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The 4 myths of social media intuit case study for smb seattle 8.10.pptx


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Kira Wampler, former Group Marketing Manager of Online Engagement at Intuit tackles one of the biggest challenges for any Social Media team - making the connection between social activity and actual business performance. Where fans, followers, likes and shares may be appropriate for a company just starting out, companies further along in the journey are searching for ways to tie social engagement to business outcomes.
In this deck, Kira explains how Intuit was able to:
- Establish a baseline of customer experience;
- Integrate online and offline customer feedback to - identify opportunities for improvement;
- Apply four approaches to make the measurement connection between social media and actual business results;
- Improve customer sentiment by 30% in three months; and
- Reply to 100 percent of Amazon Quickbooks Pro 2010 reviews, which resulted in a double digit % increase on sales.

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The 4 myths of social media intuit case study for smb seattle 8.10.pptx

  1. 1. The Four Myths of Social Media Kira Wampler Principal, Ant’s Eye View, formerly of Intuit @kirasw  
  2. 2. A long time ago, in a land far, far away…Intuit’s beginnings
  3. 3. Myth #1: Your ________ isn’t sexy enough to be talked about.
  4. 4. Intuit’s Small Business Team & the “Not Sexy” Myth 1.  Awareness  of  Intuit  as   the  brand  for  small   businesses  was   extremely  low   2.  We  love  to  talk  about   accoun0ng  but  small   business  owners  don’t!  
  5. 5. Elevating the Conversation: What Is Sexy to Your Customers Key  Results:     Social Media Bloggers More  than  1.2  million  visits   2000  stories  submiFed  and  over  30000  ra0ngs   12%  of  total  Intuit  talk;  90%  posi0ve   Conversion  rate  on  par  with  transac0on  sites   Fully  supported  with  added-­‐value  media   Warrillow  Small  Business  Marketer  of  the  Year  and   WOMMA  Gold  &  Grand  Prix  Awards   Small Business United campaign goal: Help small business owners achieve success while helping Intuit grow.
  6. 6. Elevating the Conversation to Sexy: Love a Local Business Key  Results:     Ongoing  itera0on  =  40%  par(cipa(on  rate!   100s  of  1000s  of  fans  nominated  local  businesses   360%  increase  in  traffic  as  we  tested  for  scale   Leads  are  significantly  more  valuable  than  average   Campaign  s0ll  running  strong  aZer  a  year   Love a Local Business campaign goal: Help small business owners achieve success while helping Intuit grow.
  7. 7. Sexy or Not, Our Customers Are Talking About Us Online •  40%  of  Twi5er  users  have  recommended  a  product  or   service  (Performics/Publicis  Survey  2009)   •  30%  of  social  network  users  have  discovered  a  new   product,  service  or  company  through  a  social  network   (Performics/Publicis  Survey  2009)   •  97%  of  consumers  use  online  media  to  research  products  or   services  in  their  local  area  (BIA/KelseyGroup  2010)   •  25%  of  search  results  for  the  world’s  20  largest  brands  were   links  to  user-­‐generated  content.  (Click  Z  Stats  SES  Magazine,   2010)  
  8. 8. Myth #2: All you have to do is listen to the conversation.
  9. 9. There’s Nothing Wrong with Listening But… March  22,  2009-­‐April  22,  2009   from  Radian  6   Listening is an important place to START. Don’t stop there – do something with what you’re hearing.
  10. 10. Do Something Part 1: Listening and Responding Care   Feeding   Helpful engagement led to a 30 percentage point drop (50% decrease) in negative sentiment.
