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This presentation covers the following topics: how to select platforms for your personal or business brand, posting 101, must-include items for your social strategy and resources; where to get tips and information throughout the year.

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  • Profile: Get to 100% - professional image, compelling headline, current position & 2 prior positions, complete summary, complete specialties, give recommendations & get at least 3, complete interests and groups/associations. Groups: join relevant groups within your industry and start sharing and connecting with the other members Company Pages: create one and highlight your products and services LinkedIn Ad: you can target brand evangelists by creating ads targeted at them or you can run adds to build your company page following, very similar to Facebook ads Q&A: start answering questions to show you’re a thought leader and use to ask questions you might be struggling with.
  • Facebook optimizing – a good profile pic, your information, your wall, your tabs, the main overview section, your page title Twitter – in your profile, posts, #hashtags can be keywords, 411 – 4 articles or retweets of influencers, 1 is a blatant sales pitch, 1 is something personal LinkedIn – professional headline, websites, vanity URL, summary, interests and summary
  • SMC Boot Camp

    1. 1. Presented by Social Media Club PhoenixSocial media club camp 2011
    2. 2. ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS OF A STRATEGY 1. Review how to select platforms for your personal or business brand 3. Posting 101 5. Must-include items for your social strategy 7. Resources: where to get tips and information throughout the yearRemember its important that you understand how your audience behaves on social media sites #SMCPHX @SMCPHOENIX
    3. 3. SELECTING YOUR PLATFORM DEFINE YOUR NEEDS • Ask yourself, What are you hoping to achieve? • More foot traffic to your business/website or customer service? • What is your biggest challenge? • Lack of communication or no centralized location to speak with customers IDENTIFY YOUR AUDIENCE • Who do you want to speak with? • E.g. more business (LinkedIn) vs. the masses (Facebook) • Understand the social platform’s culture • Know the tone of the sites posts • Know the users—who are they and how do they behave • Understand expectationsDon’t forget to monitor your competitors social media activity #SMCPHX @SMCPHOENIX
    4. 4. LET’S TAKE A LOOK AT SELECT SITES LINKEDIN • Who is on LinkedIn? • Did you know that 63% of LinkedIn users are men, 37% are women • 79% of LinkedIn users have voted or are registered to vote • 36% have influenced someone else’s vote • Average age of users is 40 • 85% of users are white (2% African-Americans, 4% Hispanics) • Leveraging LinkedIn • Developing your profile • LinkedIn groups • Company pages • LinkedIn ads • LinkedIn questions & answersNot every platform will be right for your personal brand or business #SMCPHX @SMCPHOENIX
    5. 5. LET’S TAKE A LOOK AT SELECT SITES FOURSQUARE • Creating your brand page • Developing foursquare tips • Creating deals and listsEverything you post should inform your audience #SMCPHX @SMCPHOENIX
    6. 6. LET’S TAKE A LOOK AT SELECT SITES BLOGGING • Creating an editorial calendar • Outline content and assign people/department for each blog • Highlight events related to your industry • Incorporating Google Adwords • Include Links • Google Adwords certificate • Develop tone and language • ALWAYS INFORM AND ENGAGE YOUR AUDIENCEOutlining an action plan is essential for the success of your campaign #SMCPHX @SMCPHOENIX
    7. 7. POSTING 101 - FACEBOOK Have a Plan •Planning your messaging around popular posts •Quality over quantity •Always pair a written description with a photo, link or video post Best Time to Post •Every 4 hours (NOT any more) •Peak hours: • Morning (7-9am) • Evening (5-7pm) • Late Night (11pm-1am) •Post on the weekendRemember to TEST everything including times and types of posts. #SMCPHX @SMCPHOENIX
