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SMBLewAub #1 - "It's About Being Social"


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To kick-off the inaugural Social Media Breakfast Lewiston/Auburn, we were delighted to feature Danielle Waugh, the Lewiston/Auburn reporter for WCSH News Center 6. Danielle spoke on the importance of finding your unique voice - then using it to be engaging - on social media. The most effective people on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., aren't necessarily journalists as some may think. They're the authentic individuals/brands who talk back, and not just talk out. Danielle spoke from a personal perspective about the voice she tries to have, and about her station’s social media approach and what they're trying to grow in the Lewiston/Auburn community specifically.

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SMBLewAub #1 - "It's About Being Social"

  1. 1. Social Media: It’s About BeingSocialDanielle WaughReporter, WCSH 6
  2. 2. WCSH 6
  3. 3. Staff on Social Media-Social Media Coordinator-Manages Accounts-Produces weekly segments-Experiments, instructs-Twitter Accounts-All staff members encouraged to maintainnews account, contribute to WCSH account-Facebook pages-On-air staff encouraged tomaintain a professionalpages (friend or fan page)-Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, etc.
  4. 4. Social on Social MediaIt is so important tohave a voice or apersonality on anysocial media outlet. Youdon’t want to just be arobot. You want peopleto be able to connectwith you.InformPost storiesBreak newsRe-tweet SourcesEngageCreate GalleriesHold campaigns-Feed ME-Project HeatGather stories
  5. 5. Our VoiceDepends on the situationBig news story: All businessLighter: playful, conversational, funMirrors on-air style
  6. 6. My VoiceDetailedUpbeat, enthusiasticSarcasticAuthentic
  7. 7. My “formula”60 + 20 + 20News Personal Other
  8. 8. Three C’sCulture: who is your audience?Conversation: talk back!Consistency
  9. 9. ResultsGain followers, fans, friendsLearn from your communityTeach your communityCreate a community
  10. 10. L/A’s CommunityFacebook: Lewiston/Auburn SocialMedia Meet UpTwitter: LewAubMeetup#LewAubMeetup
  11. 11. It’s About Being SocialQuestions?