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8 Principles of Brand Development

A brief overview of brand development including 8 key principles - including consistency, differentiation, outstanding products and service and growing your customer community

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8 Principles of Brand Development

  1. 1. Brand Development Online
  2. 2. Be Distinctive • Why is your business different from others ? – Better customer service? – Better / unique Products ? • What ever it is – lay it on thickly in everything you publish • Make your name and clearly recognisable logo synonymous with what makes your business distinctive
  3. 3. Deliver Great Products or Service • Mediocre / Adequate / Good enough isn’t worth talking about • So create buzz and enthusiasm (and the all important testimonials) by being legendary, brilliant or otherwise outstanding • Don’t forget the emotional benefits of your product / service
  4. 4. Keep your Promises • Not your contractual promises but your Brand Promises • Brand Promises aren’t legally binding, but they are no less important, because they: – inspire customer loyalty – reinforce your brand
  5. 5. Be Consistent • Brands must be consistent in everything they do – Send the same messages – On all channels – Walk the talk • Skype branding is great! – Everything feels informal, new, young and exciting – Brightly coloured speech bubbles emphasise the important things, but it never feels legalistic and heavy handed – The software works well and is incredibly easy to use by all ages
  6. 6. Grow your Community • Popular brands have a community around them. Apple is the best example, surrounded by groups who never miss an opportunity to do Apple’s advertising for them: – Mac bores – iPhone bores – App developers • The App has created a market for the skills of developers who have become huge brand advocates • On a SME scale, you can create a community – Tuesday club for restaurants – try new recipes on loyal customers, mix them up – Briefings for favoured clients of financial advisors – Can you create a mechanism for channel partners to benefit from promoting your business ? (eg Apps)
  7. 7. Stand for /Against Something • If a brand takes a stance, then publicity can run away with itself: – Body Shop seemed to be against everything at one point • Body Shop products offered solutions to the campaign issues – Firefox browser set itself up as the “not Microsoft” browser – The “Dollar Shave Club” is against Gillette’s expense and branding – Zipcar’s car sharing scheme is against car ownership • Sympathisers will promote your business and social media provides a very low effort to do this
  8. 8. Find your Voice • Not just “what you say”, but “how you say it” • Skype uses speech bubbles and informal , non technical language • GE likes lots of photographs of cool kit and talks “dirty” (in technical terms) about their products and projects – great for their audience
  9. 9. Empower your Customers • Customers own your brand – the brand is their shared beliefs about your business that counts • And especially, their testimonials, which will have far greater impact than anything you say or do
  10. 10. Summary • Be Distinctive • Deliver Great Products or Services • Keep your Brand Promises • Be Consistent • Grow your Community • Stand for / against something • Find your Voice • Empower your Customers Remember, even if you haven’t started work on your brand, your customers have…..
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