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170124 presentatie project mind niek wellink, oost nv (smb meeting 24-01-2017)


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presentatie project mind by niek wellink, oost nv (smb meeting 24-01-2017)

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170124 presentatie project mind niek wellink, oost nv (smb meeting 24-01-2017)

  1. 1. Medical Innovation NL–D (MIND) SMB Crossing Borders: boost your health innovation 24 januari 2017 Niek Wellink, Project manager MIND, Oost NV
  2. 2. DO YOU HAVE A GOOD IDEA FOR A CROSS- BORDER HEALTHCARE INNOVATION? • The Interreg Va project MIND facilitates and supports the development of innovative medical products and solutions for healthcare. • When colaborating with a Dutch and/or German SME, you can be selected to benefit from a Mind Potential Research grant to fund your innovative project with a 50% grant on the activities and costs made in this study.* * Interreg Va / MIND grant conditions apply
  3. 3. MIND project • Core partners • Associated partners
  4. 4. MIND supports... … the colaboration between German and Dutch SME’s in the Euregio area by: o supporting and funding of 6 sub-projects, o providing MIND Potential Research grants, o organizing meetings and events. … medical innovations related to: o Home care, self-management & telemedicine o Medical devices o Prevention
  5. 5. 6 ongoing sub projects • See what you treat • Dialysis 2.0 • VIREP • Smart Glasses • Compas • BBMi 19 G y 135 Gy 35 Gy
  6. 6. Potential Research / feasibility study • Potential Research: a feasibility study based on the further definition of the innovative idea or product proposal, • up to and including TRL level 7,* • where at least one Dutch SME and one German SME from within the Interreg region invest and colaborate, • offers them up to 50% grant on personal costs and external costs to a maximized cost total of € 60.000. • The submitted projects / feasibility studies will be assessed by a panel of experts. This can be the start for further development of the project idea to be part of an new (MIND) grant proposal or program. * Technology Readiness Level
  7. 7. Potential Research / process
  8. 8. Looking for more information? To submit your Potential Research project proposal, visit: or please contact one of the MIND partners.