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Smb 20141211 hybri scan technologies


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Smb 20141211 hybri scan technologies

  1. 1. HybriScan Technologies Unique Analytical High-Tech Platform in Correlative Imaging Mission: Provide HybriScan Raman –SEM correlative imaging solutions Origin: Hybriscan Technologies Holding -spin off of the University of Twente Hybriscan Technologies -founded in 2011 Founders: Loretta van Kollenburg (CEO) & Dr. Cees Otto (CTO)
  2. 2. HybriScan HSCMM_21 attached to JSM 6610LS USP • Correlation between morphology and chemical properties; Raman provides detailed structural and chemical information • No optical re-alignment • Fast spectrometer: Custom Optics, best in market Detector • Direct coupling with SEM and also works as ‘Stand-alone Raman’ • Point measurements & Raman imaging (2D/3D Imaging) • Low maintenance system • Seamless integration with EM of different brands • Automated calibration routines HSCMM HSCMM_21 Hybriscan Raman Microscope HybriScan HSCMM attached to FEI Helios DualBeam FIB
  3. 3. • Forensics: micro-contaminations • Pharmaceuticalscreening: polymorph identification, drug-distribution • Food industry • Semi-conductorindustry: wafer inspection, stress analysis, analysing the contaminatedelectron beam parts • Coating and thin films: thickness, interfaces, pores • Corrosion • Geology:Mineral characterization, oil industry • Carbo-nanomaterials:graphene thickness, nanotubes • Paint industry Application fields Source: H. Mulders (FEI), conference Sevilla 2013 Raman in graphene prototyping Raman imaging and spectra in Detection of microvesicles derived from (tumor) cells
  4. 4. Few keys to success (lesson learned) …know very well your clients Price; policy …search for long term business …buildingcommitment (clients& partners & employees) Collaborative value - based innovation … our business formula: flexibilitate …dareto make “wrong” decisions and act …be present & observant and create “room” for reactions (understand & park your ego and shift to share) Never Assume … …
  5. 5. …teams perform globally, virtually and cross cultural boundaries you a deeper understandingof our own leadership and its foundationas it relatesto your most valuable resource: The people around you Be Few keys to success (lesson learned) Emotions & Debate Facts & Process Mail Txt; Web; Twitter Linkedin Physicalmeetings Video meetings Phone Chat …learn when how to use the “media”
  6. 6. Thank You For Your Attention! @HybriScan Loretta van Kollenburg