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2015 Website Relaunch Project


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Randy Lindel and Charlie Atwater discuss the upcoming SMART Recovery website re-launch.

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2015 Website Relaunch Project

  1. 1. 2015 Website Relaunch Charlie Atwater & Randy Lindel
  2. 2. Current Website Installed in 2009 / continuous additions Primary objectives  Raise awareness  Be easier to find – move up in the search rankings  Appeal to broader spectrum of behaviors  Platform for product sales (2010)  Platform for donation
  3. 3. Current site accomplished objectives Built substantial traffic  2010: 591,000 visits  2012: 837,000 visits  Last 12 months: 1,517,000 visits Pages: 2009 - 88; 2015 - 219 including:  Family & Friends, gambling, marijuana, prescription drugs, smoking, teen & youth, eating disorders, professionals, events, pressroom, etc. – with Google ads to support
  4. 4. Time marches on Technical requirements evolve  New capabilities/tools – some driven by database  Use of new smaller devices to access web pages Graphic styles evolve  Web design is an environment we work within User desire for deeper content  Websites no longer just “brochure-ware”
  5. 5. New site: overall goals 1. Attract more people via a simpler, clearer and more attractive path to reach their goals using our materials. 2. Build an environment with feedback mechanisms that can be used to improve function and content.
  6. 6. Strategy: deepen the experience 1. Spreading the word / sharing positive experiences 2. Purchasing of SMART materials 3. Making donations to SMART 4. Volunteering / starting meetings 5. Becoming involved locally with SMART 6. Purchasing through Amazon account 7. Reviews of SMART materials and services
  7. 7. Deepening experience via the Web 1. Better audience definition with “Personas” 2. Evolve content to be even more user-centric 3. Use Content Marketing to build audience through keywords 4. Focused outreach and offers, e.g., to youth groups 5. Networking environment for groups 6. Protected areas for volunteers
  8. 8. Under the hood: a new database Central to new system: integrated database  Replaces current separate databases for every function: meetings, users, purchasing, donation, subscriber lists, etc.  New functions desired: o mapping meeting locations by radius not State o search for meeting types: F&F, Young Adult, etc. o contact facilitators/others without e-mail showing o add counties for court outreach
  9. 9. Under the hood: a new database New database currently being constructed  Has to be in place before the “interface” goes live  Other key benefits: o Editing by multiple authorized users o Single sign-in to all functions
  10. 10. New platform: Wordpress 1. Content Management System 2. Extended functions via plug-ins 3. Revision system 4. Easy backup, restore and disaster recovery 5. Strong search engine optimization (SEO) 6. Enables multiple content editors
  11. 11. New platform: Wordpress 7. Integrated e-commerce 8. Already our blog platform 9. Will enable single login solution  Blog, buy, sign-up, verifications, etc. 10. Decentralized editing of meeting lists, rosters, etc. 11. Much easier testing of A/B alternatives, etc. 12. Internationalization: easy translation into most languages
  12. 12. What will it look like? 1. More contemporary appearance 2. Design responsive to the device used
  13. 13. Updated graphics
  14. 14. Cleaner, fresher design
  15. 15. Cleaner, fresher design
  16. 16. Cleaner, fresher design
  17. 17. Design responsive to device
  18. 18. Design responsive to device
  19. 19. Design responsive to device
  20. 20. Design responsive to device
  21. 21. Status / next steps All pages from main site have been imported Blog imported – successful test Plug-ins tested and chosen for security, backup, editorial and graphic themes Meeting database and treatment provider update needs to be completed before test site can be mounted  other data can be plugged in as developed Merge database and other content by year-end
  22. 22. How you can help Target audience “Persona” input  General Participant  Facilitator/Volunteer/Host  Family & Friends  Teen & Youth  Treatment Providers & Professionals  Courts  Corrections (InsideOut)  Other
  23. 23. 2015 Website Relaunch
  24. 24. Thank you sponsors!