
  4. 4. Thousands of •BUPA •Hilton •Nokia •Starbucks Corporates •Coca Cola •House of Fraser •Novartis •Tesco •Allianz •Debenhams •HSBC •PwC •Visa •American Express •Dell •IBM •Radisson Edwardian •Central Government •Astra Zeneca •Disney •Lego •Rentokil •Local Authorities •Barclaycard •Ford •Lloyds Bank •Sainsbury’s •Charities •BBC Worldwide •GE •Marks & Spencer •Santander •BHSF •General Motors •Microsoft •Selfridges •BT •Haymarket •N Power •SonyWhy do the vast majority of executives, with corporate social media responsibility, use SMI? Sony translated Twitter conversations into £1.5 million of direct online sales - Dell turned a $15 million customer service disaster into a cost-saving strength - Starbucks reinvented its customer engagement culture using social media publishing and research insight. - PepsiCo reshaped the role of CSR, using good cause-related social media to create a marketing and PR juggernaut. - Nestle suffered a huge blow to its reputation by failing to designate a senior executive to manage social media interaction. - General Electric created a social media community project that will directly enhance its clean energy R&D activity. - How Unilever replaced traditional marketing campaigns with ongoing social • News media communication. - Lloyds Banking Group employed social media investigative research and • Trends engagement to change customer sentiment during times of crisis. • Strategy - BP’s public standing and stock price was decimated by failing to understand how social media could affect its reputation in the wake of the Gulf oil spill. • Newsletter - Ernst&Young used social media to attract the cream of new business school graduates and, in doing so, steal a march on its Big Four professional services • Conference competition. • Recruitment • Training • Directory • Special Reports
  5. 5. Thousands of •BUPA •Hilton •Nokia •Starbucks Corporates •Coca Cola •House of Fraser •Novartis •Tesco SMI SITE•Allianz •Debenhams LinkedIn •HSBC Twitter •PwC Newsletter •Visa•American Express •Dell •IBM •Radisson Edwardian •Central Government 10,000 Uniques•Disney 4,500 members•Astra Zeneca •Lego 2000 followers •Rentokil 6,000 subscribers •Local Authorities•Barclaycard •Ford •Lloyds Bank •Sainsbury’s •Charities•BBC Worldwide •GE •Marks & Spencer •Santander•BHSF £, €, ¥, $, Purchasing Power! •General Motors •Microsoft •Selfridges•BT •Haymarket •N Power •Sony Free Service £450, 000 p.a. Sponsorship of Business Model Website events Banners Mailing Lists Sponsorship of Advertising Reports E Blasts Corporates that sell to the SMI readership
  6. 6. Quality, Engaging Editorial
  7. 7. SMI Media FootprintPresentations make homepage of Slideshare Special reports featured in Guardian.Contributors to AdAge Digital Next SMI quoted on BBC News
  8. 8. Partnership• “Thought leaders" (Three selected per sector) Featured Sector Expert• SMI provide unprecedented • Social Media Legal Expert levels of exposure • John Smith• Advice, guidance & intelligence on your strategy for SM • Smith & Co Solicitors• Participation London EC4 – Conferences Experience within Social Media – Training ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Quisque commodo porttitor – Library arcu ut eleifend. Praesent nec enim tellus, Lorem et mattis velit. Etiam vitae turpis vitae ipsum dignissim porttitor. Fusce aliquet – Reports ligula sit amet tortor dictum tincidunt. Nam – White paper • ornare urna nunc. Mauris mi nisl, sodales nec consectetur vitae, consectetur vitae nisi. adipiscing vehicula. Pellentesque eu – “Executives Club” rhoncus leo. Nulla ultrices faucibus venenatis. Mauris tristique, purus sit amet – Web site profiles rhoncus hendrerit, elit mauris interdum lectus, ut euismod metus ipsum eget augue. Duis at quam eu sapien aliquam – Web links vulputate. Donec id lorem non nunc volutpat ultrices elementum quis nulla. – Guest analysis
  9. 9. The "thought leaders"What is required Subject Example• “Smart thinkers” in their • Social media marketing sector • Customer services• 3 to 6 articles/ reports, per • Legal issues year on an agreed subject • Recruitment • technology
  10. 10. SMI SITE LinkedIn Twitter Newsletter 10,000 Uniques 4,500 members 2000 followers 6,000 subscribers Market Growing Exponentially Partners to enhance SMI offering Experts: Legal ExpertsApplications Experts: Experts: Recruitment Experts: Experts: Content & PR Measurement creative
  11. 11. Summary• Editorial integrity• Select three per sector• 12 month renewable contract• Full presentation in London• Meet the editorial staff• Discuss the benefits• Introduce suggestions/ideas