Social Media Camp presented by SMCPHX


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In this presentation you will learn how to develop your online persona as well as how to attract followers.

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Social Media Camp presented by SMCPHX

  1. 1. Presented by Social Media Club PhoenixSOCIAL MEDIA CLUB CAMP 2011
  2. 2. DEVELOPING YOUR ONLINE PERSONA 1. Ask yourself 1. If your brand was a person, who would they would be? 2. How would they act/talk around people? 3. Would they be fun? Serious? Formal? 2. Develop your messaging 1. Develop key phrases 2. Select key adjectives 3. Review marketing and collateral to pull toneRemember: You or your businesses already has a voice, you just need to recognize it. @SMCPHOENIX
  3. 3. DEVELOPING YOUR ONLINE PERSONA 1. Start Posting, ask yourself 1. Do I sound too canned? 2. Am I writing a brochure or creating a post? 3. Do I sound like a robot? 4. How can I make it more personal? 5. What’s going to make people react? 2. Social Media Optimization 1. Are you leveraging key words? 2. Do you make it easy for people to re-share content? 3. Google Ad words and analyticsRemember: You or your businesses already has a voice, you just need to recognize it @SMCPHOENIX
  5. 5. HOW TO ATTRACT FOLLOWERS 1. Like Campaigns 1. Think of engaging campaigns to drive posts 2. For example: Taylor Morrison Southern California’s Back to School Campaign 2. Getting the word out 1. E-mail marketing 2. Marketing pages where possible 3. Leveraging Analytics 1. Where are people coming from? 2. Facebook Insights plus Page Lever 4. Interacting with other pages 1. Like pages that align with your brand 2. Interact with other pages/posts/brands/RT 3. Join the conversation…social media is about being socialRemember: Everything you post should not only make people want to share it, but make it easy @SMCPHOENIX
  6. 6. HOW TO ATTRACT FOLLOWERS1. Facebook Ads 1. Page ads vs. sponsored stories2. Did you know? 1. Women smiling in ad get more clicks 2. Photos don’t have to be your product 3. Headlines are keys 4. Facebook Insights can help you create your ad 5. Google Ad words can help create your ad3. Twitter Ads 1. Promoted handles 2. Promoted trending topics @SMCPHOENIX
  7. 7. MARKETING YOUR PAGE1. Like your logo, branding elements, website URL your handle and Facebook vanity URL needs to be everywhere.2. Bridge your traditional and digital marketing campaigns together 1. Promotions, ads, etc. should tie into your social pages activity 2. For example: Hallmark’s memory campaign3. Leverage apps, etc. to make your page more interesting4. Content is king. Like your website provide content, photos, video, etc. to make your page more attractive. Examine what your competitors are doing or other pages that you interact with to learn what is engaging. @SMCPHOENIX
  8. 8. RESOURCES1. WEBSITES 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. www.focus.com2. Books 1. The Now Revolution by Jay Baer 2. Content Strategies for the Web by Kristina Halvorson3. Organizations 1. Social Media Club of Phoenix 2. Arizona Interactive Marketing Association (AZIMA) 3. Social Media Arizona (SMAZ) @SMCPHOENIX
  9. 9. QUESTIONSDaniel Moran, Jr. Jerilyn KrugerDirector of Social Media Manager of Social MediaBlufish Design Studio bizznesscard@dmoranjr THANK YOU @SMCPHOENIX