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Service is the_new_sales


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Published in: Business, Education
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Service is the_new_sales

  1. 1. Service is the new Sales: Sack your Sales team today!
  2. 2. It's 6 to 7 times more costly to acquire a new customer that it is to retain an existing one
  3. 3. Profits could increase from 5-95% by boosting customer retention rates by as little as 5%
  4. 4. The 3 key reasons why customers leave: 55% Not being recognized as a valuable customer 47% Unhelpful staff 42% Ineffective call centers
  5. 5. Show some love
  6. 6. Social Media allows us to listen more efficiently. It's how your business acts that makes all the difference
  7. 7. In the past companies could not hear your comments, feedback or complaints. They had to call you to ask
  8. 8. Today brands connect with fans online through a zillion different channels.
  9. 9. FACT: Companies that engage in real time are more successful
  10. 10. At AT&T Park, the San Francisco Giants are using dynamic pricing and other customer-friendly techniques to build a loyal fan base.
  11. 11. Zendesk has gained over 5,000 customers in 3 years... With NO Sales Team
  12. 12. A little love could take your brand a long way
  13. 13. Loyalty and Trust will earn you more revenue than Cold Calling
  14. 14. Creating a positive customer experience is the best sales strategy
  15. 15. 90% of consumers online trust recommendations from peopl e they know; 70% trust opinions of unknown users. (Econsultancy, July 2009)
  16. 16. What are you doing calling me at dinner time!!!
  17. 17. Some good discussion points might be: Sales vs CS in a growth strategy ROI based on Churn rates How do you create loyal vocal fans online?
  18. 18. Any Questions?