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170124 Presentation Braingaze - Lazslo Bax (SMB meeting)


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Presentation Braingaze by Lazslo Bax (during SMB meeting 24-01-2017)

Published in: Healthcare
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170124 Presentation Braingaze - Lazslo Bax (SMB meeting)

  1. 1. Tecnocampus Mataró (Barcelona), Spain Noviotech Campus Nijmegen, Netherlands Medtech Centre Manchester, UK Laszlo Bax, CEO & co-founder A case of interna:onalisa:on SMB event Nijmegen 24/1/’17
  2. 2. Normal eye tracking captures what you gaze at...
  3. 3. ...but Braingaze uses eye tracking to measure very small, involuntary eye movements which we call ‘Cogni:ve Vergence’
  4. 4. These movements occur when you focus a2en3on
  5. 5. AQen:on modula:on modulates vergence •  Vergence is movement of both eyes in opposite direc:on •  Cogni:ve Vergence can be used to measure cogni:ve processing •  WO Patent granted EU & China; USA & ROW in progress
  6. 6. Neural ac:vity signaling visual aQen:on Cogni:ve Vergence •  Neural responses reflec:ng aQen:on measured by EEG •  Strength neural responses correlate with vergence Vergence correlates with EEG brain responses
  7. 7. Vergence reponses differ in ADHD children
  8. 8. PILOT 2013
  9. 9. This is how the set-up looks like VALIDATED 2016
  10. 10. Dyslec:cs need to pay more aQen:on to read and understand a word Vergence (deg.) Time (ms)
  11. 11. Alzheimer detec:on pilot just started ? 8-12 items 4-6 repeated and 4-6 novel items
  12. 12. The problems we address Cost related •  mental health departments are over-stretched and many have wai:ng lists as budgets do not suffice to address pa:ent needs Quality related •  pa:ents and psychiatrists both perceive excessive subjec:vity in diagnosing important condi:ons treated with quite serious drugs
  13. 13. Braingaze´s launch markets & presence
  14. 14. What is great when expanding interna3onally •  great and hands-on help by regional agencies (OostNV, MIDAS) •  people are mostly open to consider our added value •  our Spanish registered regulatory compliance (MedDev CE Mark class 1) is basically also valid in other EU countries
  15. 15. What is awful when expanding interna3onally •  administra:ve details on cross border investments, opening a local bank account, tax rules compliance, transla:ons •  low cost travel & delayed flights •  remote communica:on is hard to do on a level that is as good as f2f proximity – team is not easily connected between sites
  16. 16. But the overall balance is very posi3ve •  we’re selling systems in 3 countries within 9 months ader world launch at EPA 2016 •  we engage with interna:onally recognized clinical professionals that also know each other from their global scien:fic networks •  we can establish collabora:ons with the best partners in each region / country or at EU level
  17. 17. Now raising seed round (closes May ‘17)
  18. 18. Thank you Laszlo Bax, CEO +34 66 160 7 160