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180222 presentatie digital health center margot van der doelen (smb meeting)

Presentation on connecting supply and demand for innovation in healthcare by Margot van der Doelen from Digital Health Center as presented duing the SMB meeting on February 22, 2018 at Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen.

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180222 presentatie digital health center margot van der doelen (smb meeting)

  1. 1. for innovation in healthcare together Bringssupply and demand
  2. 2. • Innovation advisor • Living Labs & Research Coordinator Margot van der Doelen ► ► 06 57 93 53 97 ► Twitter: @margotvddoelen
  3. 3. We are open to all complex care Combination of an intellectual disability and/or autism, behavioral problems, psychiatric problems, addiction and acquired brain injury.
  4. 4. Op innovatiereis OUR INNOVATION JOURNEY
  5. 5. Living Lab Inspiration Co creation Innovation
  6. 6. ThinkTank: our experts Testing and giving advice Our experts test all new technologies and give advice on usability Businesses Lending Service Our clients and employees can lend all technologies for free Businesses(start- ups) can pitch their product and receive direct user feedback
  7. 7. Lending Service
  8. 8. Naïm & Tinybots ► 40 min on treadmill per day for rehabilitation ► No sense of time due to non-congenitalbrain injury, so becomes frustrated ► Wants to become less dependent on mother
  9. 9. DEVELOP
  10. 10. WHAT IS HAPPENING? ► Despite the amount of technologies, usage is lagging behind ► Pilots provide insufficientinsight into the effects of eHealth ► We are all doing the same thing over and over..
  12. 12. Digital Health Center An accelerator that facilitates and stimulates the ecosystem between healthcare institutions and companies with innovative products
  13. 13. ECOSYSTEM
  15. 15. DEVELOP
  16. 16. Partners