  11. 11. Do Something Part 2: Listening Yields Implications & Action What  We  Heard   What  We  Did   Cross-­‐sell  in-­‐product  is  annoying   Released  a  patch  six  weeks  post-­‐launch   to  address  cross-­‐sell  issues   Registra0on  process  is  frustra0ng   Forced  phone  registra0on  business   prac0ce  RETIRED!   Excel  Integra0on  and  Reports  Center   QuickBooks  marke0ng  team  focused   most  posi0vely  discussed  new  features   messaging  across  channels  on  top  two   features   You  can  listen  for  only  so  long  un0l  your  customers  demand  that  you   do  something  about  what  they  say.  
  12. 12. How We Did It: Put Online Customer Voice on Executives’ Radar The  Reviews  and  Social  Web  listening  dashboard  is  included  in   weekly  reports  for  senior  staff  and  open  bi-­‐monthly  staff  mee0ngs.  
  13. 13. Myth #3: You can’t efficiently scale social engagement with customers online.
  14. 14. Two Sub-Plots to Myth #3 1.  In  order  to  scale,  you   have  to  be  everywhere   2.  In  order  to  scale,  you  have   to  do  it  all  by  yourself  
  15. 15. Focus: 100% Reply Goal for Amazon Reviews on Core Product Amazon  is  Intuit  Small  Business  team’s  #1  social  engagement  priority.      
  16. 16. Focus: Be Where Your Customers Spend Most of Their Time Largest  small  business  community  of  thousands  of  “experts”  helping   small  businesses  with  QuickBooks  and  business-­‐related  ques0ons.    
  17. 17. Empower: Unleashing Employees on the Social Web Doubled  employee  engagement  during  busiest  season  helped  team   maintain  high  reply  %,  high  resolu0on  rate  and  improved  code!  
  18. 18. Empower: 1st Search Results for “QuickBooks” on YouTube As  the  Intuit  team  increased  engagement,  accountant  and  small   business  influencers  emerged,  making  beFer  content  than  we  could.    
  19. 19. Myth #4: You can’t connect social engagement with customers to business outcomes like sales.
  20. 20. The Measurement Challenge What  Social  Media   What  Business   Teams  Measure     Units  Measure   Fans             Revenue     Followers       Customers       Liking         Expenses     Sharing                 Leads     Re-­‐twee0ng   Sa0sfac0on   The  biggest  challenge  most  social  media  teams  have  is  making  the   connec(on  between  ac0vity  and  business  outcomes.  
  21. 21. Four Approaches to Making the Connection Social  Media   Business  Impact   Marke0ng   Measures   Ac0vity  Measures   Table-­‐Stakes     Sophis(cated     1.   Behavioral   3.  Testable   2.   Claimed   4.  Data  Mining  
  22. 22. 1. Behavioral – I’ll Believe It When I See It Behavioral  tac(c  examples:     •  Coupon  codes  specific  to  social  media  channels  –  Dell  Outlet   •  Social  media  URLs  coded  into  web  repor0ng  suites  –   •  Upsell  /  Cross-­‐Sell  ads  embedded  in  on-­‐domain  sites  –  Fixya,  Intuit   Why  it  works:  It’s  hard  to  argue  with  product  adop0on   When  it  doesn’t:     •  Page  level  analy0cs  are  not  available  –  Amazon  reviews   •  Social  media  is  “part”  of  the  purchase  process  but  not  last  step   •  Social  media  channels  are  not  big  enough  to  drive  sta0s0cally   significant  results  
