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Use of SMART Recovery with Adolescents


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Dr. Richard Baum discusses using SMART Recovery in adolescent SUD treatment at the SMART Recovery Annual Conference in Cincinnati.

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Use of SMART Recovery with Adolescents

  1. 1. Use of SMART with Adolescents Richard L. Baum, EdD, LICDC-CS
  2. 2. USE OF SMART PRINCIPLES Adapting Principles to Adolescents •Building Motivation – includes working with parents •Coping with Urges – includes a change in primary peers •Problem Solving – overcoming limits in Executive Functioning •Lifestyle Balance – developing healthy alternative activities
  3. 3. Using the SMART Program Connecting with local treatment programs At Adolescent Substance Abuse Programs in Cincinnati •Owner approached known SMART Facilitators •Encouraged SMART to consider an on site meeting •SMART provided a very relatable facilitator(s) •ASAP staff recommends that adolescent clients see SMART as an equal recovery option to other MHO options
  4. 4. ASAP uses The Stages of Change (Prochaska) • Precontemplation – Where most clients begin • Contemplation – Accepting that clients weigh advantages and disadvantages and are encouraged to do a cost/benefit analysis. • Preparation/(Determination) – recognition of personal responsibility and the ability to change. • Action - Seeking new ways of handling addictive thought and actions. Starting MHO • Maintenance – Active engagement in recovery process • Relapse/Recovery – Regaining a life worth living
  5. 5. Where Do We Go From Here At ASAP, we have seen a growth in SMART attendance and an interest in continuing to attend meetings after graduation. As a CBT treatment program, we have integrated basic SMART principles into the treatment program so adolescents are familiar with the ‘jargon’