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160630 noviosys jaroslav jansa (noviosys 2016)


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Company presentation on NovioSys by Jaroslav Jansa as presented during the SMB meeting on June 30, 2016 in Nijmegen.

Published in: Healthcare
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160630 noviosys jaroslav jansa (noviosys 2016)

  1. 1. NovioSys, B.V. NovioSys, B.V. | Transistorweg 5 | 6534 AT Nijmegen | The Netherlands |
  2. 2. The Company NovioSys, B.V. is a Dutch start-up company founded in 2015 in order to transfer know-how from the development of telemedicine products during more than 10 years in the Czech Republic, into the international science and technology center NovioTechCampus , Nijmegen. The main products are: HealthAnalyst – biomedical data mining system MacTrack – RFID localization and communication system PrenCare – system for monitoring risk pregnant women 4.7.2016
  3. 3. NovioSys, B.V. Products PrenCare –The only competitive products are Sens4baby (USA) and Pregnabit (Poland), these will not enter mass production before 2017 BioAnalyst – a comparable product does not exist. CardioAnalyst – even PPG market leaders like OMRON, NONIN, POLAR do not have this complex solution. GeneAnalyst – Gene Expression Patterns analysis offer several top market leaders, like NAIST and Mayo Clinic, but with very high prices! GeneAnalyst uses more sophisticated statistical methods and therefore is much more prospective! MacTrack – RTLS 3D localization system - UBISENSE, Inc. and ZEBRA, Inc (USA) offer similar products but with much higher prices. DV Buddy – Divers rescue system - a comparable product does not exist.
  4. 4. HealthAnalyst is an expert medical system, that directly assists physicians and other health professionals with decision making tasks. HealthAnalyst consists of 3 independent software packages: BioAnalyst module for evaluation of biomedical parameters CardioAnalyst module for evaluation of plethysmography GeneAnalyst module for advanced gene expression patterns Thanks the use of these packages is possible to realize very successful diagnostics of prostate and breast cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular system. Dutch patent applications are prepared. This presentation is focused on GeneAnalyst concept HealthAnalyst
  5. 5. Developed methods PrenCare + = PrenCare + CardioScreen CANSCREEN = BioAnalyst + GeneAnalyst CARDIOSCREEN = CardioAnalyst + BioAnalyst DIABSCREEN = BioAnalyst + GeneAnalyst Patient Monitor = MacTrack + CardioAnalyst
  6. 6. GeneAnalyst - A new approach of GEP Identified significant genes may be used as predictors for regression or classification models like - PCA-based data, 32 factors used. 10 misclass. Mayo Clinic Shrink-regression-based data, 24 genes used. 0 misclass- TSS Support Vector Machine Classification based on classical and DVS-Reg predictors. Supervised differential variables selection gives much better discrimination.
  7. 7. US partners Trevor Hastie Stanford University Rob Tibshirani Stanford University Vladimir Vapnik Princeton, NEC
  8. 8. 1.3rd Medical Faculty of Charles University (UK). Prague, Czech Republic 2.Hospital Šumperk, Czech Republic 3.TRIVISION, Ltd., Czech Republic 4.Trilobyte Statistical Software, Ltd., Czech Republic 5:KB Soft, Ltd., Slovak Republic NovioSys, B.V. | Transistorweg 5 | 6534 AT Nijmegen | The Netherlands | Partners
  9. 9. Thank you!