Holistic is the new black


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How social media has brought about a new work order, the need for quality content & other key learnings at Social Media Junction (#SMJ2) - published in AdMedia Dec/Jan 2011.

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Holistic is the new black

  1. 1. social media junction 2 social media junction 2 Holistic Q – In the midst of inundating content, how do you ensure your message stands out? A – Skill integration, knowledge-sharing, in-house training, cross- The Panellists functional resourcing & optimised social content. International Speaker Panel: Cliff Rosenberg (Linkedin Aus- But it’s easier said than done.To create engaging content, optimise, tralia & NZ), Simon Wakeman (Medway Council), Louise Denver promote, distribute & measure it via multiple touchpoints, you need (Deloitte Australia), Michael Fox (Shoes of Prey), Lee Odden (Top all the pieces in the jigsaw to fit seamlessly. Rank), Darren Whitelaw (Government of Victoria); chair Vincent is the new black The marketing communications team (brand, product, sales, cus- Heeringa (Tangible Media). tomer reps); the web & digital team (developers, designers, SEO, analysts) & the ad/PR agency (servicing, creative, strategy, media) Kiwi Speaker Panel: Jarrod Bear (Tui), Alex Erasmus (Bullet all need to work together. And then, there’s the community = co- PR), Simone McCallum (ASB), Stuart McMullin (Hell), Richard creators! Irvine (Telecom); chair Michael Carney (Netmarketing Services). Quite clearly, holistic is the new black. Key Learnings #SMJ2: AdMedia correspondent Amar Trivedi summarises the international speakers and Kiwi marketing • Don’t just do social – be social. Participate. Share. Express. Com- • Content – It’s not about the quantity. It’s about quantity ... with stalwarts. Social Media Junction 2 experience. Day 3: Social Media Content Strategy Mas- ment. Be useful. Add value. quality. • A collaborative mindset, readiness to experiment, openness to • Strategise before going social. Give it a good think. It’s not a cam- terClass with Lee Odden, TopRank Online negative feedback, and a plan to invest resources are prerequisites paign. It’s a commitment. A Marketing, USA. to corporate SM engagement. • Success Mantra: Don’t just work hard. Work holistic! t the Cannes Lions 2010, when In a world of catchphrases, sticky content Organised by Bullet PR, the event proved a • Getting the balance between transparency and privacy – right Best Buy’s Twitter-based Twelp- and viral videos, the use of social media rich ground for learning in real-time, as each mix of listening & responding; tone of brand & personal voice – View the detailed #SMJ2 post + pics at www.MrSocial1.blogspot. Force took out the Titanium & itself has become a meme (pronounced day threw up solid ken on SM marketing needs practice and patience. com. Compliments of the season and best wishes for the new Integrated Grand Prix, Old Spice meem). Meme is a cultural unit (an idea or covering topics like social content strategy, • SM is neither free nor easy. It’s time-consuming. And yes, it is real year. trivediamar@hotmail.com | facebook.com/trivediamar | The man your man could smell like took value or pattern of behaviour) that is passed policy & protocol, ROI metrics, monitoring work! @Mr_Madness | LinkedIN.com/in/trivediamar. out the Film Grand Prix, and Ikea Facebook from one person to another by non-genetic & measurement, engagement & response, Tag Showroom won the Gold Cyber Lion, it means (as by imitation). online community management, business cemented social media’s place in the market- Memes are the cultural counterpart of blogging ... ing mix, and for once, the creatives agreed. genes. Sample this: Facebook has 500 mil- Along with real-world examples and Social media ... what’s the big idea? lion+ users – that’s one in 14 humans! Heck, popular case studies, the speakers brought a • A big idea creates behavioural change and there’s even a Hollywood movie on it – if fresh mix of stories on the successful use of hence, causes discomfort & fear. It always that’s not a big idea, what is? SM overseas (and locally), and shared their faces stiff resistance at first. So it’s hardly surprising that clever cor- unique perspective on SM best practice and • But once it takes root, it grows organically porate folk turned up in droves to attend hands-on usage. and quickly gets embedded into our every Social Media Junction 2 (#SMJ2), a meeting Top take-out from #SMJ2: Content used day – making us go, how did we ever live of the best social media and digital market- to be king. Today it is king, queen, prince, without this? ing minds in NZ. It included: princess and the kingdom. At a time when • The acid test of a big idea lies in its ability Day 1: Public Sector Social Media Workshop anyone with a PC, camera or smartphone to travel and adapt across media, markets, with Simon Wakeman, Medway Council, UK is a scriptwriter, storyteller, filmmaker, the NATALIE countries and cultures. Day 2: A star-studded Securing ROI in SM need of the hour is quality content & spe- ROBINSO TRIBAL), N (TELEC RICHARD OM Social media ticks all the above. Marketing conference featuring six top cialist content creators. IRVINE (T ), CLAIRE BONHAM ELECOM), DEN, LOUIS VA HOLDEN (RAPP H, LEE OD N WYK (G UVAL-SMIT AMAR TRIVEDI. EN-I). JE NNIFER D TY , O’FLAHER NICHOLAS BULLET PR: ROBYN ELLSON , JENNIFER DUVAL-SMITH, ALEX ERASMUS, NICHOLA LOUISE RICE, LET PR), S O’FLAHERTY. S), NICHOLAS O’FLAHERTY (BUL ADEN BUSHELL (MEDIA MONITOR SANDRA KING (FAIRFAX MED AMAR TRIVEDI, SIM ON WAKEMAN. LLUM (ASB). IA), VAUGHN DAVIS (THE GOAT SIMONE MCCA FARM).54 www.admedia.co.nz Ad Media December 2010 55