    8. 8. POSTING 101 – FACEBOOK•Most engaging words: Event, Winner, Offer, Win, Brand New, Entry, Like, Take,Submit, Watch, Post, Comment, Tell Us, Check•Use a personal tone (put the audience needs first)•Always use a call-to-action•Spark an emotional response and debate (use current news stories or pop culture)•Post Length: 0-80 characters on average get 27% higher engagement•Engagement rates are 300% higher for posts that use a full-length URL #SMCPHX @SMCPHOENIX
    9. 9. POSTING 101 – TWITTER • Keep Tweets short (under 110 characters) to allow room for people who add comments to their retweets. • Links placed a quarter of the way through the tweet get the most clicks. • Get things to share that are hot right now by check sites tracking share popularity such as LinkedIn Today, BuzzFeed or PopURLs. • Target people you would like to share your content. • Share, retweet or like something of theirs just before you share your content. • When they see you sharing their content, they may then check our your recent Tweet to find something to share or retweet.Apps to check for the best times to tweet: Tweet When, Tweriod, Timley #SMCPHX @SMCPHOENIX
    10. 10. POSTING 101 – BLOGBe consistent, is the best advice when it comes to blogging. #SMCPHX @SMCPHOENIX
    11. 11. POSTING 101 – INTEGRATING KEYWORDSEXECUTE A PLAN OF ATTACK•Connect with your high-findability keywords • Start with 10 keywords • Use a tool (Google keyword tool or Wordtracker) • High volume, low competition, exact match • Pick keyword phrases for your business•Optimize your social media profiles • Facebook • Twitter • LinkedIn • Setup tracking and analytics for your social profiles #SMCPHX @SMCPHOENIX
    12. 12. MUST HAVE ITEMS IN YOUR STRATEGY ABILITY TO SHARE • Engagement is more than a like or a comment, it’s about sharing • Encourage fans/followers to share your content by: • Adding RT for tweets • Directly ask fans to reshare a post • Incorporate capabilities to post, like, etc. from your websiteDon’t just think Facebook there are other successful platforms right for your brand #SMCPHX @SMCPHOENIX
    13. 13. MUST HAVE ITEMS IN YOUR STRATEGYGiving people the ability to share information will increase your impressions #SMCPHX @SMCPHOENIX
    14. 14. MUST HAVE ITEMS IN YOUR STRATEGY SOCIAL PLUGINS—It’s no longer if you should include…it’s now, you MUST include them • Test our different functions/options for end users to determine what works best for your site • Develop a strategy that is right for you • Determine what sites you want to include • Intermix social networks. It’s important that you just don’t include Facebook or Twitter…really think about your audience’s behaviors • Make judgments based on your active social sites • For example, if you’re not on LinkedIn and your audience isn’t either, don’t use the social pluginIt’s important you experiment to discover what will work best #SMCPHX @SMCPHOENIX
    15. 15. MUST HAVE ITEMS IN YOUR STRATEGY INTERGRATION WITH OTHER STRATEGIES • Like your website URL, your social sites must be everywhere • Integrate social strategies with marketing, advertising, etc. campaigns • Encourage fans/followers to share your content by: • Adding RT for tweets • Directly ask fans to reshare a post • Incorporate capabilities to post, like, etc. from your website • Get creative. You can integrate social media at live events, in presentations and more. For example, create a hashtag for an event to encourage attendees to Tweet about it • Special offers, coupons and more that you are currently running in ads should be posted on your social sites • Drive traffic between sitesYou must market your social pages to be successful #SMCPHX @SMCPHOENIX
    16. 16. RESOURCES 1. WEBSITES 1. 2. 2. 4. 3. 6. 4. 8. 3. BOOKS 1. Content Strategies for the Web by Kristina Halvorson 2. Content Rules: How to create killer blogs, podcasts, videos and Ebooks and more by Ann Handley, C.C. Chapman and David Meerman Scott 4. ORGANIZATIONS 1. Social Media Club of Phoenix 2. Arizona Interactive Marketing Association (AZIMA) 3. Social Media Arizona (SMAZ)Social Media changes almost daily. Don’t forget to stay ahead by regularly reading key sites #SMCPHX @SMCPHOENIX
    17. 17. QUESTIONSDaniel Moran, Jr. Jerilyn KrugerDirector of Social Media Sr. Manager of Social MediaBlufish Design Studio Scott’s Marketplace@dmoranjr THANK YOU #SMCPHX @SMCPHOENIX