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Facebook Advertising: It Just Keeps Getting Better


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Andrew Foxwell's presentation at the December 2014 Social Media Breakfast Madison.

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Facebook Advertising: It Just Keeps Getting Better

  1. 1. Facebook Advertising It just keeps getting better! Social Media Breakfast Madison December 17, 2014
  2. 2. Who is this dude? @andrewfoxwell #SMBMad
  3. 3. TARGETING: Who is my ideal audience? CREATIVE: What message do I want to get across? PLACEMENT: Where are my ads best suited on the FB platform? TRACKING: What metrics will fully track my campaign’s impact? REPORTING: How do I decode and translate results? Building Blocks of Facebook Advertising
  4. 4. Defining Your Ideal Audience Demographics Interests Behaviors Audience Insights Custom Audiences Age / gender / marital status / geographic location What do they “like” or talk about on Facebook? What consumer behaviors do they have? Input email lists and/or a fan base to Facebook’s tool in order to understand income, likes, and more about your audience Email lists / Customer Lists / Lookalike Audiences
  5. 5. Demographic Targeting • Age • Gender • Location • Other demographics  Relationship status  Education  Work  Financial  Home  Ethnic Affinity  Generation  Parents  Politics (US)  Life Events
  6. 6. Interest Targeting • Formally only included pages a user officially liked. • Interest Targeting now includes:  Pages a user likes  Topics, brands, keywords users use on Facebook  Websites users browse  Photos users upload  Videos users upload  Articles users have read  Music users have listened to (Spotify)  Anything else that’s integrated via Facebook’s Open Graph API or Facebook connect, which includes quite a few websites  And…perhaps even activity on Instagram
  7. 7. Behavioral Targeting • Based on consumer data from three different data vendors, you have “consumer snapshots” that are similar to purchased data and consumer lists. • Categories include:  Automotive  Charitable Donations  Digital Activities  Financial  Mobile Device Usage  Purchase Behavior  Residential Profiles  Travel  And many more (over 100+)
  8. 8. Custom Audiences You can upload your customer/client email list directly into Facebook’s ad manager. Facebook then matches those email addresses to their Facebook accounts, so you have the ability to target them with online ads. You also have the unique ability to create ad audiences that “look similar to” your email list, using “Look Alike” audiences.
  9. 9. Website Custom Audiences Definition: Retargeting pixel from Facebook that allows you segment website visitors for precise retargeting based on what pages they’ve visited on your site. With Website Custom Audiences you can: • Target users that have come to your site in whatever time window you wish (7 days, 30 days, 180 days) • Target users that have come to one part of your website and not another – i.e. a “shopping cart” or “contact us” • Create a look alike audience from this pool of visitors A MUST DO FOR ALL BUSINESSES
  11. 11. “”We have tons of creative, lots of videos and photos, but I have no idea if any of it is useful.” - Vice President of Marketing, national retail chain with 120+ stores
  12. 12. Ad Creative That Works “Would I click on that?” WWP + Testing!
  13. 13. Ad Placements • Different placements have different costs. • Facebook will adjust for whatever inventory is available at that time.
  14. 14. “97% of those surveyed said they use some form of social media marketing, while only 37% reported being able to measure ROI—and this problem extends to even the largest marketers, 78% of whom said they struggle with this measurement.”
  15. 15. Developing and Aligning Attribution Models for Reporting 1. Facebook website clicks 1. Facebook website conversions 2. Facebook Like growth (yes, it’s worth it) 3. Facebook cross-device tracking 1. Google Analytics UTM visits (direct click visits) 2. Google Analytics referrals and time on site data
  16. 16. Track Facebook Website Clicks + Conversions
  17. 17. Track Facebook Like Growth Learn WHERE your Facebook page likes come from: people going directly to your page, people seeing a friend’s interaction with your page and then liking your page, people seeing a promoted post and then liking your page, etc. WHY is tracking Like growth important? You can better equip yourself and your team on HOW to best engage your fans. Page fans can be one of your best, most engaged audiences. You can show fans sequential messaging and expose them to new, updated content over time.
  18. 18. Track Facebook Cross Device Tracking
  19. 19. “Well, I’ve never really gotten into the analytics, but I know Facebook helps. So my bosses let me do whatever I want on the platform.” -Digital Director, national restaurant chain with 75+ locations
  20. 20. Track Google Analytics UTM Visits
  21. 21. Track Google Analytics Referrals + Time on Site
  22. 22. Empower Yourself with Advanced Tools The Facebook Power Editor provides: + Personal control over every part of the advertising and page management process + Easy, multivariate testing of ad creative and targeting options + More sophisticated campaigns so you’re spending money in a targeted, impactful manner that best suits your business
  23. 23. Understand Your Analytics
  24. 24. Use Audience Insights
  25. 25. Setting Clear Expectations
  26. 26. Set Expectations When considering Facebook ad campaigns, it’s important to remember that Facebook offers an entirely different and separate consumer journey than search engine marketing. SEM = Demand Capture Facebook = Demand Generation
  27. 27. It’s a Wrap, People! 1. Who are you targeting with online content/ads? 1. Why are you targeting these audiences? 1. How are you attributing success across multiple channels? 2. What specific metrics and data are you reviewing to continually refine and improve your online marketing strategies?
  28. 28. @andrewfoxwell @graciefoxwell