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Twitter Refresher Course


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In this presentation you will get an overview of basic Twitter terms and ways to help you get the most out of Twitter.

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Twitter Refresher Course

  1. 1. #SMCPHX
  2. 2. KEY TERMS USED ON TWITTER• Tweet • @replies• Twitter Handle • @mentions• Direct Message • Retweeting (DM) • Hashtag #SMCPHX
  3. 3. MAKE THE MOST OUT OF TWITTERBy… • Filling Out Your Profile • Following People • Tweeting • @replies • Retweets • Questions • What Your Doing Update • Blog Posts • Hashtags#SMCPHX
  4. 4. QUESTIONS? Jerilyn Kruger Daniel Moran Jr. manager, social media director, social media bizznesscard Blufish Design Studio @jerilynbizzness @dmoranjr #SMCPHX