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Earth Structure1


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Introduction to KS4 GCSE Tectonic Activity

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Earth Structure1

  1. 5. 75 km thick 8 km thick Granite light Basalt heavy MANTLE SEA
  2. 7. A B
  3. 8.
  4. 9. Convection Currents
  5. 12. Structure of the Earth and Plate Boundaries 1. Draw a labeled diagram to show the structure of the Earth. 2. What is a Plate?(avoid the dinner joke) 3. What are the differences between continental crust and oceanic crust? 4. What is a convection current? 5. Add the main plate names to your map and arrows showing the direction of plate movement.
  6. 13. The Earth is divided into 3 Parts These are:- CORE MANTLE CRUST
  7. 14. The MANTLE is……. Very hot @ 1200 C Very thick @2900 km Under great pressure It moves!!!!!!!! Due to CONVECTION CURRENTS
  8. 15. The CRUST is ……. Thin in places 8km thick Thick in places 75 km thick Oceanic Crust (heavy) Continental Crust (light) BASALT GRANITE All crust is broken up into large plates(TECTONIC PLATES) These Plates MOVE!!!!