  23. 23. Behavioral Example – Campaign Dashboard 1 AFract  New  Users Week  over  Week   Campaign  to  Date Week  39 Week  38 Index Total  Product  Adop0on XX,XXX X,XXX X,XXX 106 Three  for  Free  XX,XXX   X,XXX X,XXX 110 SS  Downloads  -­‐  Ini0ated  XX,XXX   X,XXX X,XXX 120 IOP  Trials  XX,XXX   X,XXX X,XXX 105 Intuit  Websites  Signups  XX,XXX   X,XXX X,XXX 105 Other  Offers  XX,XXX   X,XXX X,XXX 109 Visits                                  1,200,000      100,000              100,000     100 Conversion  Rate XX%XX% XX% 105 2 Drive  Higher  Engagement Week  over   Campaign  to  Date Week  39 Week  38 Week  Index New  Registra0ons 1,664 148 47 315 Number  of  Ra0ngs 27,688        10,022            3,379   297 New  Stories 1,929 193 69 280 Current Period 3 Increase Positive Sentiment •  500+ online mentions = 12% of all Intuit small business related posts •  Averages 10 posts/day •  In Twitter, 271 tweets with 66,971 followers •  In Blogosphere, 97 blog postings •  Sentiment is 90% positive
  24. 24. 2. Claimed – I’ll Believe It When The Surveys Says It’s So Claimed  tac(c  examples:   •  Exis0ng  customer  shop/buy/use  research:  Ask  about  impact  of   social  media  on  process   •  New  study:  Incorporate  marke0ng  mix  methodology  surveys  into   social  media  campaigns   Why  it  works:     •  When  off-­‐domain  sites  don’t  provide  the  data   •  When  engagement  is  part  of  the  process,  not  the  final  step       When  it  doesn’t:     •   The  0me  lag  and  expense  limit  day-­‐to-­‐day  use   •   Effort  sizes  are  too  small  to  be  picked  up  in  panel  research  
  25. 25. Claimed Example: Impact of Amazon Reviews on Sales •  Online  Engagement  team  objec(ve:  100%  reply   rate  on  Amazon  reviews  on  QuickBooks  Pro  2010   •  Problem:  Right  thing  to  do  but  impact  unknown   •  What  We  Did:  Used  data  from  three  different   customer  surveys  to  triangulate  to  impact  of   reviews.   •  What  We  Learned:     –  Online  reviews  have  a  double  digit  %  impact  on  sales   –  Mul0-­‐million  dollar  sales  impact  on  financial  soZware  
  26. 26. 3. Testable: I’ll Believe It When It’s Significant Testable  tac0c  examples:   •  A/B  test  specific  websites   with  engagement   func0onality  turned  on  &  off   to  compare  conversion,   sales,  bounce   •  List  test  comparison   between  leads  captured   through  online  engagement   and  through  tradi0onal   methods   •  Message  test  twiFer   Web  tes(ng  poster  child   messages  for  reach,  click-­‐ thru  and  conversion    
  27. 27. 4. Data Mining: I’ll Believe It When I Regress It Data  mining  tac0c  examples:   •  Matching  community  profile  data   to  customer  sales  data  and   comparing  to  non-­‐community   customer  sales   •  Conduc0ng  0meframe  analyses  to   understand  which  engagement   events  trigger  which  kinds  of   purchases   •  Analyzing  social  survey  and   community  verba0ms  with   customer  sa0sfac0on  measures   to  uncover  real  reasons  for  the   sa0sfac0on  scores  
  28. 28. A Bonus. Myth #5: _______ owns social media.
  29. 29. We All Do! Big Thanks to the Intuit Team We  couldn’t  accomplish  this  work  alone.     Thanks  to  the  below  AND  MANY  MORE!   •  Gretchen  Harding   •  Rachel  Eure0g   •  Laura  MesserschmiF   •  Sharna  BrockeF   •  LyneFe  Liu   •  Heather  Mclellan   •  Jeff  Young   •  Tom  Hanley   •  Bryan  Fouts   •  Elvi  Braun   •  Jim  Foxall   •  Kang  Chen   •  Amy  Kalm   •  Paul  Simmons   •  Amy  Thomas   •  Bryan  Lee   •  Bruce  Mar0n   •  Seth  Webster   •  Stephen  Coy   •  Laurel  Holman   •  Iram  Gonzalez   •  Laura  Uribarri   •  Mary  Winfield   •  Chris0ne  Morrison   •  Ed  Matlack   •  Chelsea  Mar0  
  30. 30. Kira Wampler @kirasw 650.380.8465